Ottawa Wedding Flowers Ottawa and Gatineau Wedding Photographer

Ottawa Wedding Flowers

Ottawa and Gatineau Wedding Photographer

Black Lamb Photography

Are you looking for Ottawa wedding flowers?  I’m an Ottawa and Gatineau wedding photographer and I’ve been shooting weddings for 10+ years.  I love shooting detail shots and I especially love when a couple makes an effort to have beautiful flowers on their wedding day.  You don’t have to go over the top in spending in order to have some beautiful wedding flowers.  It could be as simple as having just as the bride having a wedding bouquet and the groom having a boutonniere.  Or, if flowers are your thing, you could also decorate the ceremony location and the guest tables at the wedding reception with flowers.

Whatever you choose, there are unlimited combinations of colours and flowers to create your own signature style for your wedding flowers.  You can check out my colour Pinterest board to get some colour combination ideas.  You can choose bright colours, like pinks, purples, blues, reds and yellows.  Or you can choose a softer pallet, such as pretty pinks, mauve, corals or creamy colours.  Beautiful wedding flowers really add to the beauty of any wedding.

Ottawa Florist Recommendations

There are quite a few Ottawa florists whose wedding flowers have been featured in the weddings that I’ve photographed over the years.  Now, I don’t know all of the florists who were used over the years, but here’s a list of some of the florists that I do know of that my clients have used in the past:

If you’re also looking for an Ottawa wedding photographer or Gatineau wedding photographer I would love to hear from you.  Contact me today to book a free wedding photography consultation.

Ottawa Wedding Flowers

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5 Great Wedding Ideas Ottawa Wedding Photographer

5 Great Wedding Ideas

Ottawa wedding photographer

I wanted to share 5 great wedding ideas for all wedding couples.  I’m an Ottawa wedding photographer.  In addition, I’ve been a wedding photographer for 10+ years and I’ve seen my fair share of weddings and all of their various details.  By no means am I a wedding planner, but I am a photographer who has an eye for detail.  Thus, I hope that my ideas can help future brides and grooms make the best decisions to have a wonderful wedding day with fantastic details.

Over the years I’ve seen things that really worked well and other ideas that were total flops.  I’ve also seen ideas that are kind of in between good and bad, which doesn’t make them great.  As a wedding photographer, I really want to give my clients beautiful wedding photos.  My second shooter and I put 110% effort into getting those great shots.  As a result, my clients will have really nice photos to look back on over the years to help them reminisce of one of the happiest days of their lives.


After seeing so many weddings, I’ve made my own mental notes on what I liked best at weddings as well as what didn’t work.  I truly want brides and grooms to not only have a fantastic wedding day, but to also be able to be happy when they see how their wedding day unfolds in the photos afterwards.

1)  Add a POP of colour

Really think hard about what your wedding colour scheme is going to be.  Obviously this is going to vary greatly between all couples.  However, I would suggest that you have several different colours, including at least one bright hue.  If you shy away from bright shades and want more pastels, at least make the one bright shade an accent colour.  That way it gives your wedding photos the pop they need and deserve.  The accent colour could simply be in the wedding cake, flowers, the men’s ties, socks or handkerchiefs or the bride’s shoes.

wedding-photographers-in-ottawa-ontario-canada-and-gatineau-qc-black-lamb-photography-two-photographers sweet-song-cake-ottawa-wedding-cakes-black-lamb-photography

2)  Include your own personality

As wonderful as Pinterest really is to give amazing ideas, many couples are falling into the trap of having a wedding with every little detail being a Pinterest detail.  What I mean is that on all of the popular wedding blogs I am seeing are showing far too many mason jars, those “Please pick a seat not a side.” signs.  You don’t want your entire wedding to be a complete Pinterest cookie cutter theme.  While it’s fine to choose some cute ideas from Pinterest, please also be sure to infuse your own personalities into the biggest party that you’ll ever host.

As an example, ever since I was a child I have always wanted to visit Asia.  I LOVE the Asian culture.  I taught ESL in South Korea for 6 months as well as in Japan for one year.  Between these two jobs I traveled around east Asia and Southeast Asia.  For my own wedding, I had a Chinese theme with all of my bridesmaids wearing black cheongsam dresses.  My own going away outfit was a traditional red cheongsam, tailor made while I was in Beijing.  My artsy fartsy cousin was in charge of decorations.  She decorated the reception with red and white paper lanterns.  I loved it.  A lot of my friends and family felt that those details really showed me and what I like.  This is the kind of reaction you want from your guests.


