Thanks for a great 2015

Thanks for a great 2015

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I wanted to say to my past and present clients, Thanks for a great 2015.  This past year was a very busy one for me.  I actually went back to school full-time to learn French as a second language.  Since I live on the Quebec side, I really do need to learn how to communicate in French.  It’s coming, slowly, but surely and I need to practice a lot.

Although I was in school full-time for 10 months of the year, I still managed to shoot weddings and portraits.  I’m no gonna lie, it was pretty touch during the school year to schedule client meetings and photo sessions, but somehow I managed it.  I had to cut back a bit on my work look to make room for a 10 month school year, but it all seemed to work out as it should.

I shoot wedding photography, maternity photos, cake smash photography, child and family photos and birthday party events.If you would like to book a session with me, contact me today.  I would love to hear from you.    🙂

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