5 Tips For a smoother child Portrait Session

5 Tips For a smoother child Portrait Session

Ottawa Children’s Photographer

At times, kids can be tough to photograph.  So, I decided to help parents out by writing 5 Tips for a smoother child portrait session.

5 Tips For a smoother child Portrait Session

First, I want to say that if you’ve been guilty of any of these things listed below, don’t worry.  Quite a few of my clients have made one or more of these mistakes.  That’s why I decided to give some helpful tips.  I’ve learned as I’ve taken family portraits of small children to know what is needed or not needed to make their portrait session go much more smoothly.  It’s not meant to guilt trip past clients or to point fingers.


5 Helpful tips

1. Full Bellies

Don’t bring your kids to a photo session with empty stomachs.  In other words, don’t plan on going out for dinner after the portrait session.  Why?  Because your kids will most likely be “hangry” (hungry + angry).  To avoid a meltdown, either feed them beforehand, or bring easy snacks they can eat.  Note about snacks:  bring snacks that aren’t going to be messy or dirty their faces or clothes.  So, nothing red or orange, like strawberries or carrot juice.  Think crackers.  This leads into Tip number two:

2. Don’t feed your kids sugar before or during the photo shoot

Say NO to sugary snacks because you don’t want hyper kids!  Giving candies or other sugary treats to a kid to help them behave is like adding gasoline to a smouldering fire…it doesn’t put it out, but only makes it worse.

One more thing about giving treats to kids for good behaviour:  If you want to give you kids treats to entice them to behave during the photo shoot, don’t give them the treats throughout the photo shoot.  I’ve seen this done quite a few times and it doesn’t actually make the kids behave better.  Why?  Probably because they’ve been getting the treats every 5-10 minutes, so they know they’re going to get another treat soon.  Why bother changing your behaviour when you know you’re gonna get the treat anyway?  Instead, if you told them that they’ll get the treats ONLY after the photo shoot, once they’ve proven that they behaved, then that might work out better for you.


3. Bring Something Entertaining

I’m not talking about whipping out a tablet or iphone, because we all know that once an electronic device gets whipped out, all of the kids’ attention will be to get it and play with it.  I’m talking about their favourite toy.  For babies or very small children, a squeaky toy would help.  I sometimes use them above my camera and then squeak them to get the baby/child to look in my direction, instead of elsewhere.


4. Be Patient

It may take a while for kids to warm up to their photographer.  After all, most kids have a fear of strangers, so if they’ve never met their photographer before, they’ll most likely be closed off and apprehensive towards that person.


5. Make it Fun

Don’t stress yourself or your kids out by getting angry that they don’t want to pose during the photo session.  If we get your kids doing fun things, they can`t help but smile.  We can get some photos of you walking or running.  Maybe some photos of the kids on your shoulders.


Book a Portrait Session

I love shooting outdoor portrait sessions.  There’s so many beautiful spots I can recommend for your family or child’s portrait session.  Contact me to book your portrait session.

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Manotick Lifestyle Newborn Photo Session

Manotick Lifestyle Newborn Photo Session

I’ve been kinda busy as of late, so I’ve fallen a bit behind on my blogging.  However, I wanted to post this Manotick lifestyle newborn photo session that I shot about a month ago.  First, I must mention that I shot their Ottawa spring maternity photo session in April.  I was happy to meet their little girl once she arrived.

One thing I love to shoot during lifestyle newborn sessions is the nursery.  I love seeing how parents decide to decorate their new child’s room.  Well, this mama has superb taste in decor.  I loved all of the great pink and gold decorations she had, including the geometric shaped shelves.  She knows how to find great things that’s for sure.  I especially like the ceramic unicorn statue and the large crepe paper flowers.


I had a great time photographing their newborn session.  It was a pleasure.  I would love the opportunity to photograph your newborn session, if you need a newborn photographer.  I shoot lifestyle newborn photo sessions in the comfort of your own home.  How easy is that?!?  You don’t even have to leave the house for your newborn session.  Get a hold of me to book a session.  And don’t worry if you’re not parent.  I also shoot engagement and wedding photos.

