Gatineau Newborn Photographer

Gatineau Newborn Photographer

Baby L Newborn Photography | Little Lamb Photography

This little sweetie turned one this past month, so I just wanted to share a couple of my favourite newborn photos of her that I took last year.  Enjoy.

If you’re looking for a newborn photographer, contact me today.  I would love to photograph your baby’s newborn photos.  I also shoot wedding photography as well as maternity photos, family photos and cake smash photos.

Gatineau Newborn Photographernewborn-photographer-ottawa-ontario-canada

You can check out more of my portrait work on my portrait website, Little Lamb Photography.

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Gatineau One Year Baby Cake Smash Photos L’Ange Gardien, QC

Gatineau One Year Baby Cake Smash Photos L’Ange Gardien, QC

Gatineau Baby Photographers | Little Lamb Photography

Here are some photos of a baby cake smash of this little guy, who happens to be five days older than my daughter.  His mom and I have known each other for seven years (wow, time flies by!) as we used to work together.  Mamma made this beautiful blue giant cupcake for the cake smash.  I was quite impressed.  She’s a regular Martha Stewart.  No joke.

Now about this particular one year cake smash photo session.  Not all babies are into the whole cake smash thing.   Some love it and dive right into the cake, while others have an aversion to even touching the cake.  This little guy was the latter, but in the end he was ok with it.   Enjoy the cake smash photos of this cute little guy.

If you would like a cake smash photo session for your baby (one year cake smash or two year cake smash), contact me.  I shoot them in my home in L’Ange Gardien, QC (20 minutes east of downtown Ottawa).  I am happy to work with colours that my clients choose for their background.  Meanwhile, enjoy the cake smash photos of this little man.

Gatineau One Year Baby Cake Smash Photos L'Ange Gardien, QC Gatineau Baby Photographers | Little Lamb Photographycake-smash-photography-gatineau-baby-photographers-chinese-babyblue-smash-the-cake-photography-in-gatineau-qcbest-gatineau-baby-photographers-smash-the-cake-photography-masson-anges-qcchinese-baby-photo-gatineau-cake-smash-photographer-blue-giant-cupcakechinese-baby-photos-cake-smash-photographer-gatineaubaby-photographers-in-gatineau-qc-smash-the-cake-photosbaby-cake-smash-photographers-gatineau-baby-photography-blue-smash-the-cake-photoblue-smash-the-cake-photo-gatineau-baby-photographysmash-the-cake-photographers-gatineau-qc-masson-anges-l'ange-gardien-qc

My cake smash photography has been featured in:  I Heart Faces, Toddler Friends, Your Theme Party, Life + Lens blog and Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy Magazine.  Please also feel free to see some of my other cake smash photos on my social media:little-lamb-photography-logo-2016_300pxWebsiteFacebook | Twitter

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Gatineau Family Photographer

Gatineau Family Photographer

Little Lamb Photography

Here are some photos that I took of this special family.  Their mother and I go way back, having grown up together.  We’ve known each other since I was 11 years old.  Even when she moved 40 minutes away, we still saw each other at various church activities.  As we grew older, I was her wedding photographer and her maternity photographer.  I’ve also taken photos of the kids when there were only four of them.  Yup, there’s a history there.  And I look forward to taking photos of their newest little girl’s cake smash when she turns one.  🙂

If you’re looking for a family photographer, I would love to hear from you.  Contact me today.  Maybe you don’t need a family photographer at present.  Perhaps you’re just starting off in life and you’re newly engaged.  Well, you’re in luck, since I also shoot wedding photography.  I also do cake smash photography, baby photography and children’s photography.

Gatineau Family Photographerfamily-photographers-in-gatineau-qc-little-lamb-photographygatineau-family-photography-little-lamb-photography-in-l'ange-gardien-qcgatineau-family-photographer-little-lamb-photography-buckingham-qc

You can check out more of my portrait work on my portrait social media links:

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Ottawa Family Photography

Ottawa Family Photography

Ottawa Family Photographer

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to take fall family of this family in Ottawa, ON.  I loved how the family was all dressed in fall colours that actually ended up matching the colours in the background.   I’m happy with how these photos turned out.  What a great looking family and so nice and friendly too.  And look at that little baby boy.  SO cute!  I hope you enjoy these photos.

If you’re looking for an Ottawa family photographer I would love to hear from you.  Contact me today to book your family photo session.

