Ottawa 2017 Kontinuum

Ottawa 2017 Kontinuum

Man, this year Ottawa has really stepped up its game for tourism.  They have really gone all out with putting on things for tourists and locals to do all year long.  And the cool thing is that a lot of these things are free to the public.  How cool is that?!?  Yes, I know that our hard earned tax dollars are at work here.  However, at least we get to use some of those tax dollars on ourselves, rather than lining the pockets of politicians and their friends.  We can take our families to these fun things without having to be out of pocket.  Kontinuum was one of these awesome things that’s a fun and free thing to do in Ottawa.


My daughter and I visited Kontinuum on Labour Day.  Folks, Kontinuum is only here until September 14th, so hurry up and book your free tickets.  Don’t wait until the last minute, because you may not be able to score a ticket.  That would be a real shame, because this is an AWESOME, and might I add fun thing to do in Ottawa.  And it’s free!  The only money I was out for the whole thing was the gas to get from my house to downtown and then the $3 street parking I paid.  That’s it.  If you live in the city, it’s even better.  You could take the bus or ride a bike over.  Anyway, no matter how you get there, just get there.  You won’t regret it.


Lyon Light Rail Transit

It’s just located at Place de Ville Theatre (300 Sparks Street).  I love how they’re using Ottawa’s future Lyon Light Rail Transit (LRT) station as the home for Kontinuum.

Man, the laser shows are spectacular.  And the pièce de resistance is seeing your own scanned image up on the screen.  When you first walk in, you stand and get scanned.  Then you save that scan onto a ticket that’s given to you.  At the end, you scan your ticket and your scanned image will appear on the screen for a few seconds.  That’s where these images of my daughter and I came from.  She and I LOVED the whole experience!


Book your tickets ASAP

Like I mentioned before, you actually have to book your tickets.  They’re still free, but by going the ticket route, this ensures that they don’t have too many people coming at once.  Click on the Kontinnum website link to order your tickets online.


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