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Family Photos in Aylmer

Family Photos in Aylmer A few weeks ago I shot some family photos in Aylmer. This great family lives on a beautiful property on the outskirts of the Gatineau hills. It’s so pretty. I absolutely love, love, love rustic spots to shoot in, so I was in my element with this shoot. I was thrilled… Read more »

Family Photos La Peche

Family Photos La Peche A few weeks ago, I went to a cottage to shoot some extended family photos in La Peche. This family has a beautiful log cabin located on a lake, surrounded by woods. It was such a beautiful and tranquil spot to relax. The weather was nice. Not too hot or humid…. Read more »

Maternity Client Testimonial

Maternity Client Testimonial Pregnancy Photographer | Little Lamb Photography I love to create beautiful portraits of my clients.  Also, I love receiving client testimonials from my clients.  It helps to validate my work, like it’s made the lives of others better in some way.  I’ve begun sending surveys to my clients asking them questions.  This is to… Read more »

Rustic Children’s Portraits Gatineau Quebec

Rustic Children’s Portraits Gatineau Quebec Natural Light Photographer | Little Lamb Photography Last summer I rented a lens for a wedding that I was shooting.  I rented it for an extra day so that I could take some portraits of my daughter.  We live out in the country in an old farm house, surrounded by… Read more »

Herb Garden Wedding Photography Special Offer

Herb Garden Wedding Photography Special Offer Rustic Weddings | Black Lamb Photography Are you getting married at The Herb Garden? If so, I’ve got a Herb Garden wedding photography special offer just for you! I’m looking to expand my wedding photography portfolio and would love to shoot a wedding at The Herb Garden. As an incentive… Read more »

Top 8 Favourite Rustic Wedding Venues Near Ottawa Ontario

Top 8 Favourite Rustic Wedding Venues Near Ottawa Ontario Newly engaged? Looking for a beautiful rustic wedding venue, but not sure where to start? I decided to help out newly engaged couples to find the perfect wedding venue. I wrote about my top 8 favourite rustic wedding venues near Ottawa Ontario. I’ve shot at some of these… Read more »