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Gatineau Child Photography Throwback Thursday

Gatineau Child Photography Throwback Thursday

Today is Thursday.  Do you know what that means?  Today is a Gatineau child photography throwback Thursday.  These photos are of my daughter from last summer.  I do shoot a fair amount of photos of my daughter.  However, since paid jobs take precedence over personal work, work on my personal photos takes  a back seat.  In fact, a lot of it has fallen through the cracks over the years.  This week I have some extra time before the wedding photography crunch happens.  So, I’ve been going through my old work in order to do post production on it.

Yesterday I finished working on photos of my daughter from last summer.  Here is just a small sampling of some of those photos.  Some were taken in our backyard, while others were taken on various outings.  Whether she likes it or not, my daughter has become my muse.  I’ve taken so many photos of her since she was born.  I also practiced a lot on my camera with her.  She doesn’t always want to have her photo taken (except for cake smash sessions), but she still humours me.  Anyway, I hope that you enjoy them.


If you need professional portraits taken from an Ottawa photographer, I’d love to hear from you.  I shoot outdoor family, maternity and engagement photos. I also shoot wedding photography, lifestyle newborn photos as well as cake smash photos and party coverage.  Contact me today.  🙂

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Gatineau Summer Maternity Photo Session

Gatineau Summer Maternity Photo Session

Last week I met with this great couple to shoot their Gatineau summer maternity photo session.  Her mom gifted the session and she said that her daughter wanted water and trees.  I immediately thought of a nice spot in Gatineau.  It has a small lake surrounded by trees.  But it also has some nice rocks, which make a nice backdrop.  The weather could not have been more perfect.  The temperature was just right and there was no humidity.  And the best part was that there really weren’t that many bugs out either.  Bonus!

Strange Things in the Woods

I have to mention one strange thing that happened during the maternity session.  While we were shooting, a woman approached us to say that they had a group that were playing a game, so don’t be afraid when we see masked people running around.  Then a bit later two people told us not to be frightened when we heard a loud alarm.  What the…??? Then her partner asked us if we’ve ever seen the movie, “The Purge”.  Yes, I have.  They said that they were playing a game of, The Purge.  Is that not so random and strange–especially at the lake.  Although it was such a strange thing for people to be doing at Lac Beauchamp, as I drove away and saw the people running around wearing masks I secretly wished that I could be playing too.  That sort of thing is totally up my alley.  I digress.  I hope that you enjoy these pregnancy photos.

gatineau-park-maternity-photographer-ottawa-pregnancy-photossummer-lac-beauchamp-pregnancy-photos-ottawa-gatineau-photographe-gatineau-parkcute-maternity-photo-session-ideas-gatineau-photographesummer-pregnancy-photos-in-the-woods-parc-gatineau-park-maternity-photographerGatineau Summer Maternity Photo Sessionbest-ottawa-maternity-photographers-gatineau-photographe-lac-beauchamp-1best-maternity-photographers-ottawa-ontario-little-lamb-photographylac-beauchamp-maternite-photographe-little-lamb-photography-best-ottawa-pregnancy-photographers

Contact Me

If you’re currently pregnant and you’re on the hunt for a pregnancy photographer, I’d love to hear from you!  Maternity sessions are one of my absolute favourite types of sessions to shoot.  I love photographing couples in love.  You can get a hold of me through my contact page.

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Gatineau Summer Pregnancy Photo Sneak Peek

Gatineau Summer Pregnancy Photo Sneak Peek

Last week I shot a maternity session of this mama-to-be.  I’m still working on the photos.  However, I wanted to give a little Gatineau summer pregnancy photo sneak peek.  Isn’t this a pretty spot?  I love shooting in nature.  And I have plenty of beautiful outdoor locations to use for your outdoor portrait session.  There’s lots of different sorts of photo sessions that I offer: maternity photos, family photos, baby portraits and cake smash photos.

Gatineau Summer Pregnancy Photo Sneak Peek

I would love to photograph your maternity photos. Get in contact with me to book a session.  I also offer gift certificates, so that you can offer the present of family heirloom photos.

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