Newborn Photos Ottawa Baby Photographers

Newborn Photos

Ottawa Baby Photographers

Here’s a sneak peak of this baby girl whose newborn photos I took this week.  I’m an Ottawa baby photographers and I would love to shoot your child’s newborn portraits.    I also shoot wedding photography in Ottawa, ON.  Contact me to book your next photo shoot.

In the meantime, enjoy this photo of a sweet baby girl.   I love that her mom wanted to include one of her saris in the photo shoot.

Newborn Photos

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Gatineau Baby Photographer Little Lamb Photography

Gatineau Baby Photographer Little Lamb Photography

Here’s a sneak peek of this little angel whose portraits I shot a few days ago.  Isn’t she a sweetie?  I also shot her cake smash portraits, so look for them to be posted soon.

If you’re looking for a baby photographer, contact me to book your child’s photo session.   I also shoot cake smash photos in my home in L’Ange Gardien (just 25 minutes east of downtown Ottawa).

Gatineau Baby Photographer Little Lamb Photography

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Why I Can’t Charge the Same as Big Box Studios

Why I Can’t Charge the Same as Big Box Studios

Gatineau and Ottawa Portrait Photographer

why i don't charge the same as big box studios

A while ago I wrote a blog post about why I can’t charge the same as big box studios.  I decided to repost because it’s still relevant.

As a photographer I love when people compliment my photography.  I get an even bigger thrill when people like my work so much that they pay what I charge.   I value photography, so I understand the importance of capturing these moments for my clients. Professional photography is not a priority for a lot of people.  Thus, how much they’re willing to pay for a photo session or photography products reflects that.  Don’t get me wrong.  I understand that most people have a budget.  I  also understand that having professional photos taken is considered a luxury for many.  That’s why Walmart, Sears and Superstore have studios offering cheaply priced portrait sessions.  These big box studios cater to people who want portraits taken, but don’t want to spend much money.

Many people are happy to just have some decent looking photos to hang on their walls.  That’s fine with me. However, what bothers me is when people want custom photography, but either at big box portrait studio prices or cheaper. You can’t compare apples to oranges.  Wanting a professional photographer to shoot custom photography and give you the digital files, prints, etc. for cheap is like going to an upscale restaurant, ordering the filet mignon and expecting to pay the same price as a McDonald’s hamburger. It just can’t work like that. McDonald’s can charge cheap prices because they serve poor quality food and their employees are paid minimum wage.  They also serve high volume, assembly line service. Meanwhile, an upscale restaurant is paying for a trained chef, waiters, quality food and creating a unique dining experience.

Photography Pricing

My photography prices are certainly not on the high end of professional photography prices in my area. I’m somewhere in the middle for pricing. With that said, I need to be able to charge enough to:

  1. Cover my time spent prepping and packing gear, driving to and from photo locations, doing the actual shoot and post production of photos.  This includes uploading photos, colour correction, photo shop, uploading galleries, client communications, etc.  If everyone else gets paid to work, shouldn’t we get paid for our work too?
  2. Charge enough to purchase the equipment that I need to do the photo shoot and post processing of my clients’ images.  This includes cameras, lenses, flashes, computer, computer software, etc. Charging next to nothing for prints or digital files won’t cover my costs of doing business. Many people think that shooting digital costs very little, so why shouldn’t we give the digital files for next to nothing.  Here’s an example: I own two camera bodies and multiple lenses. One camera body costs $2000+ and each of my lenses costs between $500-$2000. Shooting digital is NOT cheap!
  3. I need to pay for the gas and maintenance of my car.  I use it to drive to different photography locations, meet with clients, etc.  There’s also the tens of thousands of dollars I’ve  spent for education, marketing, buying props, insurance, etc.  The list goes on and on.

To illustrate my point, I took my daughter to three different discount photo studios to have her portrait taken.  Afterwards, I did a photo session of her myself to show the difference in quality.  To help make a better comparison, I dressed her in the same outfit.


First, was Walmart. They had an online special for $9.99.  It included one 8″x10″, two 5″x7s″, four 3 1/2″ x 5s″, 16 wallets and 16 keepsakes of the same pose. To purchase a CD of all the digital photos, you must purchase their $199 photo package. Altogether I was there for about 30 minutes.

