Why you should invest in your wedding photographer

Why you should invest in your wedding photographer

Weddings can be expensive; no doubt about that. There’s lots of things that you’ll end up spending money on, which can add up to a lot. Most couples have budgets that they try to stay within. I totally get it. And I totally understand that couples need to do what they can to stay within their budget. This can mean cutting back on spending money on certain items. Or spending less on certain things to make the budget stretch. However, one thing I’d like to explain is why you should invest in your wedding photographer. And not just any photographer. I’m talking about a good photographer whose work will make your heart sing when you see your photos.


The Wedding Day Goes By Quickly

Speaking from experience with my own wedding, the actual day is like a blur. It goes by so fast, it’s really unbelievable. Photography will not only help slow down that time for you, but also show you things that you probably missed seeing on the wedding day. And the photos will help you to relive the memories of your cherished day.


Those Details Count

Again, speaking from experience, weddings take a lot of time to plan and figure out all of the details–especially if you don’t have a wedding planner. A professional wedding photographer understands the amount of effort and money that you’ve invested in every. single. detail. We get it. That’s why a professional photographer will make sure to take photos of all of those beautiful details: the flowers, shoes, dress, decor, wedding cake, etc. Detail shots do take time, proper focus and lighting and a trained eye to showcase them beautifully. Make sure when you view a photographer’s portfolio to see how well they can capture the details.


Professional vs. Amateur

Hiring a professional photographer won’t be cheap, but it’ll be worth it. A professional has spent time, effort and money learning how to capture your wedding day beautifully. They understand how to pose the couple, wedding party and family members to document the day just right. Finally, a professional understands how to deal with poor lighting, shifting timelines, and last minute changes. Someone will no or little experience probably won’t know what to do if a wrench is thrown into the plans (weather, lighting, etc.)


It’s a Good Investment

When you invest in a professional photographer for your wedding day, you’re choosing a great place to put some of your money in your wedding budget. A professional will make sure your wedding day is going to be remembered by creating photographic heirlooms for you and your family to cherish. Remember, after the flowers have died, the clothes have faded and the food has been eaten, it’ll be your wedding photos that will help you remember everything about that day. It’s an investment in your wonderful memories. Invest wisely. 🙂


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I love shooting weddings. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, I’m glad you’ve found my page. Please feel free to contact me. I’ll be sure to send you my wedding pricing guide.

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