3)  Schedule plenty of time for photography

You can’t imagine how many weddings I have shot when I am only given 45 minutes to one hour to do all of the formal portraits.  This includes extended and close family photos, wedding party photos and photos of the bride and groom.  Most brides and grooms don’t realize how much time is really needed to get all of those photos taken.  They also don’t think about travel time taking away from the photography time.

Your best bet to allow for enough time for your formal photography is to schedule 2-3 hours, which should not include travel time.  This includes from when the photographer starts shooting the formal photos to when everyone packs up and the formal photos are done.   The more time you allot for your formal photos, the happier you’ll be, because you’ll end up with more photos to choose from.  And you won’t be stressed trying to get the photos taken before you have to rush off to the reception.

rustic-wedding-photos-pakenham-ontario-black-lamb-photography wedding-photos-in-the-woods-black-lamb-photography-gatineau-qc

4)  Personalize your mailed wedding invitations

A fantastic way to personalize your mailed wedding invitations is to have stamps made with your photo on them.  That’s right folks; you heard me right.  For couples in Canada who want to do this, Canada post actually offers this service right off their website.  You can upload a photo of the two of you (I highly suggest using a nice engagement photo) onto their website, pay for it and they will ship the stamps to you.  You can also do it for your thank you cards.  For those who live in other countries, contact your country’s post office website to see if they offer the same service.

canada post wedding stamp-sample

5)  Have a photo of the bride & groom holding a “Thank you” Sign

Thank you photos can be put in your thank you cards.  Or you can get personalized thank you cards made and add this photo in it and leave some blank space to write a heartfelt thank you note.  My husband and I did this when we got married.  I think it really adds a personal touch.  And people will be less inclined to throw it away.   We got married over seven years ago and I still have family members who either have this thank you card photo on their fridge or somewhere they can still view it every day.

Finally, if you’re getting married in Ottawa or Gatineau, e-mail me today to book your free wedding photography consultation. I would  love to hear all about your wedding plans.


My wedding photography has been featured on: Brown Sparrow, SnapKnot, Champagne Sweets, Ottawa Wedding Magazine, The Westchester Wedding Planner,  Melissa Hearts Weddings, RSVP Events, Plans and Presents, Equal & Forever, Daydreaming Bride, Bridebox, Hchzeitsportal24 and Weddabroad.

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Why I don’t give unedited RAW files to clients

Why I don’t give unedited RAW files to clients

Ottawa Portrait Photographer

To begin, I don’t give unedited RAW files to clients. Once in a while I get a request from a client who either wants all of the photos from their portrait session or wedding.  They usually also ask to have their unedited RAW files (which most non-photographers can’t even open because they don’t have the proper software).  Or worse: they want everything (photos with their eyes closed, out of focus, under exposed, etc.)  You name it, they want it.  I don’t give my clients every single photo that my camera snapped of them.  And I don’t let them see every single photo that I shot in order to choose the final picks for their gallery.  Imagine if they had their hearts set on a photo that was out of focus?  What a disappointment that would be for them. That’s why I cull through the photos myself and get rid of ones that don’t match up to my standards.

If you’re wondering why my clients don’t get to see every single photo that I shoot of them, let me explain.  I have an eye for what makes a great photo, so I only choose the best photos and delete all photos that are not up to my standards (ie. eyes closed, out of focus, under or over exposed).  My clients hire me based on my work and style of editing–not unedited photos or quantity over quality.

An Artist Wants to Give you the Masterpiece

I’m a professionally trained photographer.  I’m an artist, so I work in the creative realm.  For a creative person, giving unedited photos to a client is like a baker giving the bride and groom just the freshly baked cake without decorating it, or an artist selling a painting without the paint–just the rough sketch.  To a professional photographer, giving a client the unedited RAWs is essentially giving the client the rough sketch, or an unfinished painting.  It’s not quite the masterpiece we’re capable of creating in post production.  Going that route doesn’t show our polished skills and makes us look sub par when displayed to everyone to view.  I won’t risk my reputation on that, so I (and other professional photographers) don’t give unedited photos to clients.  Period.


