The Problem with “Reasonably Priced” Ottawa Wedding Photographers

The Problem with “Reasonably Priced” Ottawa Wedding Photographers

I recently read an article by Burgh Brides and couldn’t help but relate to the entire article, regarding ‘reasonable’. Everything that they mentioned is SO true! So, I decided to write about the problem with “Reasonably Priced” Ottawa wedding photographers.

I see so many requests on Facebook groups of couples looking for ‘reasably priced’ photographers, or a photographer ‘that won’t cost an arm and a leg’. I have to say that most photographeres find this insulting. Basically, what that implies is that we’re either not worth the prices we charge, or our prices are higher than they should be.


Most couples think that whenever a vendor hears that something is for a wedding that they automatically hike their prices. That’s not true. We don’t just hike our fees for price gouging from a couple planning their wedding. Nope. There are so many reasons why wedding vendors charge what they charge to perform a service for a wedding.

The cost of doing business

For myself, I have quite a few extra costs involved when I shoot weddings as opposed to shooting a regular portrait session. I hire a second shooter, rent an extra lens, have a company colour correct my photos (I do the rest of the post production work myself), make a custom USB with case for each couple. There’s also gas to pay (which includes me scouting all locations prior to your wedding day), parking, misc items. Then there’s also the cost of buying extra equipment (multiple camera bodies, lenses, flashes and memory cards). There’s also the cost to get a tuneup for my equipment (FYI, Nikon charges $400 per lens/camera body to have it serviced.)


Think of your actual investment

The most expensive extra cost to me is hiring a second photographer to shoot with me the entire time I’m there. This not only makes it possible to cover two different locations for getting ready photos. It’s also a great way to ensure:

  • Having an extra set of photos from the wedding day is the perfect backup plan. Why? In case something happens to my own wedding images (knock on wood).
  • Everything is covered during our shooting time. Sometimes things fall behind. Or, there isn’t enough room in the tight timeline for me to take photos of everything myself. (This happens a lot). For example, one wedding didn’t allow enough time for me to shoot reception details or guest pictures during cocktail hour because I was shooting the formal portraits during that time. So, my second shooter was in charge of shooting photos of the guests and detail shots.
  • Different perspectives of the same event are captured. With two photographers, one can capture the expressions on the bride’s face, while the other gets the expression of the groom’s face during the ceremony or first look, etc. It’s also nice to get different angles of the same event.

I hope this explains more about where wedding vendors are coming from with their pricing. Are you currently looking for a wedding photographer?If so, I’d love to hear from you. Contact me, and I’ll email you my wedding photo pricing guide.


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