Preparing for a Baby Cake Smash Photo Session Copy

Preparing for a Baby Cake Smash Photo Session

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preparing for your baby's cake smash photo session


I wanted to help parents to prepare for a baby cake smash photo session.  It’s quite simple.  You need to bring a few things.  Bring a cute outfit for the portrait session, an outfit for the cake smash session and a smash cake.  Due to allergy issues, I don’t provide a cake for my cake smash sessions.  Many babies are allergic to so many things these days.  Thus, I don’t want to be responsible for a baby having an allergic reaction.  Hence, this is why it’s the parents’ responsibility to bring their own smash cake to the cake smash photo session.

You can pretty much bring any cake that you want for your baby’s cake smash photo session.  However, I do request that you talk with me to figure out the colours.  Why?  Because I need to colour co-ordinate my backdrop to the cake colours.  Furthermore, I can also give tips of what will and won’t work in photos.  (Example:  Chocolate cakes look like poo all over your child in photos, so avoid chocolate.)  Finally, don’t make the cake too high because it’ll be too tall and cover too much of your baby during the photo session.  It’ll also be a little intimidating for baby who has probably never eaten cake before.

Some people wonder what a smash cake should look like.  Over the years, my clients have brought various kinds of pretty cakes for their baby’s cake smash session.  Check out some of these pretty smash cakes:


There’s the ever popular giant cupcake.


There’s the stacked ombre cake, which is all over Pinterest.


You can stack doughnuts on top of each other.


The naked cake is very popular on Pinterest. The icing on this was made with whipped cream and mashed raspberries to get the pink colour.


You can order a custom fancy cake made by a professional baker (Carla’s Cakes made this one.)


Finally, you can have a bright coloured cake.


I wrote another blog post to help you with your smash cake.  I discuss cake and icing colour, cake flavours and size of cake.  Check it out:  Helpful tips for your baby’s cake smash photo session.  I shoot cake smash photo sessions in my home in L’Ange-Gardien, QC (just 20 minutes east of downtown Ottawa.)  Contact me today to book your baby’s cake smash photo session.

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