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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  I hope that everyone is enjoying their long weekend.  Like all of the other kids, my daughter had Friday off, so with today and Friday she had an extra long weekend.  We went shopping for some new school clothes.  We also got a new lunchbox for her for school. … Read more »

750 Instagram Followers

750 Instagram Followers Ottawa Photographer I’m more than thrilled that I reached 750 Instagram Followers this week!  Yahoo!  I only opened an Instagram account this year and it took me several months after that to even post on it.  However, once I started using it, I began to really work on it.  Of course, it’s still… Read more »

500 Instagram Followers

500 Instagram Followers Ottawa-Gatineau Portrait Photographer This week I reached 500 Instagram followers.  Yahoo!  I think that’s not too bad for someone who only opened up an Instagram account this year and started posting this spring.  I’m not as tech savvy an many of the people on Instagram, but I’ve been learning a bit of… Read more »

Happy Canada Day 150th

Happy Canada Day 150th Ottawa Photographer Happy Canada Day 150th.  So it’s been 150 years since Canada was “officially” founded.  Of course, I understand that there were many people who lived here way before that.  However, this is to celebrate the founding of when this land was all connected as one nation.  I love my… Read more »