Custom Wedding USB Cases

Custom Wedding USB Cases

For the last few years I’ve been creating custom wedding USB cases for my wedding clients. I wanted to find a way to create something unique for each couple that would remind them of their wedding day.

Back in the day I used to make custom DVDs in custom DVD cases. However, technology has shifted a bit, so now I give my clients their wedding photos on a USB. But, just giving a USB stick isn’t the prettiest way to give photos. So, this is my way of making the whole experience more unique for each of my couples.


So far, these custom cases have been a hit. Yay!

If you’re engaged and are looking for a wedding photographer, I’d love to hear from you. Send me a quick email and I’ll be sure to send you my wedding pricing guide. Meanwhile, please check out more of my wedding and engagement photography:

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Winter Mill Street Brewery Wedding

Winter Mill Street Brewery Wedding

One month ago I photographed Julie and Conrad’s winter Mill Street Brewery wedding in Ottawa, Ontario.  I was excited when I heard that they were having a winter wedding.  I was also happy to find out that they were having their wedding at Mill Street Brewery Pub in Ottawa.  It’s located in a heritage building just along the Ottawa river.  So pretty!

It was a sunny day, but a little cool at -13C.  Despite it being chillier than we were hoping, the family and wedding party braved the cold in order to get pretty outdoor winter wedding photos.  And the wedding party were total troopers.  My goodness, the girls had bare legs and short dresses.  My second shooter, Michelle, and I wore snow pants, toques, and warm winter boots.  I felt pretty warm, until near the end when my bare hands started to hurt from the cold.  I’m just glad that we didn’t get the really strong gusts of wind, which happened the day before and the day after their wedding day.

So, the entire day went smoothly and there was plenty of fun and laughter to be had by all.  One of the things I really liked about their wedding was that Conrad’s parents incorporated a traditional Polish wedding custom for the bride and groom.  Although Conrad’s mom briefly explained to me the significance of the ceremony, I had to google it in order to get the info for this blog post.

Bread, Salt and Vodka Ceremony

According to Polish tradition, the parents of the bride and groom greet the newly married couple with bread, salt and vodka at the front of the wedding table, so that their home might always enjoy abundance. The bride and groom each taste a piece of bread to signify: “May you never go hungry.” They each place a spec of salt on their tongue to signify, “May you overcome the bitterness in life.”

Next, they each choose one shot glass to drink out of.  One glass is filled with vodka and the other with water. So, the bride and groom have to choose which glass they will drink out of.  As a result, the person who picks up the vodka-filled glass will be the strong one in the marriage. Following this ritual, the bride and groom break the glass for good luck.  Personally, I liked that Julie ended up with the vodka, so she’s in charge. Yay to girl power!

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy viewing Conrad and Julie’s wedding photos. 🙂

mill-street-brew-pub-wedding-photos-ottawa-ontario first-look-winter-wedding-photos-ottawa-mill-street-pub first-look-winter-wedding-photos-ottawa-mill-street-pub-1first-look-winter-wedding-photos-ottawa-mill-street-pub-2first-look-winter-wedding-photos-ottawa-mill-street-pub-3first-look-winter-wedding-photos-ottawa-mill-street-pub-4first-look-winter-wedding-photos-ottawa-mill-street-pub-5winter-wedding-photos-ottawa-ontario-photographers-brew-stree-mill-pubottawa-winter-wedding-photography-mill-stree-brew-pubwinter-wedding-photos-ottawa-ontario-photographers-brew-stree-mill-pub-1winter-wedding-pictures-mill-st-brewery-pub-ottawa-photoswinter-wedding-photos-mill-street-pub-ottawa-canadaottawa-winter-weddings-black-lamb-photography-mill-street-pub-1ottawa-winter-wedding-pictures-mill-street-brew-pub-photosottawa-winter-weddings-black-lamb-photography-mill-street-pubwinter-wedding-photos-ottawa-ontario-canada-black-lamb-photographydavids-bridal-dresses-ottawa-wedding-photographerswedding-suit-rentals-ottawa-wedding-photographer