If you’re not looking for a family photographer, I also shoot wedding photography, newborn photos, maternity photos, cake smash photos and baby photos.

Ottawa Family Photographyottawa-family-photographer-fall-photos-in-ottawa-ontario-canadanative-american-childrens-photos-ottawa-ontario-canada-little-lamb-photographynative-american-family-photography-ottawa-ontario-canada-little-lamb-photographynative-american-kids-photography-ottawa-ontario-fall-family-photosfall-family-photos-ottawa-childrens-photographer-little-lamb-photography-native-american-family-photos-ontario-canadafall-family-photos-ottawa-ontario-native-american-photographynative-american-portrait-photographers-ottawa-ontario-canada-little-lamb-photographyottawa-family-photographers-little-lamb-photography-native-american-portraits

You can view more of my portrait work on my portrait social media links:

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Rustic Carp Wedding Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Rustic Carp Wedding Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Today is Doug + Diana’s first wedding anniversary.  So, I wanted to re-post some photos from their rustic Carp wedding.

I love how Doug + Diana had so many rustic touches to their wedding day.  They had their photos taken at an old farm in Carp near where Diana grew up.  Honestly, I could have shot at that old farm ALL. DAY. LONG.  It was my dream location because it had old rustic barns, old tractors, fields, old farm equipment and an old farm house.  The girls also had some nice touches.  They had a hay bale sitting area with pumpkins and mums decorating them. The sitting area was in front of a corn field.  You can’t get more rustic than that.

Their wedding day turned out beautifully.  The weather was perfect for fall weather.  Their wedding reception at Centurion Conference and Event Centre.  I hope you’ll enjoy their rustic wedding photos.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, contact me.  I would love to hear all about your plans for your wedding day.  All of my wedding photography packages include a complimentary engagement photo session.  No problem if you’re not getting married.  I also shoot family photos, maternity photos, baby photos and cake smash photos in Ottawa, ON and Gatineau, QC.  Check out my portrait website, Little Lamb Photography.

Wedding Vendors

Rustic Carp Wedding Ottawa Wedding Photographercarp-rustic-wedding-photos-ottawa-photographer-black-lamb-photographyottawa-wedding-photographer-black-lamb-photography-1 in-bloom-wedding-flowers-ottawa-wedding-photographer-black-lamb-photographyin-bloom-wedding-flowers-ottawa-wedding-photographer-black-lamb-photography-1carp-wedding-photography-1rustic-carp-wedding-photos-ottawa-wedding-photographer-black-lamb-photography 1carp-wedding-photos-with-pet-black-lamb-photographyst-paul's-united-church-in-carp-wedding-photos-black-lamb-photographycarp-wedding-photography-fall-wedding-photos-carpcarp-wedding-photographer-black-lamb-photography-ottawa-ontariocarp-wedding-photographyottawa-wedding-photographer-black-lamb-photographydoug-dianas-rustic-carp-wedding-ottawa-wedding-photographer-black-lamb-photography
Of course, the wedding day wouldn’t have turned out as beautifully as it did without the help of these various Ottawa wedding vendors:
Ceremony Location: St. Paul’s United Church in Carp, ON
Florist:  In Bloom
Wedding Dress: Simply Beautiful Bridal Boutique in Arnprior, ON
Shoes: Steps
Hair & Makeup: Jask Salon & Day Spa
Cake:  Ursula Burgess
Tuxedo/Suit: Tip Top Tailors
Reception Venue/Caterer: Centurion Conference and Event Centre
Lighting, sound and drapes: Advantage Audio Visual Rentals

My wedding photography has been featured on various wedding blogs, including:  Melissa Hearts Weddings, Daydreaming Bride, Brown Sparrow, Big Day, Ottawa Wedding Magazine, Weddabroad, The Westchester Wedding Planner, Equal & Forever, Bridebox and RSVP events.  You can check out the links to the features on my photography features page.

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Summer Maternity Photos Wakefield Gatineau Maternity Photographer

Summer Maternity Photos Wakefield Covered Bridge | Gatineau Maternity Photographers

A few months ago I had the pleasure to photograph this great couple’s summer maternity photos at the Wakefield covered bridge.  The weather and lighting were beautiful and they were dressed beautifully.  Through e-mails and sending photos back and forth, I was able to help them pick out great outfits for their photo session.  A huge thank you goes out to Krysten Allen who styled the hair.

