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500 Instagram Followers

500 Instagram Followers Ottawa-Gatineau Portrait Photographer This week I reached 500 Instagram followers.  Yahoo!  I think that’s not too bad for someone who only opened up an Instagram account this year and started posting this spring.  I’m not as tech savvy an many of the people on Instagram, but I’ve been learning a bit of… Read more »

Chelsea Maternity Photo Session Sneak Peek

Chelsea Maternity Photo Session Sneak Peek Gatineau and Ottawa Pregnancy Photographer Last week I shot a pregnancy photo session of this lovely lady and her adorable little family.  More photos will be coming on the blog soon.  However, in the meantime, I wanted to give a a Chelsea maternity photo session sneak peek.  Stay tuned… Read more »

Cake Smash Client Testimonial

Cake Smash Client Testimonial Baby Photographer | Little Lamb Photography I love serving my photography clients by creating the best portraits that I can of them during their photo session. It’s also wonderful to get client testimonials from my wonderful clients.  It really validates my work to me, like it’s good enough to share this talent.  Like it’s touched… Read more »

Ottawa Lifestyle Newborn Photos

Ottawa Lifestyle Newborn Photos Ottawa and Gatineau Newborn Photographers Last week I had the pleasure to photograph some Ottawa lifestyle newborn photos of a beautiful little baby girl.  I had photographed her mom and dad’s spring maternity photo session in May.  I arrived at their home to set up only to find out that mamma had… Read more »

Happy Canada Day 150th

Happy Canada Day 150th Ottawa Photographer Happy Canada Day 150th.  So it’s been 150 years since Canada was “officially” founded.  Of course, I understand that there were many people who lived here way before that.  However, this is to celebrate the founding of when this land was all connected as one nation.  I love my… Read more »

Rustic Field Pregnancy Photos in Ottawa Ontario

Rustic Field Pregnancy Photos in Ottawa Ontario Ottawa Maternity Photographer | Little Lamb Photography A couple of weeks ago, I shot some rustic field pregnancy photos in Ottawa Ontario.  This beautiful mama wanted her maternity photo session in a field.  In one of her e-mails, she wrote, “I really loved your outdoor maternity photos… The ones… Read more »

Maternity Client Testimonial

Maternity Client Testimonial Pregnancy Photographer | Little Lamb Photography I love to create beautiful portraits of my clients.  Also, I love receiving client testimonials from my clients.  It helps to validate my work, like it’s made the lives of others better in some way.  I’ve begun sending surveys to my clients asking them questions.  This is to… Read more »

Summer Rustic Maternity Photo Session Sneak Peek

Summer Rustic Maternity Photo Session Sneak Peek Last weekend I did a portrait session.  So, I wanted to show the summer rustic maternity photo session sneak peek to give everyone a glimpse of how this awesome couple rocked their portrait session.  This mama wanted to have her photo session taken in a giant field.  I… Read more »