Child Cake Smash Photo Session Gatineau Quebec Canada

Child Cake Smash Photo Session Gatineau Quebec Canada

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So, my daughter turned six in December.  A few weeks before her birthday, she said that she wanted to do a cake smash photo shoot.  As I mentioned, my daughter just turned six.  I normally just shoot baby cake smash photo sessions for babies who are turning one or two years old.  My daughter was turning six.  I had to let that sink in a little bit.  Honestly, I wasn’t really enthusiastic to do it, like I was when she turned one or two years old.  However, she asked me to do this shoot and I couldn’t say no.  Not only is she my sweet, sweet baby, but she rarely lets me take photos of her.  So, I had to do it–even when I was lacking the drive to set up this shoot.  I shot the photo shoot the same week as her birthday.

As I mentioned, I wasn’t as enthusiastic in planning this shoot as I was for her first or second cake smash photo shoot.  But I knew that I had to put some effort into it to make her happy and to get some decent shots.  She and I made the cake together.  (It’s nice to be able to bake with your child.)  We used a tried, tested and true banana muffin recipe.  She picked out the icing colour and helped me put those little candy balls on the cake.

Sequins to the Rescue

I then had to figure out what to do for the cake smash set decorations.  Normally, I use different coloured streamers.  However, with a dog in the house, it’s hard to set that all up.  It also takes me at least 30 minutes to set up the streamers just right.  So, I decided to use a sequined backdrop I have for photo booth shots.  It was simple enough to put up and the colouring went well with her black outfit (which happens to be her dance outfit from when she was in dance a couple of years ago.)

The cake smash shoot went well.  My daughter loved eating her cake and I got some nice shots of her doing it.  In the end, it was a win-win.

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Book a Cake Smash Photo Session

I love shooting cake smash photo sessions.  I shoot them in my home in L’Ange-Gardien, QC (20 minutes east of downtown Ottawa).  If your baby is turning one or two, I’d love to shoot their smash the cake photo session.  Heck, if you’re hitting a milestone age (30, 40) I would also love to shoot your cake smash photo session.  Contact me today to book a portrait session.  You can view my daughter’s cake smash sessions when she turned:

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