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What to wear for maternity photos | Little Lamb Photography

Ottawa & Gatineau Maternity Photographer

What to wear for maternity photos by Little Lamb Photography.  Can I just start by stating that I love, love, love shooting maternity photos?  I don’t shoot studio style maternity photos because I’m a natural light photographer.  As a natural light photographer, I love shooting outdoors in beautiful locations.  My pregnancy photo sessions are shot outdoors all year round.  It doesn’t matter if it’s winter, spring, summer or fall.  Why?  Because each season has its own beauty to offer.  Honestly, you just need to dress for the weather–especially for winter and fall photos.  Many couples don’t know what to wear for their maternity photos.  I wanted to be as helpful as possible to my maternity clients.  So, I made a post to help you with what to wear for maternity photos.

Advice for all maternity photo sessions:

  • Don’t wear sweaters that have lint balls on them.  They REALLY show in the photos.
  • Old or dirty shoes look terrible in photos.
  • Women: dress shoes, nice sandals or boots look classy.  Have your toenails painted if you’re wearing open toe shoes.
  • Men: dress shoes or loafers look best.  Avoid wear running shoes.  Khakis or nice jeans with a button up shirt of polo shirt look great for men.  For fall, a vest or nice blazer are perfect touches.
  • Your hands will be showing for the belly poses, so make sure your nails look nice.
  • Accessories:  Beautiful earrings, rings, necklaces or bracelets will add pretty touches.
  • Wear classy, dressy clothes.  If you’re paying to have your photos taken it’s best to invest in how you look.
  • Please, no writing or large logos on clothing as it’s too distracting in the photos.  Simple patterns or plain colours are best.
  • Either shop for new outfits for your photo session OR wear new clothing that hasn’t been worn much yet.
  • Women, have your hair & makeup done so that you look your best (even if you do it yourself).
  • If you have pets at home, bring a lint brush in order to get rid of dog or cat hair.
What to wear for maternity photos | Little Lamb Photographywhat-to-wear-for-maternity-photos-ottawa-maternity-photographer-little-lamb-photography1A

Get a manicure so that your nails look good for the belly shots.


Coordinate your outfit with your partner’s, but DO NOT match exactly.


Spring Maternity Photos:

Spring is so beautiful with the gorgeous apple and cherry blossoms, so you can wear bright or pastel colours.  To keep things looking classy, I do advise women to either wear a nice dress or nice pants and shirt.  Men should wear dressy jeans or khakis and a nice button up shirt or polo shirt.  If it’s a little cooler still, a nice jacket will do the trick to keep you warm and still look classy.


Summer Maternity Photos:

Summer offers so many beautiful backdrops and so many different colours for your maternity photos.  You pretty much have the whole colour wheel to choose from for your maternity outfits.  The only thing you need to think about in choosing your colour scheme is what your location backdrop looks like.  If your location is light florals, choose either a complimentary colour or pastels to stay within the colour scheme.  However, you don’t want to blend in with the location.


Fall Maternity Photos:

Fall is such a short time frame, but it is such a beautiful time to have outdoor maternity photos.  The weather can either be quite warm or quite cool, so you need to dress accordingly.   I advise for my maternity clients to layer up and/or wear pants with nice boots and a sweater or jacket.  You can bring several outfits to change into to add variety to your photos.  For fall, wear fall colours such as oranges, dark yellows, reds, green or browns.  Black will also work too.  Stay away from pinks and purples as they will tend to clash with the orange, yellow and red leaves.


Winter Maternity Photos in the Snow:

Portraits in the snow look like a winter wonderland.   I try to shoot in weather no colder than -10ºC.  Thus, I’m ok to reschedule if your scheduled session date is colder than that.  I want my couples and myself to not be freezing our butts off while shooting in the cold.  With that being said, I highly recommend for my couples to dress in layers for their winter photo session.

In conclusion, please, please, please steer clear of wearing a lot of white or cream colours.  They blend in too much with the snow.   For winter photos, you can pretty much wear any deep or dark coloured clothing as you will stand out against the snow.  However, stay away dark green as you don’t want to blend in with the evergreens, which may be in the background of your photos.  Bright colours, like reds, blues and purples stand out nicely against the snow and dark green pine trees.  Cute dress coats add a nice winter accessory for your wardrobe.



