Happy 1st Birthday Puppy Dog

Happy 1st Birthday Puppy Dog

Happy 1st Birthday Puppy Dog!  So, today marks the 1st birthday of our Boston Terrier.  For years my daughter has been asking to get a dog.  Although she has two older brothers (ages 24 and 20), she’s an only child of sorts.  Since they’re both so much older than her and the fact that they don’t live at home with us, she feels pretty lonely.  It’s compounded with the fact that we also live in the county, with only one neighbour, whose children are all grown.  Because of her loneliness and the fact that she adores dogs, she has been begging for a dog for years.  Finally almost a year ago, we decided that we would get a dog to help keep her company.

happy 1st birthday puppy dog

Truth be told that I”m not a dog lover at all.  I’m more of a cat person.  And even then, in my adult years I’ve never had any desire to own any pets.  However, my heart was hurting a little for my daughter because of her loneliness.  If we were going to get a dog, it had to be on the terms of my husband and myself.  Our must haves for our dog were that it had to be:

  • small
  • black fur (so as not to see fur all over our clothes)
  • short fur
  • doesn’t shed too much
  • kid friendly
  • not a yapper

After doing some research online about the most suitable dog for us, we decided on getting a Boston Terrier.  Then I started searching online to find a Boston Terrier puppy.  We found a family in Gatineau whose dog had just given birth to a boy and girl puppy.  I wanted to get the girl, but she was already taken, so we went to their house to check out the boy puppy.  He was so cute.  So tiny.  I said yes right away.  We placed a deposit and then waited until he was big and old enough to take home with us.

We didn’t really know what to call him.  I told my husband that we should call him Puppy because I will be calling him Puppy all the time.  (This is nothing new for me.  I call my child, Baby, my car, Car.  We used to have a homeless cat that we used to feed and I called him Kitty Kat.)  However, my husband disagreed and we finally decided on the name Tuxon.  (My husband says that’s what you call little boys in French, although he was unsure of how to spell it.)  What is ironic is that now all of us call him Puppy and he recognizes Puppy as his name.  Ha!  Ha!  I won out in the end.


Anyway, I wanted to wish a happy 1st birthday to Puppy Dog.  It’s been challenging to have a dog in our family and we’re all still learning.  However, it’s really nice to have him around.   I end up being the one who buys him doggie treats and toys.  It’s also me who lets him sit on my lap while I watch tv.  For someone who isn’t a dog lover, I do love this little guy.  🙂

He’s so cute with his googly eyes and his little piggy ways.  Man, he is a little pig!  I can’t wait to show the photos from his cake smash photo session!  I found a recipe online to make a healthy dog cake.  I’ll post those photos soon!

If you’re looking for a photographer, contact me to book your photo session.

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