Family Photography Masson-Angers Buckingham QC

Family Photography Masson-Angers Buckingham QC

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I want to share a family photo session that I shot a while ago.  This mamma is one of a few professional photographers who sometimes shoots weddings with me.  She’s a very talented photographer.  We did a family portrait swap, so I photographed her family photos and she photographed my family photos.  That way we both end up with beautiful family portraits.  These are some of the family portraits that I took of her and her family.

I would love to photograph your family photos in Gatineau, QC or Ottawa, ON.  Since I live in L’Ange-Gardien, I would be thrilled to shoot some family photography in my town as well as around where I live, like Masson-Angers or Buckingham, which are super close to me.  I’m also happy to shoot family photos in Ottawa, ON and Gatineau, QC.  Contact me today to book your family photo session.

Family Photography Masson-Angers Buckingham QCottawa-family-photographer-little-lamb-photography-rustic-portraitsfamily-photography-masson-angers-buckingham-qc-3

This girl is an awesome photographer. She sometimes 2nd shoots with me at weddings.


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