Would you ask a baker to give you just the baked cake without the icing & then do it yourself? No? It really is the same thing when you ask a photographer for the unedited photos.


I tweak my photos and remove things that are distracting. In this instance, I needed mom to make sure baby was safe, but I also needed her out of the photo. That’s where multiple images & Photoshop come into play.

Professionals Don’t Give out the RAW Files

Honestly, I think the only photographers who give unedited photos are students or others starting out in the business who either don’t have the proper software to edit their photos or just don’t know how to edit.  We refer to them as “shoot and burn” photographers because they literally upload their photos onto their computer then burn straight to CD to hand over to the client.  However, I spend 5-6 hours of post production time by going through each photo meticulously to not only choose which photos make the cut, but to edit out things like blemishes and dark circles under the eyes, sometimes head-swapping or face-swapping, etc.
why-i-don't-give-unedited-raw-files-to-clients ottawa child photographer 5

Removing dark circles under eyes & adding pop of colour.

why-i-don't-give-unedited-raw-files-to-clients ottawa family photographer

I sometimes head swap to get better smiles for group portraits.


The RAWs are flat and bland if you don’t do anything to them. I make the colours POP in post production.

Photoshop is Usually Necessary:

When it comes to getting rid of blemishes, I’m a Photoshop wizard.  I know how I’d want my own photos to look.  Thus, I certainly wouldn’t want to have the dark circles under my eyes showing.  Or if I had a zit, I wouldn’t want it to be in the photo that’s for darn sure.  So, I extend the same courtesy to my clients by removing undesirable blemishes.  This includes newborn photography since many newborns will get baby acne.  I can’t give them photos of themselves or their family members where they don’t look their best.  My clients appreciate the extra effort I put into tweaking their photos.

I remove all baby acne and make sure that baby’s skin looks smooth.


My clients have enough faith in my ability as a professional to choose the very best photos for them.  I stand by my policies in order to protect my business brand and reputation.  If you have faith in my photography abilities, like the rest of my clients, I would love to hear from you.  Contact me today to book your portrait session.

You can view more of my fully edited portrait photography and my fully edited wedding photography.

My portrait and wedding photography has been featured on various photography blogs, including: How He Asked, I Heart Faces, Melissa Hearts Weddings, Life + Lens, Toddler Friends, Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy Magazine, Ottawa Wedding Magazine, Your Theme Party, Bridebox, Daydreaming Bride, SnapKnot, Champagne Sweets, Equal and Forever, Kara’s Party Ideas, Plans and Presents, The Westchester Wedding Planner, Wedding Thingz, Brown Sparrow and Weddabroad.

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Winter Wedding Photos Ottawa Ontario

Stacy + Jason’s Winter Wedding Photos Ottawa Ontario

Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Today marks Jason + Stacy’s first wedding anniversary, so I wanted to post their winter wedding photos again that were taken in Ottawa Ontario.

I was so happy that their winter wedding day was relatively mild for February standards at -5°C.  I was also happy that it had snowed the day before to add fresh powder for the outdoor winter wedding photos.  We went to Hog’s back park to shoot all of the formal wedding photos.  At least the wedding party and family could warm up in the limo when they weren’t needed in the photos.  I’m happy with how beautiful the wedding portraits turned out.  I really enjoy shooting outdoor portraits in the winter.

You can check out Jason + Stacy’s fall engagement photos in Ottawa.

UPDATE:  Jason + Stacy’s wedding photos were featured on Bride Box Wedding Albums blog.  Check it out.


Thanks to my second shooter, Michelle, for getting this shot of the groom.

st.-georges-parish-weddings-ottawa-ontario-black-lamb-photographyst-georges-parish-in-ottawa-ontario-black-lamb-photography st.-georges-parish-in-ottawa-wedding-photos-black-lamb-photography-gatinea-weddingsst.-georges-parish-ottawa-ontario-weddings-black-lamb-photographyst.-georges-parish-ottawa-ontario-wedding-photos-black-lamb-photography-1st-georges-parish-ottawa-wedding-ceremony-black-lamb-photographyst.-georges-parish-in-ottawa-wedding-photographer-black-lamb-photographyst-georges-parish-ottawa-winter-weddings-black-lamb-photographywinter-wedding-photography-in-ottawa-ontario-canada-hogs-back-park-wedding-photoswedding-photos-at-hogs-back-park-in-ottawa-ontario-black-lamb-photography-winter-weddingswinter-wedding-photography-in-ottawa-ontario-black-lamb-photographywinter-wedding-photos-in-the-snow-ottawa-wedding-photographers-black-lamb-photographywinter-wedding-photos-ottawa-ontario-canada-black-lamb-photography2

Thanks to my second shooter, Michelle, for getting these fun shots.