Finally, if you’re going for something feminine, think of floral prints and/or long, flowing dresses.  Pregnant women always look good in dresses.


My maternity photography has been featured on Little Peanut Magazine, I Heart Pregnancy, Inspire Blog, and Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy Magazine.  You can check out my featured work.  If you’re pregnant, I would love to photograph your outdoor maternity photo session in Ottawa or Gatineau.  Contact me today to book your session.

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2 Responses to “What to wear for maternity photos little lamb photography”

  1. Tia Mushka

    Nice maternity shots. I wish I had followed your advice on what to wear. I only have some pictures of me in ugly purple maternity overalls! Ha! Ha!

    • Black Lamb Photography

      Too bad you didn’t live closer for me to shoot your maternity photos.

Fall Engagement Photos Ottawa Ontario

Fall Engagement Photos Ottawa Ontario

Ottawa Engagement Photographer | Black Lamb Photography

Here’s some fall engagement photos in Ottawa, Ontario that I took of this great couple.  Their first wedding anniversary is coming up, so I decided to repost some of their fall engagement photos.  The day of their Ottawa engagement photo shoot the weather was great and these two showed up looking amazing.  I love when my couples make a real effort to look their best for their engagement photos.  After all, it’s not every day that you get professional portraits taken of yourself.  If you don’t know what to wear for your e-session, check out my blog post: What to wear for engagement photos.  And for those who are on the fence about whether to have professional engagement photos taken, please read my blog posting:  5 Reasons you should have engagement photos.

I love shooting engagement portrait sessions.  That’s one of the main reasons why I include them in all of my Ottawa wedding photography packages, free of charge.  I would love to shoot your engagement photos.  Contact me today to book your session.  In the meantime, take a look at their Ottawa winter wedding photos.

ottawa-engagement-photographer-black-lamb-photographyFall Engagement Photos Ottawa Ontario Ottawa Engagement Photographer Black Lamb Photographyottawa-engagement-photography-fall-photos-black-lamb-photographyFall Engagement Photos Ottawa Ontario Ottawa Engagement Photographer Black Lamb Photographyjohn-ceprano-balanced-rock-sculptures-ottawa-ontario-canada-ottawa-engagement-photos-in-the-fall-black-lamb-photographyfall-engagement-photos-ottawa-ontario-canada-black-lamb-photographyfall-engagement-photos-ottawa-ontario-john-ceprano-sculptures

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Outdoor Ottawa and Gatineau Maternity Photography

Outdoor Ottawa and Gatineau Maternity Photography

Little Lamb Photography

Here’s a sneak peek of an outdoor winter pregnancy photo session that I shot yesterday in the snow.  We were able to get some great shots before the winds kicked up and the temperatures plummeted.  Stay tuned for more winter maternity photos of this beautiful lady.

Are you looking for outdoor Ottawa and Gatineau maternity photography inspiration?  Check out my outdoor maternity portfolio.

Also, if you’re looking for a pregnancy photographer, I’d love to hear from you.  Contact me today to book your pregnancy photo session.  You can’t even imagine how much I adore photographing maternity photo sessions.  There’s just something about photographing couples in love.  That’s why maternity and engagement photo sessions are my favourite things to shoot.  I shoot maternity portraits in and around Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec.

Check out more of my maternity photos on my portrait website, Little Lamb Photography.  Perhaps you’re unsure of what clothes to wear for maternity photos.  So, please read my post, What to wear for Maternity Photos.

Outdoor Ottawa and Gatineau Maternity Photography

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Rock the Shot January Photo Challenge

Rock the Shot January Photo Challenge

Gatineau Child Photographer

This month Rock the Shot January photo challenge.  The theme is our favourite photo from 2014.  This particular photo is definitely one of my favourite photos from 2014.  It was taken in a huge field that was completely covered in gorgeous Queen Ann’s Lace.  It was such a magical looking spot and I’m happy with how this photo shoot turned out.  You can check out some more photos from this photo shoot.

Rock the Shot January Photo Challenge


rock the shot icon


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2 Responses to “Rock the Shot January Photo Challenge”

  1. Iris

    Love the soft colors on this shot. Beautiful child portrait.

