Puppy Dog First Birthday Cake Smash Photo Session

Puppy Dog First Birthday Cake Smash Photo Session

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My, oh, my…what can I say. I shot a first ever for a particular photo session. I shot my puppy dog first birthday cake smash photo session. He just turned one yesterday and I wanted to try to shoot a cake smash photo session with him.  I found several dog cake recipes on good ol’ Pinterest. I decided on a mini dog birthday cake recipe from The Almond Eater’s blog. The only change I made to the recipe was that I put much less honey it it than the 1/3 cup that was required in the recipe. I just didn’t want him to have much sugar in order to save his teeth. I also added some dog treats to the top of the cake.

Anyway, my daughter and I had fun making the cake together. She’s almost six years old and wants to help with making food. I figured that this was an easy recipe that she could help me with. After the small cakes were baked, I pinched off a few bits of the cake and fed them to the dog to make sure that he liked it. He liked it very much.


Gong Show

So, my dog has this strange phobia of plates and bowls other than his own. Even when we bought him new eating dishes, it took him a long time before he would even eat/drink out of them. It was the same thing with our own dishes, letting him lick the leftovers. He wanted the food, but was too freaked out by the dishes.

Well, I had the cake on a mini pedestal and it totally freaked him out. He was scared to get too close to it. We let him lick some of the icing off of our fingers so that he’d get a taste for it and want more. Finally, when he wanted to eat the cake, he was facing with his butt towards the camera and light. It was hard to try and get him to turn around and eat behind the cake without him getting all freaked out.

My husband wanted nothing to do with the photo session (or any other photo session for that matter.) But I begged him to help the dog get into the correct sitting position behind the cake. Finally, Puppy sat (reluctantly) behind the cake. He began to smell the cake, lick the icing and then he was a happy little puppy after that. He still tended to move around the cake so that his butt was facing the light and the camera. However, thanks to my hubby, he brought him around again for the photo shoot. The entire photo shoot was certainly no more than about 8-10 minutes, if that. But at least I was able to get some really cute photos of him enjoying his birthday cake.

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Do you have a baby who is turning one or two years old that you’d like to do a photo session for? Perhaps you also like to do a puppy dog first birthday cake smash photo session for your little pooch too. Contact me to book a cake smash photo shoot. I love smash the cake photo sessions.


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