When I asked when I would get the photos, the girl said it takes 2-3 weeks as the photos are printed in the US and shipped to Canada. Let’s do the math. Walmart is paying their part time *employee minimum wage ($10/hr). She spent a 1/2 hour with me, which means $5 of the $10 I paid goes towards paying their employee. Then they have to pay the US photo lab to print and ship the photos to Canada. Clearly, Walmart has made no money from this photo session. Is it any wonder why both Walmart and Sears in the US closed down all of their portrait studios due to losses? No one can sustain a photography business by working for free and giving everything away–not even Walmart or Sears.

why i can't charge the same as big box studios 1


*When I asked the Walmart photographer if she was a trained photographer, she said no.  She’s a college student majoring in marketing. This is why people can’t compare Walmart’s portrait photography prices to a professional photographer running their own business.  I’m not a 20-year-old student working a part-time job to pay for school. I’m in business to actually make a living.  I can’t pay my bills if everyone expects me to charge unsustainable prices. Don’t even get me started on how many people over the years have asked me to shoot their wedding for free or for peanuts. Essentially, they’re asking me to spend time away from my family (including my young daughter), work during my free time, put wear and tear on my camera equipment and car and forgo paying my own bills because they think they deserve a luxury that they can live without.


Superstore was next. I chose the $10 economy package.  It includes two 8″x10s″, two 5″x7s″ and 16 wallets. (Presently, they have no digital purchase options.) Superstore’s studio was a step up from Walmart.  Their studio was closed off (unlike Walmart’s open concept, which allowed my daughter to keep running away). Superstore also had nicer props than Walmart.

There was one thing that didn’t impress me.  My daughter wouldn’t stand still to have her photos taken.  I asked she could sit on the rocking horse.  However, I was told ‘no’, since I bought the cheapest package. The flyer with their pricing even says “1 pose, colour only and no props.” Imagine if I told my clients that certain props were only to be used by the higher paying clients?!? (The ONLY reason why my daughter was allowed to sit on that red chair is because she wouldn’t sit or stand still.  Thus, the only way to save the photo session was to get her to sit on it.)

why i can't charge the same as big box studios 2


Next, was Sears portrait studio. I paid $14.99 for the portrait session and $9.99 for one 8″x10″ unprocessed print. To get a print that had ANY minor work done to it, I had to pay an extra $10. As far as buying the digital files from Sears: one “unenhanced” digital file costs $79.99, three “unenhanced” digital files are $149.99 and the CD of all of the “unenhanced” files is $199.99. If you want a few cheesy enhancements to your photos, you’ll pay $249.99 for the CD of photos.

Let’s compare how much time is spent on your photo shoot.  Sears spends 10-20 minutes of post production on your photos and they’re charging between $200-250 for a CD of digital files. Meanwhile, I spend 5-6 hours of post production to make sure that the final images are beautiful.  Please explain to me the logic of why I should charge less or even the same as them?

why i can't charge the same as big box studios 3


Little Lamb Photography

Finally, I did my daughter’s photo shoot myself. Unlike the big box portrait studios, I prefer to do my photo sessions outside in order to get many different types of backgrounds. I also find that photographing children outdoors is far easier than inside using strobes (flash units). With strobes you’re restricted to where you can angle your camera by the lighting as well as the backdrop.  Outdoors, I can let kids play and have fun while I shoot their photos. I find that this method results with more natural photos.



Ultimately, everyone will have their own opinion of the quality of the various portraits done by the different companies. I prefer good quality over cheap, so I prefer custom photography over any big box studio. In any case, you’re free to be the judge and make your own conclusion. Just know where I’m coming from and why I can’t charge the same prices as big box studios.

If you’re a client who values quality portrait photography, I would LOVE to hear from you!  Contact me today to book your portrait photography session.

My photography has been featured on 35+ photography blogs.  Some include: I Heart Faces, Little Peanut Magazine, Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy Magazine, Tiny Prints, How He Asked, Melissa Hearts Weddings, Brown Sparrow Wedding, SnapKnot and The Frosted Petticoat.  You can check out some of my photography features.