Winter Engagement Photos at Parliament

Parliament Engagement Photos

Ottawa Engagement Photographer

Last week I photographed this couple’s Parliament engagement photos in Ottawa.  Although there was very little snow, at least it wasn’t too cold.  And despite there being a lot of construction on Parliament Hill, there were plenty of pretty spots to take photos.  I look forward to shooting their wedding at Strathmere in July 2015.  You can check out a recent Strathmere wedding that I shot.

Parliament Engagement Photosottawa-engagement-photographers-black-lamb-photography-weddingengagement-photography-ottawa-parliament-portraits-black-lamb-photographywinter-engagement-photos-at-parliament-ottawa-canada-wedding-photographers-black-lamb-photographywinter-engagement-photography-ottawa-canada-wedding-photographers-black-lamb-photographycouples-engagement-photos-ottawa-wedding-photographer-black-lamb-photographywinter-engagement-photos-in-ottawa-canada-parliament-black-lamb-photographyottawa-engagement-photographers-black-lamb-photography-couples-photography

Are you newly engaged?  If so, congratulations!  If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, contact me to book a consultation.  I love photographing couples in love.  I photograph engagement photos in and around Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec.  As a natural light photographer, I love to shoot outdoors.  And please, if you have a special location you would like to use, I would be happy to accommodate your request.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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Gatineau Cake Smash Photography Little Lamb Photography

Gatineau Cake Smash Photographer

Little Lamb Photography

As a Gatineau cake smash photographer I *LOVE* shooting cake smash photos.  My little girl recently turned three years old and she told me that she wanted to do a cake smash.  Normally, I only do cake smash photos for one year old babies and two year old babies.  However, since she’s my daughter and since I love shooting cake smash sessions, I decided to do a cake smash photo shoot as per her her request.  I stayed up extremely late the night before making her cake and setting up lights and props.  The next day, when she woke up on her birthday, she was excited to eat cake.  She rarely gets such sweet treats.   Although I will still stick to only doing cake smash sessions for younger children, I’m happy to have these photos for our family photo memories.

You can view my daughter’s one year cake smash photos and two year cake smash photos.

Are you looking to book a cake smash photo session for your baby? If so, contact me today.  I do all cake smash photo shoots in my home in L’Ange Gardien, QC (20 minutes east of downtown Ottawa).  I’d love to photograph your baby’s cake smash photo session.  Other types of portraiture that I photograph are wedding photography and maternity and family photos.


My cake smash photography has been featured in:  Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy Magazine, I Heart Faces, Life + Lens, Toddler Friends and Your Theme Party.

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Ottawa Engagement Photos Parliament Hill Ottawa Photographer

Winter Engagement Photos Parliament Hill Ottawa Photographer

A few weeks ago I shot winter engagement photos at Parliament Hill Ottawa.  These ladies are so cute together.  They were giggling and laughing all through their engagement photo session, which made the cold more enjoyable.  It also helped us to laugh off all of the construction that is currently happening on Parliament hill.  I’m so happy that the weather wasn’t too cold and that there was some snow on the ground.  I’m looking forward to photographing their outdoor Gatineau Park wedding in August.  They’re going to have an intimate wedding at Lac Meech at a family member’s home.  I love, love, love shooting outdoor weddings.  I will take as many as I can get as I love anything rustic.  🙂

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer for you upcoming wedding, I would love to hear from you.  Contact me today to book a free wedding consultation.  I love shooting weddings, so I would love to hear all about your wedding plans.  Please check out more of my Ottawa engagement photography and wedding photography.  I hope to hear from you soon.

For those already married or not getting married, I also shoot baby and family portraits, maternity photography and cake smash photos.   You can check out my portrait website, Little Lamb Photography.

Update:  You can check out Mariah and Natacha’s Lac Meech wedding photos.

winter-engagement-photos-ottawa-canada-black-lamb-photography ottawa-parliament-engagement-photos-black-lamb-photographyparliament-hill-engagement-photos-ottawa-ontario-black-lamb-photography

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Family Photos at the Ottawa Arboretum

Family Photos at the Ottawa Arboretum

Little Lamb Photography

Here’s some Ottawa Arboretum family photos that I shot back in the summer.   What a great looking family.  My intention was to post this session earlier, but then I got busy.

I love shooting outdoor portraits in and around Ottawa and Gatineau.  Contact me today to book your family photo session.

Family Photos at the Ottawa Arboretum

I also shoot baby and children’s photos, maternity photos, cake smash photos and wedding photography.  Check out my portrait work on Little Lamb Photography.

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