Cake Smash Photography session Gatineau QC

Gatineau Cake Smash Photographer | Little Lamb Photography

Last week I shot a cake smash photography session of this fashionable little princess.   This little cutie liked the tasty cake with buttercream frosting (Trust me, I tried it afterwards and it was A. MA. ZING!)  I gotta say, though, that she loved eating the sugar flower the best.   She kept on wanting to share some of the sugar petals with her mommy, papa and I during the shoot.  How cute is that?

I always tell parents that all babies react differently during a cake smash.  Usually, this is the first time that the child has has something so sweet, so they tend to take their time trying it out in taste and touch.  This little one was pretty reserved during her photo shoot.  I didn’t get any big smiles from her, which is fine.  At least she didn’t cry, like some babies do when touching their smash cake.

She kept wanting to run around, so we actually stuffed little plastic toys in the back of the cake to keep her  interest.  This is why you see her reaching for the back of the cake a lot.  (I’m telling you, photographers have a lot of little tricks they need to do when photographing little ones.)  All in all, it was a successful cake smash.  She ate the cake and didn’t cry.  (That means high fives all around folks.)

If you’re thinking to have a cake smash session for your baby, drop me a line.  I would *LOVE* to photograph your baby’s one year or two year cake smash photo session.  Contact me today to book your baby’s photo session.

Before I end, I must mention the following Ottawa vendors that contributed to make this such a pretty cake smash session:

UPDATE:  This cake smash session was featured on Toddler Friends blog.  🙂

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