Chris and Amanda’s Downtown Ottawa Wedding Photos

Chris and Amanda’s Downtown Ottawa Wedding Photos

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Almost a month ago, I shot Chris and Amanda’s downtown Ottawa wedding photos at the Museum of Nature as well as at their reception at the Ottawa Police Association Hall.  The weather was beautiful, warm and sunny and everything was on time.  I honestly can’t think of a wedding that I’ve been at that was on time the entire day.  Well, this one was on time for everything.  Kudos to you guys for keeping things on track.

Chris and Amanda looked fabulous.  It was really cute that the two of them were able to do a first look not once, but twice.  That’s because Amanda wore two different dresses in the space of about a half hour.  The first dress was worn for their traditional Chinese tea ceremony and then right afterwards she changed into her white wedding dress and Chris was able to see her for the first time again.  It was really cute.  Their ceremony was really nice and the food was great.  I got some laughs from some of the speeches that were made.  All in all it was a great day.

Origami Cranes

I have to mention their cool wedding decorations.  Amanda wanted to keep costs down and decided to make origami cranes for their wedding decorations.  When she told me about her plans, I told her that she had to make 1000 paper cranes in order to make their dreams come true as per Japanese tradition.  (I can get away with that request because Amanda and I have known each other for years.)

So, over several months, Amanda and Chris (and some helpers) spent many, many, many hours folding paper cranes in order to reach 1000 cranes.  I don’t doubt that they cursed having to fold so many paper cranes, but in the end it looked SO beautiful.  I was in awe when I walked into the room to see hundreds of them hanging on strings dangling from the ceiling.  There were also many that were hung on the walls, on the tables, by the doorways, up the stairs.  It was just so beautiful.

I worked in Japan for a year and after we would finish working, we would say to our coworkers and boss, “Otsukaresama desu,” which basically means, “Thanks for your hard work and effort.”  I cannot help but say to Amanda and Chris, “Otsukaresama desu!”  Your hard work and effort really paid off.  I hope that everyone enjoys the wedding day photos.  🙂



Thanks to my 2nd shooter, Michelle, for this shot of their photo booth.


You can check out Chris and Amanda’s spring engagement photos at the Ottawa Arboretum.  If you’re looking for an engagement or wedding photographer, I would love to hear from you.  Contact me today.

Chris and Amanda’s wedding day was made possible by some great wedding vendors in Ottawa.

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