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Summer Maternity Photos Wakefield Covered Bridge | Gatineau Maternity Photographers

A few months ago I had the pleasure to photograph this great couple’s summer maternity photos at the Wakefield covered bridge.  The weather and lighting were beautiful and they were dressed beautifully.  Through e-mails and sending photos back and forth, I was able to help them pick out great outfits for their photo session.  A huge thank you goes out to Krysten Allen who styled the hair.

I’m always so happy when my couples take care to look their best for their portrait sessions.  This one step makess for amazing photos.  And really, who doesn’t want to look fabulous for their portrait session?   I know I do.  For those of you who are unsure of what to wear for your maternity photo shoot, please read my blog post, What to wear for Maternity Photos.  You can also check out my Pinterest board for more inspiration.  I’m totally open to helping my couples find the perfect outfits to wear for their portrait sessions.  Please feel free to send me photos of different clothing choices and then I can help you select the best outfit for your photo session.  I honestly want you to look your absolute best selves for your portraits, since I’m creating photographic family heirlooms for you.  🙂


These photos were featured on a mommy blog.  Check out the maternity feature on Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy Magazine.  🙂
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wakefield-covered-bridge-gatineau-portrait-photographer1wakefield-couples-photography-covered-bridge-ottawa-portrait-photographer-little-lamb-photographywakefield-covered-bridge-portraits-gatineau-maternity-photographerscovered-bridge-wakefield-ottawa-maternity-photographers-little-lamb-photographysummer-maternity-photos-wakefield-gatineau-maternity-photographerchinese-maternity-photos-gatineau-maternity-photographers1gatineau-maternity-photography-chinese-maternity-photos-wakefield-covered-bridgewakefield-portraits-gatineau-maternity-photographer-little-lamb-photography-maternitewakefield-portraits-ottawa-maternity-photographers-chinesechinese-maternity-photos-ottawa-portrait-photographer-little-lamb-photographychinese-maternity-photos-ottawa-photographers-little-lamb-photographyIf you’re looking for a pregnancy photographer, contact me to book your maternity photo session.  I find that the best time to do a maternity photo session is when you’re between 28-32 weeks pregnant.  Your partner is welcome and encouraged to be in the photo shoot with you as it makes the photos more meaningful.

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ottawa-maternity-photographers-chinese-little-lamb-photographygatineau-maternity-photography-chinese-maternity-little-lamb-photographywakefield-family-portraits-chinese-maternity-photos-little-lamb-photographyNot pregnant?  No worries.  I also shoot family, newborn, cake smash and children’s photography.   You can check out my portrait photography website, Little Lamb Photography.  I also shoot wedding photography.