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My Favourite Wedding Venues in Ottawa ON

My Favourite Wedding Venues in Ottawa ON and Gatineau QC

I’ve been shooting weddings here in Ottawa, ON and Gatineau, QC since 2008 (before that was in the GTA where I used to live).  I’ve shot at quite a few different venues over the years in the Ottawa and Gatineau area.  To help future brides and grooms find the perfect venue, I decided to make a list of several of my favourite wedding venues in Ottawa ON and Gatineau QC that I’ve either shot at or am hoping to shoot at in the near future.

Stonefields:  I LOVE shooting at Stonefields.  For any couples getting married at Stonefields, I’m offering a fantastic incentive to hire me to be your wedding photographer because I love to shoot there.  Check out my Stonefield’s Wedding special.


Billings Estate Museum:  What can I say about Billings Estate?  To make it short and sweet, it’s a beautiful house with pretty gardens right smack dab in the city.

billings-estate-wedding-photos-summer-ottawa-ontario-black-lamb-photography romantic-wedding-photos-ottawa-photographers-billings-estate

Fairmont Château Laurier:  I shot a wedding there years ago and LOVED it.  I would love the opportunity to shoot there again as it’s so gorgeous, not to mention classy.



Mariposa Farm:  I love anything remotely rustic, so barns, farm animals and open fields make me a happy photographer.  Mariposa Farm doesn’t disappoint in rustic touches.  They come complete with cows, horses, ducks and geese.

mariposa-farm-ceremony-black-lamb-photography-ottawa-ontario mariposa-farm-wedding-photos-reception

Pinhey’s Point:  This is a beautiful rustic spot to have an outdoor wedding ceremony.  The wedding that I shot there had the ceremony in the old kitchen ruins.  It made such a perfect spot for a quaint wedding ceremony.

pinhey's-point-wedding-photography-ottawa-black-lamb-photography2 pinhey's-point-wedding-photography-ottawa-black-lamb-photography-6 pinhey's-point-wedding-photography-ottawa-black-lamb-photography4

Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm:  I shot a wedding at Stanley’s several years ago and would love to shoot there again.  I love rustic settings and Stanley’s is definitely rustic.

stanleys-olde-maple-lane-farm-wedding-ceremony-photos stanley's-olde-maple-lane-farm

Strathmere:  Strathmere is such a pretty wedding spot on the outskirts of Ottawa.  I love its rustic charm.

I also have a list of wedding venues that I would LOVE to shoot at:

I’m currently offering an extra hour (or two) for certain wedding venues.  Check out my list of Ottawa wedding venues that I’m offering an extra hour (or two) of photography coverage for free in order to shoot there.  🙂

If you’re getting married, I would love to hear from you.  E-mail me to set up an appointment and you can tell me all about your awesome wedding plans.

My wedding and engagement photography has been featured on various wedding blogs, including: Melissa Hearts Weddings, How He Asked, Savvy Deets, Ottawa Wedding Magazine, SnapKnot, Champagne Sweets, Plans and Presents, The Westchester Wedding Planner, Weddabroad, Daydreaming Bride, Bridebox, Hochzeitsportal24, RSVP Events and Wedding Thingz.

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2 Responses to “My Favourite Wedding Venues in Ottawa ON”

  1. Bethany

    Wow! These venues are absolutely gorgeous!

What to Wear for Engagement Photos Ottawa Photographer

What to Wear for Engagement Photos

Ottawa and Gatineau Engagement Photographer | Black Lamb Photography

I wanted to help my couples look their best for their engagement photo shoot, so I’ve written this blog post to help you know what to wear for engagement photos.


Dress to Impress:

I prefer for couples to wear dressed up casual clothes or dressy clothes. For men, a nice polo or button up shirt with dressy jeans or khakis looks awesome. For ladies, a beautiful dress or skirt with nice shoes looks beautiful. If you prefer to wear pants, slacks or dressy jeans look nice. Jackets, nice sweaters or dress coats look good for colder weather.  Of course, it will depend on the weather.


