cuddle and kind ethically produced toys for children

cuddle and kind ethically produced toys for children

I recently came across a small business on Instagram that I was really impressed with.  It’s called cuddle + kind.  They’re a family run business which makes beautifully knit children’s toys.  But that’s not what’s special about them.  Cuddle and kind make ethically produced toys for children.  Their Instagram page states, “We’re a family of five on a mission to help feed children. For every ethically produced, hand-knit doll sold, we provide 10 meals to children in need.”  Isn’t that amazing?!?  I love that they give back to those in need.  So, when you purchase one of their beautiful toys, a part of the money goes toward feeding hungry children.

cuddle and kind ethically produced toys for children

While their pricing may be a bit high compared to stuffed toys you can buy at your local store, I think it’s quite reasonable.  Before you even think about comparing these beautiful toys to what you could buy in Walmart, remember that you can’t compare their prices to toys that you could buy from China.  This is a sustainable business that gives back–not a business that takes advantage of those less fortunate in order to make a buck.  Hello Hasbro and Mattel.

cuddle + kind heirloom toys 2

Giving Back

I checked out cuddle + kind’s website.  Not only are these knit toys beautiful, but they’re quality made.  First of all, they’re made with natural, high-quality cotton, unlike the cheap, synthetic material most manufactured toys are made from.  And what’s also awesome about this company is that they employ artisans in Peru to make the toys.  So, they’re creating jobs in Peru and feeding hungry children with part of the proceeds.  I love it.

cuddle + kind heirloom toys

Great Presents

Finally, these beautiful toys will make very nice birthday or Christmas presents for any child.  Christmas is just around the corner.  Perhaps you can do some online Christmas shopping from cuddle + kind‘s website.  (The beautiful photos in this post are directly from their website.)


Your children will not be disappointed.  My daughter is five years old.  Perhaps she may be getting a little too old for stuffed toys.  However, I do see cute mermaid dolls on their website.  So, she just may get one of those pretty little dolls as a present very soon.  🙂


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