Smash the cake photos Gatineau QC Little Lamb Photography

Smash the cake Photos Gatineau QC

Little Lamb Photography

A few weeks ago, I shot some smash the cake photos Gatineau QC.  I’ve been looking forward to this particular photo session for almost a year now, since my friend told me she wanted me to take her daughter’s one year cake smash photos.  We planned the colours to use, what type of cake to have and what props to use.  We also planned all of the outfits her mom would bring for the photo session.  Mamma even made the gorgeous coral ombre rosette cake!  I was SUPER excited to do this photo session.  The photos turned out so well.  I’m really happy with the results.

Smash the cake photo sessions are one of my favourite things to shoot.  Thus, I’d love to photograph your baby’s smash the cake photo session.  So, contact me today to book a cake smash session.  I shoot cake smash photo sessions in my home in L’Ange Gardien, QC (20 minutes east of downtown Ottawa).  You can view more of my work on my baby portrait website, Little Lamb Photography.  Check this little girl’s portrait session.

UPDATE:  The cake smash session was published on Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy Magazine.  Check it out.  🙂as seen on blmommy_blog_font-2015

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2 Responses to “Smash the cake photos Gatineau QC Little Lamb Photography”

  1. Luesha

    You did an amazing job Linda. I love every picture. Thanks for everything.

    • Black Lamb Photography

      I’m glad you like how they turned out. It was great seeing you. I wish we lived closer to each other. 🙂