Gatineau Children’s Photography

Gatineau Children’s Photography

Gatineau Child Photographer | Little Lamb Photography

It’s been months since I’ve done a photo shoot of my daughter, not that I don’t want to, but because she really doesn’t want to do them.  Gone are the monthly photo shoots that I did for the first two years of her life.  Now, I have to read her and see if she’ll co-operate.

In the last week or two my daughter has gotten into a princess obsession (much to my chagrin).  However, I capitalized on that and told her that she could dress up like a princess if she let me take her photos.  These clothes have been sitting in her closet for a couple of years waiting to be used for a photo shoot (also, waiting for her to be big enough to fit into them for a photo shoot).  These photos are not prefect and include several outtakes.  However, to me they’re my daughter, so I’m happy with them.  I hope you’ll enjoy them too.  🙂

Do your children let you take photos of them?  Don’t sweat it if they don’t.  I can help you out with that.  Contact me to book your family photo session.  If you don’t want to be in the photos, no worries.  You can also just book a photo session for your children.  Have a great day.  🙂


I love these silly faces.

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4 Responses to “Gatineau Children’s Photography”

  1. Yvonne

    Oh my! What a cutie!!!! LOVE her personality. Adorable.

  2. Renata

    What a lovely portfolio…had to have a little peek 😉 I love the idea you have your daughter included…she looks similar age to my daughter! Fantastic idea! She’s so cute!

    • Black Lamb Photography

      Thanks so much. That’s awesome that your daughter is around the same age. It’s a nice time as they’re old enough to be more independent, but also still be your little baby. 🙂

Winter Maternity Photos Ottawa Experimental Farm

Winter Maternity Photos Ottawa Experimental Farm | Ottawa Maternity Photography

With winter soon upon us, I wanted to share some winter maternity photos at the Ottawa Experimental Farm.  Despite it being a chilly -13ºC with the windchill factor, this cute couple were good sports about doing the outdoor photo shoot.  I’m always game if my clients are too, in terms of doing a photo shoot.

I’m so happy with how well these winter maternity photos turned out.  Winter portraits are quickly becoming a favourite of mine to shoot.  Luckily we did the shoot that day, because their baby arrived four weeks early and was born the morning after the maternity session.

If you’re thinking about doing a maternity photo shoot, please contact me.  I’d love to photograph it.  All maternity photo sessions are shot outdoors as I’m a natural light photographer.  I love shooting outdoors, so it doesn’t matter about the season.  Any season is perfect for outdoor maternity photos.   I welcome and encourage you to include your partner in your maternity photo shoot.  It’s highly recommended for pregnant women to schedule their photo session when they’re between 28-32 weeks pregnant.  This particular time frame is preferable, so that you still feel well enough to walk around, and also sometimes babies like to arrive earlier than planned this couple’s baby can attest to.  You can view more of my outdoor maternity photos.

What to Wear

If you have no clue what to wear for your outdoor maternity photo session, please read my blog post, What to wear for Maternity photos.

For my readers who aren’t pregnant please note that I also shoot wedding photography, cake smash photography and newborn photography.

With that I leave you with a quote by Harriette Hartigan:  “Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom.”

Update:  These photos were featured on Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy Magazine.  Check it out.  🙂

winter-maternity-photos-ottawa-maternity-photographers-experimental-farm-portraitswinter-maternity-photography-ottawa-maternity-photographer-experimental-farm-photosexperimental-farm-maternity-photos-winter-ottawa-maternity-photographersottawa-maternity-photos-experimental-farmwinter-maternity-photos-ottawa-maternity-photographers-experimental-farm-family-photoswinter-maternity-photos-maternity-photographers-ottawa-ontario-canadawinter-maternity-photos-ottawa-ontario-canada-maternity-photographers-experimental-farm As-featured-on-blmommy

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Experimental Farm Winter Maternity Photos Ottawa Photographer

Experimental Farm Winter Maternity Photos Ottawa Photographer

Winter is just around the corner.  So, I wanted to post some Experimental Farm winter maternity photos that I shot last December.   It was a beautiful winter day.  Mild for Canadian winter standards (-5°C).  And there was a fresh coating of snow from snowing the day before.  It made for some very pretty maternity photos, with the trees being covered in a blanket of white fluff.  The skies were completely clouded over, which also made for some beautiful diffused light.  I was SO excited to be shooting these maternity portraits on such a perfect day.   I had envisioned this winter photo session almost exactly how it turned out to be:  fresh snow on the ground and on the tree branches, no wind and not too cold.

I’m so glad that this couple was so accommodating of doing the photo session outdoors.  They were good sports about trudging in the snow.   I am very happy with how the photos turned out.  Not too bad for my first outdoor winter photo shoot.