mill-st-brew-pub-weddings-ottawa-photographersmill-street-brew-pub-weddings-ottawa-photographersaffordable-ottawa-wedding-photographers-black-lamb-photography-mill-st-brewerywild-rose-and-sparrow-florists-ottawa-wedding-photographydavids-bridal-ottawa-wedding-photographers-black-lamb-photographyWinter-Mill-Street-Brewery-Weddingmill-street-brew-pub-wedding-ceremony-photos-black-lamb-photographymill-street-pub-wedding-photos-ottawa-ontario-photographersmill-street-brew-pub-wedding-ceremony-photosmill-stree-brew-pub-weddings-ottawa-wedding-photographersmill-street-brew-pub-wedding-photosmill-street-brew-pub-wedding-pictures-inside-restaurant-ottawa-photographersdramatic-lighting-wedding-receptions-mill-st-brew-pub-photosmill-street-brew-pub-wedding-photos-ottawa-photographer-black-lamb-photography-1mill-street-brew-pub-wedding-picturespolish-wedding-traditions-mill-street-brew-pub-reception-photospolish-wedding-traditions-mill-street-brew-pub-reception-photos-1polish-wedding-traditions-mill-street-brew-pub-reception-photos-2fun-reception-photos-ottawa-wedding-photographer-mill-street-brew-pub-picturesmill-street-brewery-ottawa-wedding-photosrustic-wedding-cake-ideas-ottawa-photographers-mill-street-brew-pubrustic-wedding-venues-ottawa-ontario-photographers-mill-stree-brewery-pubmill-street-brew-pub-wedding-photography-ottawa-ontario-canadaIf you like their wedding photos, you can view their Gatineau fall engagement photos that we shot this past fall.

Their wedding day was made possible by the following Ottawa wedding vendors:

Are you newly engaged?  I’d love to be your wedding photographer.  Contact me to book a wedding photography consultation.

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Ottawa Arboretum Spring Family Portraits

Ottawa Arboretum Spring Family Portraits

Last spring I had the opportunity to photograph some Ottawa arboretum spring family portraits of this adorable little family.  It was a nice sunny day.  The trees were in bloom and this family’s outfits were on point.  I love that they had the same colour scheme, but didn’t dress all the same.  The kids would rather have been doing something other than getting their photos taken.  However, in the end, I was able to get some really fun photos of them.  I think the photos turned out well.  I hope you like them.

Ottawa Arboretum Spring Family Portraitsoutdoor-spring-family-photos-ottawa-couples-photographer-black-lamb-photographylittle-lamb-photography-best-ottawa-family-photographers-gatineau-photographefun-family-photographers-ottawa-little-lamb-photographyottawa-couples-photography-spring-arboretum-portraits-little-lamb-photographyspring-family-photos-ottawa-arboretum-little-lamb-photography-4spring-family-photos-ottawa-arboretum-little-lamb-photography-6fun-family-photos-ottawa-photographers-little-lamb-photography-gatineau-photographefun-family-photos-ottawa-photographer-little-lamb-photography-spring-arboretummom-and-dad-portraits-ottawa-family-photographers-little-lamb-photography-gatineau-photographe

Are you in the market for a family photographer?  Yes?  Well, you’ve come to the right place!  I shoot outdoor family photos in and around Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec.  Contact me to book a portrait session.  I look forward to hearing from you.  🙂

You can also check out more of my family portrait work:

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Turquoise Pink Lilac Cake Smash

Turquoise Pink Lilac Cake Smash

This week I shot a turquoise pink and lilac cake smash session with an adorable little girl. This is my third time photographing her. I`ve worked with her parents four other times. It’s always nice to work with repeat clients and especially to see their little families grow.

She was so smiley, which made for such great photos. She smiled throughout the whole cake smash photo session. I find that most babies are quite apprehensive to touch the cake at first. And they may continue to be a bit shy towards the cake. However, this little one was more than fine to touch her cake and to play with it. She also liked eating it. And why not? Who wouldn’t want to have their cake and eat it too?

I loved the pretty purple ombre cake. I love seeing what sorts of cakes my clients bring to the cake smash sessions. Due to allergies and other liabilities, I don’t provide the actual cake for cake smash sessions. So, my clients either make their own smash cake or they get a bakery to make it for them. The pretty smash cake from this photo shoot was made by La Provence Bakery in Kanata.


Contact me to book your baby’s cake smash session

If your baby is turning one soon or has turned one over the last couple of months, contact me to book a cake smash session. I love shooting smash the cake photos. They’re a lot of fun to watch how the baby will react to the cake and also to see how much they love the sweetness when they finally try it. I also shoot cake smash sessions for two year olds. Cake smash photo sessions are shot in my home in L’Ange-Gardien, QC (20 minutes east of downtown Ottawa.)

Check out more of my cake smash photography:


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  1. Kate Gansneder

    Oh my goodness, she is just PRECIOUS!! I love her blue dress.

Ottawa Cake Smash Photos

Ottawa Cake Smash Photos

About a week and a half ago, I shot these Ottawa cake smash photos with this little cutie. Her talented mother made the cake as well as painted the cake stand. And can you believe that she hand painted that beautiful wall mural too? Some people are regular Martha Stewart types. Not me, but I can totally appreciate other’s talents.

My home is currently under construction, so we did their cake smash session in their home. This is their beautiful nursery. You can see more of the nursery from this little gal’s Ottawa in home newborn session from last year.

This little girl wasn’t entirely convinced that eating cake was the best option for her. She preferred to gnaw on a small plastic toy wth a bit of icing on it, rather than eat the cake. We even broke off small chunks of cake and tried to hand it to her. She wasn’t biting. Nope. However, I’m sure soon enough she’ll know what’s she`s missing.