Women, please take care to choose outfits that will flatter you. You don’t need to be a size 4 or smaller to look fabulous.  You just need to dress for your shape.  I’ve seen some plus-sized ladies who rock their look because they know how to dress for their body. Most women don’t have perfect model bodies. We have things that we’re self conscious of. We all want to look our best, so to help you look your best, avoid clothes that are too baggy, too tight or just too revealing in any way.

Photoshop is not your miracle worker:

I may be a wizard at Photoshop and I will definitely pose you to your best advantage. However, don’t expect me to photoshop anyone to look slimmer, unless you plan on compensating me for the extra time it takes me to create those Photoshop miracles, which is presently $40/photo. ‘Nuff said about that.

You can also wear traditional clothing if you prefer. You could wear a sari or cheongsam. If you want to wear that, by all means wear it as it will give a unique touch to your photos.


I will say one more thing. When all is said and done, if you have an outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks and you’ve already had tonnes of compliments about how you look in it, that’s probably the outfit that you should wear.

Dress Appropriately:

If you’re having your photos taken in a rustic location, you might want to choose a more casual look.  However, I would still advise to wear nice shoes and pants, but maybe not a dress. If you’re having your photos taken in an urban setting, more dressy clothes would be more appropriate. If you do decide to have your photos taken in an open field or in front of a barn, by all means wear dressy clothes if you choose. It’s up to you, of course.wakefield-rustic-engagement-photo-shoot

If you’re having your photos taken at a funkier sort of location, you can get away with wearing more casual wear. Better yet, bring an extra outfit to change into to add variety to your engagement photos.graffiti-wall-engagement-photos-ottawa-ontario-black-lamb-photography

Colours and Patterns:

Don’t match your outfits entirely so that you look like twins, but do collaborate with your fiancé with the colour scheme. You could have a small element, like a scarf, necklace or shoes that match the colour or pattern of what your fiancé is wearing.


Gone are the days of couples wearing matching outfits. Remember when everyone wore jeans or khakis with white shirts so that they matched in their portraits? Those outfits belong in the past, so please, please, please don’t dress like people stuck in the 90s. I cringe when I even think that some people still dress that way for photos.


You can read this blog post about what to wear for colour suggestions for different seasons.



For women, a beautiful necklace, scarf, bracelet, earrings and rings are beautiful touches for an ensemble. Choose a couple of tasteful and stylish pieces to accentuate your outfit. You don’t need to wear all types of accessories. Remember less is ALWAYS more. For men, a stylish watch adds to an outfit.what-to-wear-for-engagment-photos-ottawa-engagement-photographer8


In keeping with the theme of dressing to impress, steer clear of wearing shoes that are scuffed up or dirty looking. Men: For men, loafers, dress shoes or nice boots look awesome in helping you to achieve a GQ look, or even just a stylish look.  In order to maintain a dapper look, stay away from running shoes, unless they happen to be metro-sexual styled sneakers and you’re going for a metro-sexual look. Women:  boots, heels or pretty flats will keep you looking feminine and stylish. If you want to wear open toed shoes, please get a pedicure.engagement-photography-gatineau-ottawa-wedding-photographers

Socks for men:

To maintain a classic look wear black, brown or navy socks. To be playful men can wear argyle or bright coloured socks. However, please for the love of all that’s good and holy, DO NOT WEAR WHITE SOCKS!!! That is a HUGE fashion faux pas!  My eyes bleed whenever I see men wearing white socks! (Ok, that was overly dramatic, but you get my point,)


Women, if possible, have your hair styled for your engagement photo session. A genius way to do this so as not to be out extra money is to schedule your wedding hair trial appointment on the same day as your engagement photo shoot. And/or you can also schedule your wedding makeup trial on the same day as your e-session. By doing this you kill two beauty birds with one stone.


One of my former brides scheduled her trial hair appointment on the same day as her engagement photo shoot, while another one of my brides scheduled her trial makeup appointment on the same day as her engagement photo shoot. By doing this, these ladies looked GORGEOUS for their engagement photos.



If you choose to wear a hat, please don’t wear a baseball cap. They bring the class factor way down.  I understand that some men wear baseball caps to cover the fact that they’re losing hair. However, a baseball cap is not the way to go.  There are other types of hats that can be worn: flat cap, newsboy, fedora, pork pie, panama, etc. For men who are bald or have a large bald spot, I recommend to wear a hat in order to cover the bald spot.  It’s not to cover the fact that you have no hair.  It’s actually to avoid the shiny spot that will undoubtedly be on your head.