If you’re looking for a maternity photographer please contact me today.  I’d love to photograph your maternity photo session.  I shoot all pregnancy photo sessions outdoors all year round.  I’m a natural light photographer and prefer the beauty of nature in my portraits.  You’re welcome and encourage to include your partner in your maternity photo shoot.  You can check out more of my maternity photography portfolio.   To give you some great ideas of how to dress for your maternity photo session, please take a look at my blog post, What to wear for maternity photos.  I also have a Pinterest board for some fantastic ideas too.

My Photography Style

You can also check out some other winter maternity sessions I’ve shot:

Experimental Farm Winter Maternity Photos Ottawa Photographerottawa-maternity-photographers-arboretum-portrait-photographymaternity-photos-in-the-snow-ottawa-portrait-photographers-experimental-farm-photoottawa-outdoor-winter-portraits-maternity-photographers-otttawa-ontario-canadaoutdoor-maternity-photos-in-the-snow-winter-maternity-photography-experimental-farmwinter-maternity-photos-ottawa-arboretum-photographerswinter-experimental-farm-portraits-ottawa-maternity-photography-in-the-snowwinter-maternity-photos-in-the-snow-ottawa-maternity-photographyottawa-maternity-photographers-outdoor-winter-photos-in-the-snow-experimental-farm

Not pregnant?  I also shoot family photos, baby photos, cake smash photos, engagement photos and wedding photos.

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Gatineau Baby Photographer Cake Smash Photos

Gatineau Baby Photographer One Year Cake Smash Photos

Gatineau Cake Smash Photographer | Little Lamb Photography

This little guy was all smiles during his one year cake smash photo session.  It was a pleasure taking his photos–even with him wanting to put his foot in the cake constantly.

This little guys’s maman made his gorgeous giant cupcake for the cake smash photos.  I sent her a photo of the backdrop that I was going to use and she ended up matching it perfectly.  And the cherry on top is that she actually made a cherry on top of the smash cake.   Last but not least, she even made a bow tie for him to wear.  I hope you enjoy these photos of this cute little guy.

I shoot all cake smash photo sessions in my home in L’Ange Gardien, QC (25 minutes east of downtown Ottawa).  I can work with a colour combination of your choice, no worries.  For anyone wanting to book a baby cake smash photo session, contact me.  I love photographing cake smash photos and I would love to photograph your baby.   Please note that due to allergies, parents are responsible for bringing their own cake for the cake smash photo shoot.


I also do regular baby photography, family photography, maternity photography and wedding photography.

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One Response to “Gatineau Baby Photographer Cake Smash Photos”

  1. wedding photographer

    awsome pics.

Strathmere Wedding Photography Ottawa Wedding Photographer

James + Shawna’s Strathmere Wedding Photography | Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Today marks the first anniversary of James + Shawna’s Strathmere wedding.  As their wedding photographer, I wanted to mark the occasion.  So I re-posted some their rustic wedding photos.  Strathmere is a gorgeous wedding venue close to Ottawa, ON.  It’s located in North Gower, ON.

This couple is awesome and had some nice personal touches to their wedding.  First, they had a cousin marry them.  Shawna had three sunflowers in her bouquet as well as on their wedding cake to represent each grand parent who has passed away.  Since James is an avid hunter, they incorporated turkey feathers into the table arrangements as well as the boutonnières.   And the icing on the cake was that James borrowed his ex-boss’s massive tractor so that we could use it for some of the photos.  How freaking cool is that?!?!?

You can check out their rustic engagement photos at the experimental farm.  If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, contact me today.  I would love to hear about your wedding plans.  Please check out my wedding photography portfolio.

Not getting married?  No worries as I also shoot newborn photography, family photos, maternity photos and cake smash photos.  You can check out my portrait site, Little Lamb Photography.


The wedding was helped by the following wedding vendors:

mellisa hearts weddings feature 200x200


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2 Responses to “Strathmere Wedding Photography Ottawa Wedding Photographer”

  1. Iris

    I really like your style of wedding photography.

Gatineau Newborn Photographer

Gatineau Newborn Photographer

Baby L Newborn Photography | Little Lamb Photography

This little sweetie turned one this past month, so I just wanted to share a couple of my favourite newborn photos of her that I took last year.  Enjoy.

If you’re looking for a newborn photographer, contact me today.  I would love to photograph your baby’s newborn photos.  I also shoot wedding photography as well as maternity photos, family photos and cake smash photos.

Gatineau Newborn Photographernewborn-photographer-ottawa-ontario-canada

You can check out more of my portrait work on my portrait website, Little Lamb Photography.

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