We got some great shots of little miss H. She gave us cute smiles. I realized later that the pink bunny that she has in some of the photos is the same pink bunny we used in her newborn photos. What a difference in size though. It’s so nice to see how much babies grow.


Is your baby turning one of two soon? I shoot cake smash photo sessions for babies turning one and two years old. Contact me today to book a smash cake photo shoot for your baby. They’re one of my favourite sorts of sessions to photograph.

In the meantime, you can also check out more of my cake smash photography:


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Follow Black Lamb Photography-Little Lamb Photography on Instagram

Follow Black Lamb Photography-Little Lamb Photography on Instagram

Ottawa-Gatineau Photographers

I wanted to let everyone know that my photography businesses are on Instagram.  I’d love for you to follow Black Lamb Photography-Little Lamb Photography on Instagram .  That way you can see what I’m up to.  I post fairly regularly, so that you an see what I’m up to.

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Are you ready to book your portrait session?  Great!  Contact me today and we can choose a date for your portrait session.  I photograph family photos, maternity photos, newborn pictures, baby portraits.  And I also shoot engagement and wedding photos.  I also shoot cake smash photos in my home in L’Ange-Gardien, QC (20 minutes east of downtown Ottawa).

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Colour Coordinating Outfits for Portraits

Colour Coordinating Outfits for Portraits

Ottawa Family and Maternity Photographer

Colours: Welcome to my blog post to help with colour coordinating outfits for portraits. First, let me say that I never way my clients to wear matching outfits. You know, the 90s sort of outfits that people wore:  either all jeans or khakis with white shirts. Bleh! The best way to coordinate outfits is to choose one or two main colours and one accent colour to add the pop factor to your outfits. The accent colour will also help tie in everyone’s outfits. For example, the two main colours could be navy blue, plum with a pop of gold (dark yellow–not metallic gold.) One person could wear a gold shirt or sweater, while another person could wear a gold scarf. Another person could wear a navy blue and plum pattern with gold flecks in it.


I know that trying to choose two colours with one pop of colour may be challenging for many people. So, here’s some colour combo ideas for each season:

Spring:  (Bright & pastel colours work well)

  • turquoise, navy blue, with a pop of yellow
  • Coral or peach with a navy blue accent
  • Light blue, mauve, with a pop of white

Spring colour palette.


Summer:  (Bright, deep & pastel colours work well)

what to wear summer colour palette

Summer colour palette.


Fall:  (Rich colours work well. No pastels.)

  • dark blues, burgundy and golden colours
  • rust, tan, and a pop of blue
  • grey, plum, navy blue

Fall colour palette.


Winter: (Rich colours work well. No pastels and little, if any, white/cream.)

  • blues, maroon, with a hint of cream
  • Medium green, brown with a hint of cream
  • navy blue and yellow
what-to-wear-winter-colour-palette A outdoor-ottawa-winter-maternity

Dos:  Fabrics with texture photograph beautifully.


Don’ts:  Don’t wear all white or cream as the details of the outfit will be lost in digital. If your location has a lot of greenery, avoid wearing green as your main colour, or else you’ll blend in with your background.


Final Words

White and cream don’t photograph very well, so use these two colours sparingly when making outfit choices. Also, remember that darker colours are more slimming. So, if you have thicker legs (like I do) avoid wearing white or cream pants. If you have a tummy, no worries. Just avoid wearing a light coloured shirt or one that’s too tight. With that said, it doesn’t mean that you need to have your entire outfit be black or super dark colours. Add an accent colour to add some interest to your outfit.rustic-summer-engagement-photos-wakefield-qc-black-lamb-photography

I love shooting outdoor portraits. If you’re looking for a photographer to shoot family photos, kids photos, maternity or engagement portraits, I’d love to hear from you! Contact me today to book your outdoor portrait session.what-to-wear-for-ottawa-summer-family-photos

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2019 Ottawa Wedding Photography Deal

2019 Ottawa Wedding Photography Deal

Happy New Year everyone!  To start off the new year, I decided to offer a 2019 Ottawa wedding photography deal.  I’m currently offering two different add-on options to each of my wedding photography packages. For anyone who books a wedding photography package with me by the end of February 2019 they can choose one of the following add-on options:

  • One extra hour of wedding photography coverage
  • One hour of photo booth coverage (includes sparkly backdrop, lighting and props)

2019 ottawa wedding photography deal

Disclaimer:  This offer is only for wedding clients who sign a contract with me either in January or February 2019.  And your wedding must take place in 2019.  This offer cannot be applied to any clients who have already signed a contract with Black Lamb Photography.

Contact me directly to get my wedding photography pricing guide.  I look forward to  hearing from you.  In the meantime, I hope you’re enjoying the new year.

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