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Kind words from an Ottawa wedding client

Ottawa Wedding Client Testimonials I’ve been meaning to share some kind words from an Ottawa wedding client of mine whose wedding I shot this past summer. It was a pleasure to work with Laura and Mat. They were fun to work with during their engagement shoot as well as their wedding day. You can check… Read more »

Ottawa Wedding Client Testimonial

Ottawa Wedding Client Testimonial Over the last few months I’ve been getting some nice online reviews from my wedding clients. I’m so grateful when my clients choose to share their satisfaction with my work online for others to see. Word of mouth works really well and so do client testimonials, because potential clients can see… Read more »

That’s what she said

That’s what she said “That’s what she said.” Every time I hear that line, I can’t help but think of Michael Scott from, The Office. In talking about that’s what she said, one of my wonderful clients, Abby, left a really nice review about me and my business on Facebook. I’m so happy over it… Read more »

Cake Smash Client Testimonial

Cake Smash Client Testimonial Baby Photographer | Little Lamb Photography I love serving my photography clients by creating the best portraits that I can of them during their photo session. It’s also wonderful to get client testimonials from my wonderful clients.  It really validates my work to me, like it’s good enough to share this talent.  Like it’s touched… Read more »

Maternity Client Testimonial

Maternity Client Testimonial Pregnancy Photographer | Little Lamb Photography I love to create beautiful portraits of my clients.  Also, I love receiving client testimonials from my clients.  It helps to validate my work, like it’s made the lives of others better in some way.  I’ve begun sending surveys to my clients asking them questions.  This is to… Read more »

Client Testimonial

Client Testimonials Maternity Photographer | Little Lamb Photography From time to time, I’m thrilled to receive client testimonials.  As someone in the service industry, I’m always looking to improve the services that I offer.  Thus, I sent a recent questionnaire to some of my recent past clients to see how they felt about my photography… Read more »