I almost always shoot with the sun behind my clients to get the pretty light. By doing that, it highlights your head, including that hairless, shiny spot. Trying to tone down that shiny spot in post production has some challenges.


Savvy Women Wear Makeup:

Unless you have perfectly matt skin (ie. no shine) with zero blemishes, I highly advise all women to wear makeup for their engagement photo session. I know not all women like to wear makeup, but pretty please make an exception this one time. These are your engagement photos that you will be showing to everyone (and possibly adding in your wedding invitations). You don’t need to wear much to get the job done. A little concealer under the eyes and on the face hides dark circles and blemishes while a touch of powder keeps the shine factor down.


Some lipstick helps to accentuate the lips. If you’re like me and your lips are close to the same colour as the rest of your face, be sure to wear a coloured lip gloss or lipstick so that your lips actually stand out from the rest of your face, instead of blending right in. When in doubt, hire a makeup artist. Better yet, you can schedule your trial wedding makeup appointment on the same day that you’re having your engagement photo session.


Your hands will be showing in your engagement shoot to show the engagement ring, so make sure you get a manicure–even if you get a friend to do it. Those digits need to look awesome for the ring shots.


Book your Engagement Photo Session!


I would love to photograph your wedding and engagement photos as I LOVE shooting portraits of couples in love.  Please note that I include complimentary engagement photo shoots in all of my wedding photography packages. Contact me today to book your wedding date and engagement photos.

Here’s some other engagement related articles:


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Ottawa Wedding Flowers Ottawa and Gatineau Wedding Photographer

Ottawa Wedding Flowers

Ottawa and Gatineau Wedding Photographer

Black Lamb Photography

Are you looking for Ottawa wedding flowers?  I’m an Ottawa and Gatineau wedding photographer and I’ve been shooting weddings for 10+ years.  I love shooting detail shots and I especially love when a couple makes an effort to have beautiful flowers on their wedding day.  You don’t have to go over the top in spending in order to have some beautiful wedding flowers.  It could be as simple as having just as the bride having a wedding bouquet and the groom having a boutonniere.  Or, if flowers are your thing, you could also decorate the ceremony location and the guest tables at the wedding reception with flowers.

Whatever you choose, there are unlimited combinations of colours and flowers to create your own signature style for your wedding flowers.  You can check out my colour Pinterest board to get some colour combination ideas.  You can choose bright colours, like pinks, purples, blues, reds and yellows.  Or you can choose a softer pallet, such as pretty pinks, mauve, corals or creamy colours.  Beautiful wedding flowers really add to the beauty of any wedding.

Ottawa Florist Recommendations

There are quite a few Ottawa florists whose wedding flowers have been featured in the weddings that I’ve photographed over the years.  Now, I don’t know all of the florists who were used over the years, but here’s a list of some of the florists that I do know of that my clients have used in the past:

If you’re also looking for an Ottawa wedding photographer or Gatineau wedding photographer I would love to hear from you.  Contact me today to book a free wedding photography consultation.

Ottawa Wedding Flowers

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5 Great Wedding Ideas Ottawa Wedding Photographer

5 Great Wedding Ideas

Ottawa wedding photographer

I wanted to share 5 great wedding ideas for all wedding couples.  I’m an Ottawa wedding photographer.  I’ve been a wedding photographer for 10+ years.  So, I’ve seen my fair share of weddings and all of their various details.  By no means am I a wedding planner.  However, I’m a photographer who has an eye for detail.  So, I hope that my ideas can help future couples make the best decisions to have a wonderful wedding day.

Over the years I’ve seen things that really worked well, while other ideas that were total flops.  I’ve also seen ideas that are kind of in between good and bad.  That doesn’t make them great.  As a wedding photographer, I really want to give my clients beautiful wedding photos.  My second shooter and I really put 110% effort into getting those great shots.  It’s so my clients will have really nice photos to look back on over the years.

