Winter Maternity Photos Ottawa Photographer

Winter Maternity Photos Ottawa Photographer

Outdoor Winter Maternity Photography | Ottawa Maternity Photographer

A few weeks ago I photographed outdoor winter maternity photos of this couple.  We did the photo shoot an hour earlier due to the weather forecast.  It started off pretty mild and by the end of our shoot the winds were blowing and the temperature plummeted.  I’m glad they were troopers and that we were able to finish the shoot.  Enjoy these winter maternity photos in the snow.

I also wanted to include some answers that my client wrote about her experience of being pregnant and having a baby that can help other new mothers and women planning on getting pregnant.  Please take the time to read:

1)   How did you find out you were expecting and how did you tell the father?

  • I had a feeling (and I was hoping!) that I might be pregnant as I was a few days late, so I purchased a couple of pregnancy tests.  My husband, David, and I were packing for our summer vacation at the cottage.  Thus, I decided to take the test before we left for our trip.  When the test came back negative, I was very disappointed, especially so as we had been trying to start a family for some time.  I told David and he was disappointed too.  However, he could also see how it affected me, so he did his best to try and make me smile and move past the test result.  We continued to pack for our vacation, and unbeknownst to David, I decided to pack another pregnancy test, just in case.
  • Fast forward five days into our vacation and I was still unusually late.  I decided to take the other pregnancy test without telling David.  I thought if I did let him know, I might jinx the result.  After taking the test, the result flashed up – it was positive!!!  My hands were shaking as I held the test – I just couldn’t believe it!  I was so excited that I raced outside to find David.  When I found him, I told him to close his eyes and hold out his hands.  After reading the result, David was so surprised and extremely happy.  He high-fived me (which I thought was hilarious) and then gave me a big hug and kiss too!

2)   Did you find out the gender before the birth?

  • We did not find out the gender of our child before the birth as we both wanted it to be a surprise.

3)   How has pregnancy changed you as a woman?

  • I think it opened my eyes and my mind to how truly special and beautiful pregnancy and bringing a baby into the world really is.  I didn’t quite think about or realize how amazing it is until I was pregnant and actually experiencing and feeling the changes in my body.
  • As a woman, overall I just felt strength (mental and physical) knowing that I was bringing a baby into this world and that my husband and I would raise this child together as a team.
  • Also, it made me even more excited for our future – our little family of two was becoming a new family of three! 

4)   What advice do you wish you had known before getting pregnant?

  • Every baby (just like every person) is different.  Don’t get too caught up in comparing your baby to others and worrying about how your baby is doing.  It’s hard not to, but your energies are better spent doing more productive things.
  • Trust your instincts.  Even though you may have never done this before, you can and will figure it out and what you don’t know you can learn.  You don’t need to be perfect.
  • Finally, don’t ever solely rely on the internet for answers.  I found that my doctor and the public health nurses were the best sources of information and answers for any questions I had.  Trust me, the internet can really freak you out! 

5)   What is one thing you found beautiful about being pregnant?

  • I really enjoyed my pregnancy so it’s hard to just choose one thing.  I loved seeing my belly grow and feeling my baby kick.  She was quite active so it was really neat and special to feel her little kicks and flips. 

6)   What would you tell someone who just found out they were pregnant?

  • A few weeks ago, my cousin shared with me that she is expecting a baby in April.  She asked me for some advice on things she needed to buy to get ready for the baby.  I told her that the baby gear industry is like the wedding industry.  There is no limit to what’s available and it can be hard not to get sucked in by all the cute little things you think you need to buy.

Knowing that, we didn’t go crazy buying stuff at all.  As a close friend told me – you really don’t need much during the first few months.  The really important things are love and attention, food, some clothes and a safe and warm place to sleep.  Anything beyond that you can easily get later.  Stores are still open!  Having some time at home with your baby can really help you get to know each other better and help determine what other essentials they may need.

  • For us, we only got what we thought were the essentials, namely a car seat, a bassinet, a few clothes (onesies and sleepers), blankets for swaddling baby, diapers and a change pad.  Everything else we purchased as needed or were received as gifts from family and friends and from my baby shower.  Due to this approach, I can honestly say that there’s only one thing we bought that our baby didn’t really use – a bouncing chair – she just didn’t enjoy sitting in it!

7)   Can you share with our mommies where you purchased the items you wore for your maternity session?

  • I purchased most of my clothing from The Bay and Old Navy.  I tried shopping at a few maternity clothing stores.  However, I found that most of the clothes didn’t quite fit me properly. I’m only 5 feet, 2 inches and didn’t want to spend extra for tailoring.

I also found that those stores were really expensive for something I wouldn’t be wearing for a long time.  For me, I found what fit me best were regular sized cloths that were one or two sizes larger than what I normally wore and that had some stretch to them.  This worked especially well for dresses and leggings/tights.  Plus they are really comfortable! 


8)   Kind words about your photographer.

  • Linda is really wonderful and easy to work with.  I found her website when I was looking for a photographer for our maternity session and I was truly impressed by her work.  She takes beautiful photographs that capture the love and special moments between the couple and baby-to-be.  I especially was drawn to her outdoor maternity sessions because they looked so natural and unique (different scenery depending on the season were just so beautiful).
  • Linda was very flexible with dates for our session.  It was the middle of winter and I was hoping for an outdoor shoot after a fresh snowfall on a day that wasn’t forty below.  Due to Linda’s flexibility and dedication to accommodate our wishes, when Mother Nature gave us a day that met our needs, Linda was available, no questions asked.
  • On the day of the photo shoot, Linda took her time to make sure she got the photos both that she and we wanted.  She was patient with my (and my husband’s!) outfit changes as well.  She had great suggestions on how and where to stand and look, using the perfect natural surroundings to make a completely beautiful and memorable picture.  We were also able to include a few personal items in some of the shots (i.e. baby shoes, teddy bear, etc.)
  • The session was really fun and both my husband and I were extremely happy with all of the photos we received.  You can see that Linda takes her time to produce wonderful photographs that will last a lifetime.
  • We were so impressed with Linda and her work that we asked her to do a newborn photo session with our new baby daughter, Karina.


This maternity photo session was featured on I Heart Pregnancy.


If you’re need your maternity photos taken, I would love to hear from you.  Contact me to book your maternity photo shoot today.  You can check out more of my maternity photos on my portrait website, Little Lamb Photography.  If you really don’t know what to wear for your maternity photo session, check out my blog post of what to wear for maternity photos.

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