I’m always so happy when my couples take care to look their best for their portrait sessions.  This one step makess for amazing photos.  And really, who doesn’t want to look fabulous for their portrait session?   I know I do.  For those of you who are unsure of what to wear for your maternity photo shoot, please read my blog post, What to wear for Maternity Photos.  You can also check out my Pinterest board for more inspiration.  I’m totally open to helping my couples find the perfect outfits to wear for their portrait sessions.  Please feel free to send me photos of different clothing choices and then I can help you select the best outfit for your photo session.  I honestly want you to look your absolute best selves for your portraits, since I’m creating photographic family heirlooms for you.  🙂


These photos were featured on a mommy blog.  Check out the maternity feature on Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy Magazine.  🙂
as seen on blmommy_blog_font-2015


wakefield-covered-bridge-gatineau-portrait-photographer1wakefield-couples-photography-covered-bridge-ottawa-portrait-photographer-little-lamb-photographywakefield-covered-bridge-portraits-gatineau-maternity-photographerscovered-bridge-wakefield-ottawa-maternity-photographers-little-lamb-photographysummer-maternity-photos-wakefield-gatineau-maternity-photographerchinese-maternity-photos-gatineau-maternity-photographers1gatineau-maternity-photography-chinese-maternity-photos-wakefield-covered-bridgewakefield-portraits-gatineau-maternity-photographer-little-lamb-photography-maternitewakefield-portraits-ottawa-maternity-photographers-chinesechinese-maternity-photos-ottawa-portrait-photographer-little-lamb-photographychinese-maternity-photos-ottawa-photographers-little-lamb-photographyIf you’re looking for a pregnancy photographer, contact me to book your maternity photo session.  I find that the best time to do a maternity photo session is when you’re between 28-32 weeks pregnant.  Your partner is welcome and encouraged to be in the photo shoot with you as it makes the photos more meaningful.

Take a look at more of my maternity portrait work:

ottawa-maternity-photographers-chinese-little-lamb-photographygatineau-maternity-photography-chinese-maternity-little-lamb-photographywakefield-family-portraits-chinese-maternity-photos-little-lamb-photographyNot pregnant?  No worries.  I also shoot family, newborn, cake smash and children’s photography.   You can check out my portrait photography website, Little Lamb Photography.  I also shoot wedding photography.


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Gatineau Newborn Photography with Baby C

Gatineau Newborn Photography with Baby C

Little Lamb Photography

Here are some newborn photos of this sweet little guy.  It  was pretty tough to photograph him as he didn’t want to sleep.  However, in the end he got all tuckered out, so I was finally able to get some sleepy baby poses.  Mamma brought the bright coloured wagon as a prop, so I had him sleep in it wearing an elf hat.  🙂

Gatineau Newborn Photography with Baby Cgatineau-newborn-photographer-little-lamb-photography-2gatineau-newborn-photographer-little-lamb-photography-3ottawa-newborn-photographer-little-lamb-photography

You can check out his mom and dad’s Ottawa Arboretum maternity photos.  If you’re looking for a maternity photographer, contact me today.  I would love to photograph such a moment in your lives.  I LOVE photographing maternity photos.  The best time to do a maternity photo session is when you are between 27-32 weeks pregnant.  Your partner is welcome and encouraged to be in the photo shoot with you as it makes the photos more meaningful.

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2 Year Cake Smash Photography

2 Year Cake Smash Photography

2 Year Old Baby Cake Smash | Gatineau Baby Photographers

When my daughter turned two, I was excited to do a 2 year old cake smash photo session with her as I LOVE shooting cake smash sessions.   Her 1 year cake smash session turned out beautifully, so I was excited to try it again.  At her request I even did a three year old cake smash photo shoot (not what I normally do, but no problem for my little girl.)  🙂

For my her one year cake smash I had Thimble Cakes make the smash cake.  However, this year I wanted to bake and decorate a smash cake myself.  I found some really great ideas and tips on Pinterest on how to decorate a giant cupcake.  You gotta love Pinterest.  😉  I was also very fortunate to have my friend, Gisleide from L’Assiette Dessert, teach me to make frosting rosettes on the cake.  (My bad for not making the best butter cream icing to work with, but it still turned out pretty good for my first time.)

If you want to have a one year cake smash or two year cake smash photo session for you baby,  I would love to hear from you.  Contact me today.  I shoot them in my home in L’Ange Gardien, QC (just east of Gatineau).  I hope you enjoy the cake smash photos of my little girl.  I would love for you to check out more of my cake smash photos.


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