After seeing so many weddings, I’ve made my own mental notes on what I liked best at weddings as well as what didn’t work.  I want couples to not only have a fantastic wedding day, but to also be able to be happy when they see how their wedding day unfolds in the photos afterwards.

1)  Add a POP of colour

Really think hard about what your wedding colour scheme is going to be.  Obviously this is going to vary greatly between all couples.  However, I would suggest that you have several different colours, including at least one bright hue.  If you shy away from bright shades and want more pastels, at least make the one bright shade an accent colour just to give your wedding photos the pop they need and deserve.  The accent colour could simply be in the wedding cake, flowers, the men’s ties, socks or handkerchiefs or the bride’s shoes.

You can get some amazing colour combination ideas on my Colour Palette Pinterest Board.

ottawa-wedding-flowers-hilton-lac-leamy-wedding-photographers-gatineau 5-great-wedding-ideas-ottawa-wedding-photographer-cupcake-wedding-cake-blue 5-great-wedding-ideas-ottawa-wedding-photographer

2)  Include your own personality

As wonderful as Pinterest really is to give amazing ideas, many couples are falling into the trap of having a wedding with every little detail being a Pinterest detail.  What I mean is that on all of the popular wedding blogs I am seeing are showing far too many mason jars, those “Please pick a seat not a side.” signs.  You don’t want your entire wedding to be a complete Pinterest cookie cutter theme.  While it’s fine to choose some cute ideas from Pinterest, please also be sure to infuse your own personalities into the biggest party that you’ll ever host.

For example, ever since I was a child I have always wanted to visit Asia and I LOVE the Asian culture.  I taught ESL in South Korea for 6 months as well as in Japan for one year.  Between these two jobs I traveled around east Asia and Southeast Asia.  For my own wedding, I had a Chinese theme with all of my bridesmaids wearing black cheongsam dresses as well as my own going away outfit was a traditional red cheongsam tailor made while I was in Beijing.  My cousin was in charge of decorations and she decorated the reception with red and white paper lanterns from Chinatown in Toronto.  I loved it.  A lot of my friends and family felt that those details really showed me and what I like.  This is the kind of reaction you want from your guests.

3)  Schedule plenty of time for photography

You can’t imagine how many weddings I have shot when I am only given 45 minutes to one hour to do all of the extended and close family photos, wedding party photos and photos of the bride and groom.  Most brides and grooms don’t realize how much time is really needed to get all of those photos taken.  They also don’t think about travel time taking away from the photography time.

Your best bet to allow for enough time for your formal photography is to schedule 2-3 hours, which should not include travel time.  This includes from when the photographer starts shooting the formal photos to when everyone packs up and the formal photos are done.    The more time you allot for your formal photos, the happier you will be because you will end up with more photos to choose from as well as not be stressed trying to get the photos taken before you have to rush off to the reception.

pinhey's-point-wedding-photography-ottawa-black-lamb-photography5A hilton-lac-leamy-weddings-gatineau-photographers--black-lamb-photography fairmonth-chateau-laurier-wedding-photos-ottawa-ontario-black-lamb-photography-

4)  Personalize your mailed wedding invitations

A fantastic way to really personalize your mailed wedding invitations is to have stamps made with your photo on them.  That’s right folks; you heard me right.  For couples in Canada who want to do this, Canada post actually offers this service right off their website.  You can upload a photo of the two of you (I highly suggest using a nice engagement photo) onto their website, pay for it and they will ship the stamps to you.  You can also do it for your thank you cards.  For those who live in other countries, contact your country’s post office website to see if they offer the same service.

canada post wedding stamp-sample


5)  Have a photo of the bride & groom holding a “Thank you” Sign

You can use this photo to put in your thank you cards OR you can get personalized thank you cards made and add this photo in it and leave some blank space to write a heartfelt thank you note.  My husband and I did this when we got married.  I think it really adds a personal touch AND people will be less inclined to throw it away.   We got married over four years ago and I still have family members who either have this thank you card photo on their fridge or somewhere where they can still view it every day.

If you’re getting married in Ottawa or Gatineau, e-mail me today to book your free wedding photography consultation. I would  love to hear all about your wedding plans.