The Zoolander look.


Thanks again Michelle for getting this action shot of me photographing Jason + Stacy.

winter-wedding-photos-in-ottawa-ontario-hogs-back-park-wedding-photoswinter-wedding-photography-in-ottawa-ontario-canada hogs back park wedding photosottawa-winter-wedding-photos-black-lamb-photographywinter-wedding-photos-in-ottawa-ontario-canada-black-lamb-photographywinter-wedding-photos-ottawa-hogs-back-park-black-lamb-photographyst.-elias-centre-weddings-ottawa-ontario-black-lamb-photography-sizzle-with-decor-weddings-in-ottawa-ontario-black-lamb-photographyottawa-wedding-cakes-little-cakes-black-lamb-photographyst.-elias-centre-weddings-ottawa-ontario-black-lamb-photography2-st.-elias-centre-weddings-ottawa-ontario-black-lamb-photography3-Sizzle-with-Decor-weddings-black-lamb-photography-1Sizzle-with-Decor-weddings-black-lamb-photographyst.-elias-centre-weddings-ottawa-ontario-black-lamb-photography4-st.-elias-centre-wedding-receptions-photos-black-lamb-photographyottawa-winter-wedding-photos-hogs-back-park-black-lamb-photography

Thanks Michelle for getting a photo of me shooting in the cold.

Ottawa Area Wedding Vendors

Of course, this wedding day would not have turned out so beautifully if it weren’t for the hard work and effort of the following vendors and venues:

Wedding & Bridesmaids Dresses & coats: All that Glitters Bridal in North Gower, ON
Shoes:  Ivanka Trump from Nordstrom,  Winter boots:  Victoria’s Secret
Reception Hall & Caterer: St. Elias Centre
Wedding Decorator:  Sizzle with Decor
PhotographerBlack Lamb Photography

If you’re planning an Ottawa winter wedding, please contact me.  I would love to hear all about your winter wonderland wedding plans.  If you’re planning a wedding in spring, summer or fall, I would love to hear from you too.  Contact me today.  In the meantime, you can check out more of my wedding photography.

I shoot weddings in Ottawa, Gatineau,  Kanata, Stittsville, Carp, Nepean, Barrhaven, Richmond, Munster, Arnprior, Carleton Place, Perth, North Gower, Greely, Beckwith, Embrun, Russell, Edwards, Lanark, Orleans, Cumberland, Clarence, Rockland, Alfred and Plantagenet, Hull, Aylmer, Chelsea, Wakefield, L’Ange Gardien, Masson-Angers, Buckingham, Montebello and anywhere in between.


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    • Black Lamb Photography

      Thanks so much. I’m starting to really enjoy shooting outdoors in winter. 🙂

5 Reasons You should have Engagement Photos

5 Reasons You should have Engagement Photos

Ottawa Engagement Photographer

I have 5 reasons you should have engagement photos taken. Let me explain.  For the past couple of years, I have included a complimentary engagement photo session in all of my wedding photography packages.  What does this mean?  It’s complimentary, as in free, which means that I haven’t charged you any extra money to do this shoot.  Why do I offer this free photo session?  I have a great reason:  it’s because it benefits both you and I in order for us to achieve great wedding photos on your wedding day.  How is this done?


1) No Stranger Danger:

I use the engagement photo session as an opportunity of getting to know you, the couple, better before the big day.  By getting to know you better, it will be less awkward for the both of you to smile for me on your wedding day.  It’s also an opportunity for you to get to know me better too.  I’m sure you find it much easier to be yourself with people you know, rather than total strangers.  This makes things less awkward, don’t you think?

sunset rustic engagement photos experimental farm ottawa engagement photographer black lamb photography1

Since my second shooter has never met the couple before the day of the wedding, I send her a link to each couple’s engagement photo session so she will be able to recognize them when she arrives to shoot their wedding with me.  It also helps me to remember what you look like.  No joke.   Before I started offering these complimentary engagement photo sessions, a lot of my wedding couples chose not to do an engagement photo session.  This meant that we would go months without seeing each other.  It was easy enough to know who the bride was, since she was wearing her wedding dress, but can you imagine my panic when I would sometimes arrive to shoot a wedding and I couldn’t tell who was the groom because he and all of the groomsmen were dressed the exact same?

