Summer Rustic Maternity Photo Session Sneak Peek

Summer Rustic Maternity Photo Session Sneak Peek

Last weekend I did a portrait session.  So, I wanted to show the summer rustic maternity photo session sneak peek to give everyone a glimpse of how this awesome couple rocked their portrait session.  This mama wanted to have her photo session taken in a giant field.  I was so excited to shoot in a field because my favourite locations are always in a field.  I live in the countryside on the Gatineau side.  My country home is surrounded by farmer’s fields, so I usually shoot in one of the fields near my home.  However, the fields near my home look best between mid-July to August because they’re filled with Queen Anne’s lace and ragweed.  However, I managed to find a beautiful large, open field in the Ottawa area.  This one had beautiful long grasses, which is exactly what I was looking for.

And the rain clouds that were hovering gave a softer light, than usual.  All in all, it turned out to be a beautiful summer evening.  Contact me today to book your photo session.


If you’re looking for a pregnancy photographer, contact me to book your maternity photo session.  I adore shooting maternity photos.

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