Traveller Reminiscing | Capri Italy

Traveller Reminiscing | Capri Italy

Exactly 18 years ago today I was in Capri with my cousin, Tia.  I had been travelling by myself in France and a bit of Italy where I met up with her and then we travelled through part of Italy together.  Here is a journal entry from that wonderful day 18 years ago:

“Tia and I took the 6:10 am train down to Naples (Napoli) where we were going to take a ferry to the isle of Capri.  Heavenly Father really looked out for us today because everything turned out perfectly for us.  When we arrived at Naples, our first course of action was to find somewhere to sleep for the night.  We didn’t know of any hostels, so we went to the first hotel we saw and asked how much it would cost for one bedroom.

The porter said 150,000 Lira (approx $150 CAD).  We said no way.  Then this other guy asked us how much we were willing to spend, so we said 60,000 Lira ($60 CAD, so $30 each).  They said that we could have a bedroom without a bath for that and we took it.  What a score!  We paid the exact same amount as for the hostel in Rome!  We were so happy and so relieved to get something for so cheap, so fast and it was right across the road from the train station.  I have no doubt that this was a blessing given to us by Heavenly Father.  Everything was just too perfect for any other explanation.  So we dumped all of our travelling bags in our hotel room and we left for Capri.

We arrived at Capri at noon.  We took a tram up to the town of Capri where we wandered around through gardens and little shops.  Everyone says that Capri is very beautiful, but I didn’t fathom how beautiful it really is until I actually beheld it with my own eyes.  It is a paradise of the highest caliber.  I honestly think that it is probably the most beautiful place I have ever been.  There are many different kinds of exotic flowers ranging in hundreds of different colours and shades.  The water along the coast is a clear aqua blue that is so beautiful.

The buildings are either painted light, bright pastel colours (ie. peach, light yellow or a faint hue of pink) or just bright white.  Actually, there were a lot of white coloured buildings, which gave the feeling that we were in Greece.

Everything was so breathtaking!  We were in awe the whole time we were there.

We came upon this hotel called, Hotel Luna, which had the most beautiful gardens.  They were full of so much character too.  We took tonnes of photos.  I hope that they will be able to portray the beauty of this island.  I wold love to be a guest at that hotel, but I’m sure it costs quite a pretty penny.

Tia and I drank lemon slushes made from lemons grown on the island.  It was so cold and refreshing.  I’m glad that I got to experience that treat too.

We admired the view of the Italian Mediterranean from the cliffs at the edge of the city.  I can hardly wait to see my photos.  I am so glad that we decided to go to Capri.  What an amazing life experience for us!  Even though I have suffered a lot of self-inflicted stress, I am so glad that I decided to go on this European trip.  It truly is a wonderful life experience for me.  And it’s one that I will not forget.

Capri has probably been the highlight of my trip thus far.”

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