 Say No To Last Minute Scrambling:

Shooting the engagement photos gives me an opportunity to see how I need to photograph the both of you on your wedding day as everyone is different & may have some quirks.  For example, I will find out if one or both of you blink a lot (which is more common than you think), or if you find it hard to smile naturally in front of the camera.  I prefer to know this ahead of time, so that I can let my second shooter know that we need to shoot a lot of candids in order to either capture photos without you blinking or to get those great candid moments of you with natural smiles.

gatineau-park-engagement-photos-ottawa-engagement-photographer3)  Announce it with a Smile:

Many couples include one of their engagement portraits in their wedding invitations or save-the-date cards.  My husband and I included two of our engagement photos in our two-sided wedding invitation (one side was in English, while the other was in French).

same-sex-winterengagement photos parliament hill ottawa engagement photographer1

4) Sentimental Value:

This is the perfect opportunity to have professional portraits taken of the two of you in which you can incorporate either special props or a location that is sentimental to you.  You may not have a chance to have your wedding photos taken at the special location due to time restraints.


5)  Vogue at your Reception:

Many couples also showcase their engagement photos at their wedding reception, either as framed prints or in a guest signing book.  They can also be incorporated into a slide show that is shown during the reception.  It gets the guests excited looking at such beautiful photos of the bride and groom.


I would love to hear your experience with having engagement photos taken and how you used them afterwards.  Feel free to write in the comments section in order to help others get inspired to have their own engagement photos taken.  Contact me today to book your engagement photo session.

Here’s some other articles you may be interested in reading:

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Gatineau Maternity Photographer

Gatineau Maternity Photographer

Little Lamb Photography

I just submitted my favourite maternity photo to Newborn  I’m crossing my fingers to win.  You can take a look at my actual maternity photo submission.

If you’re looking for a maternity photographer, I would love to hear from you.  Contact me today.  I photograph outdoor pregnancy photos in and around Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec.

Gatineau Maternity Photographer

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Outdoor Winter Maternity Photos Gatineau QC

Outdoor Winter Maternity Photos Gatineau QC

Gatineau Maternity Photographer

Since it’s still a winter wonderland outside, I wanted to share some outdoor winter maternity photos Gatineau QC that I shot last winter.

Don’t be afraid to have your outdoor winter maternity photos taken.   Also don’t worry about being too cold.  I prefer not to shoot in weather any colder than -10ºC.  So, no worries to reschedule your photo session if the weather isn’t cooperating.  I love shooting outdoor winter maternity photos in Gatineau and Ottawa.  A lot of couples don’t know what to wear for their maternity photo session.  If you need help, check out my post about what to wear for maternity photos.

Contact me today to schedule your outdoor maternity photo session.  I also shot their little guy’s newborn photos, which happens to still be one of my favourite newborn photos so far.

My Photography Style

No pregnant?  I also photograph wedding photography and baby, cake smash and family photography.


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Gatineau Newborn Photographer Little Lamb Photography

Gatineau Newborn Photographer

Little Lamb Photography

As a Gatineau newborn photographer I love photographing precious newborn babies.  Speaking of newborn photography, this little guy is almost one year old.  Thus, I wanted to again share one of his newborn photos.  This is still one of my favourite newborn photos that I’ve taken because it includes so many personal items from his parents’ home.  They used to live in Africa, so they brought home many beautiful pieces of African art.  You can check out his parents’ Gatineau outdoor winter maternity photos.  For any readers who aren’t pregnant or have a baby, I also shoot wedding photography and family photos in Ottawa and Gatineau.

Gatineau Newborn Photographer

If you’re pregnant or recently had your baby, please contact me to book your maternity photos or newborn photo session.  I also shoot outdoor maternity photos.  I photograph pregnancy photo sessions in and around Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec.

Please feel free to view more of my newborn photography on my social media:

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