Documenting Memories Being Made

Documenting Memories Being Made

Ottawa Event Photographer

As a photographer, I’m here to help by documenting memories being made.  It could be memories from a wedding or party.  It could be memories with family or friends.  Whatever event you choose to have photos taken at, I will be there to document your event as it unfolds.

Documenting Memories Being Made

Perhaps your child is having a special birthday party.  Maybe it’s your baby’s first birthday.  Yay for first birthdays.  I would document the party as it unfolds, taking pictures of everyone having fun and laughing.  And don’t you worry about those details you painstakingly made sure happened.  I will happily take photos of the decorations, the food and most importantly everyone who attends.

frozen-theme-birthday-party-dessert-table-with-turquoise-balloonsI’ve written in my journal for 30+ years.  From time to time I reread things that I’ve written in the past.  It’s so wonderful to reread things that I said, did or thought.  Many times I actually realize that I’ve forgotten about something that happened.  It makes me grateful that I wrote about it and included photos to help me keep those memories alive.  Most people don’t write in a journal or diary.  If you don’t write in a diary, it will be photos that will help you to remember those wonderful events and to keep those memories alive.  I want to help you to keep those memories alive by documenting your event for you.  I love shooting weddings, but I will also shoot at other events, like a birthday party.


“All these fragments of memory…so we can retreat from the grand story and stumble accidentally upon a luxury, one of those underground pools where we can sit still.  Those moments, those few pages in a book we go back and forth over.”

(Michael Ondaatje, In the Skin of a Lion)

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