My wedding photography has been featured on: Brown Sparrow, SnapKnot, Champagne Sweets, Ottawa Wedding Magazine, The Westchester Wedding Planner,  Melissa Hearts Weddings, RSVP Events, Plans and Presents, Equal & Forever, Daydreaming Bride, Bridebox, Hchzeitsportal24 and Weddabroad.

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Why I don’t give unedited RAW files to clients

Why I don’t give unedited RAW files to clients

Ottawa Portrait Photographer

To begin, I don’t give unedited RAW files to clients. Once in a while I get a request from a client who either wants all of the photos from their portrait session or wedding.  They usually also ask to have their unedited RAW files (which most non-photographers can’t even open because they don’t have the proper software).  Or worse: they want everything (photos with their eyes closed, out of focus, under exposed, etc.)  You name it, they want it.  I don’t give my clients every single photo that my camera snapped of them.  And I don’t let them see every single photo that I shot in order to choose the final picks for their gallery.  Imagine if they had their hearts set on a photo that was out of focus?  What a disappointment that would be for them. That’s why I cull through the photos myself and get rid of ones that don’t match up to my standards.

If you’re wondering why my clients don’t get to see every single photo that I shoot of them, let me explain.  I have an eye for what makes a great photo, so I only choose the best photos and delete all photos that are not up to my standards (ie. eyes closed, out of focus, under or over exposed).  My clients hire me based on my work and style of editing–not unedited photos or quantity over quality.

An Artist Wants to Give you the Masterpiece

I’m a professionally trained photographer.  I’m an artist, so I work in the creative realm.  For a creative person, giving unedited photos to a client is like a baker giving the bride and groom just the freshly baked cake without decorating it, or an artist selling a painting without the paint–just the rough sketch.  To a professional photographer, giving a client the unedited RAWs is essentially giving the client the rough sketch, or an unfinished painting.  It’s not quite the masterpiece we’re capable of creating in post production.  Going that route doesn’t show our polished skills and makes us look sub par when displayed to everyone to view.  I won’t risk my reputation on that, so I (and other professional photographers) don’t give unedited photos to clients.  Period.


Would you ask a baker to give you just the baked cake without the icing & then do it yourself? No? It really is the same thing when you ask a photographer for the unedited photos.


I tweak my photos and remove things that are distracting. In this instance, I needed mom to make sure baby was safe, but I also needed her out of the photo. That’s where multiple images & Photoshop come into play.

Professionals Don’t Give out the RAW Files

Honestly, I think the only photographers who give unedited photos are students or others starting out in the business who either don’t have the proper software to edit their photos or just don’t know how to edit.  We refer to them as “shoot and burn” photographers because they literally upload their photos onto their computer then burn straight to CD to hand over to the client.  However, I spend 5-6 hours of post production time by going through each photo meticulously to not only choose which photos make the cut, but to edit out things like blemishes and dark circles under the eyes, sometimes head-swapping or face-swapping, etc.
why-i-don't-give-unedited-raw-files-to-clients ottawa child photographer 5

Removing dark circles under eyes & adding pop of colour.

why-i-don't-give-unedited-raw-files-to-clients ottawa family photographer

I sometimes head swap to get better smiles for group portraits.


The RAWs are flat and bland if you don’t do anything to them. I make the colours POP in post production.

Photoshop is Usually Necessary:

When it comes to getting rid of blemishes, I’m a Photoshop wizard.  I know how I’d want my own photos to look.  Thus, I certainly wouldn’t want to have the dark circles under my eyes showing.  Or if I had a zit, I wouldn’t want it to be in the photo that’s for darn sure.  So, I extend the same courtesy to my clients by removing undesirable blemishes.  This includes newborn photography since many newborns will get baby acne.  I can’t give them photos of themselves or their family members where they don’t look their best.  My clients appreciate the extra effort I put into tweaking their photos.

I remove all baby acne and make sure that baby’s skin looks smooth.


My clients have enough faith in my ability as a professional to choose the very best photos for them.  I stand by my policies in order to protect my business brand and reputation.  If you have faith in my photography abilities, like the rest of my clients, I would love to hear from you.  Contact me today to book your portrait session.

You can view more of my fully edited portrait photography and my fully edited wedding photography.

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