Book Your Fall Family Photo Session

Book Your Fall Family Photo Session

Ottawa Family Photographer

Fall is just around the corner.  It’s such a pretty time of year.  And since it’s such a pretty time of year, it’s also a great time to update your family photos.  Just imagine your family against a vivid backdrop of orange, yellow and red leaves.  It’s only about two weeks when the fall leaves are in all of their bright and colourful glory.  That’s a pretty short time.  And it goes by quickly, trust me.  Sometimes I get people contacting me a couple of days before fall is finished asking to schedule a photo shoot asap.  And most of the time, my schedule is already full and I can’t accommodate. So, book your fall family photo session before all of the slots are booked up.

As a natural light photographer, I rely on daylight while shooting portraits.  Natural light can be so beautiful.  That’s why I love to use it.  However, as the days grow shorter, the light fades much earlier in autumn.  So, we’d need to start shooting around 3:30 pm in order to have enough daylight for the photo session.  And since a lot of people can’t get off work early or get their kids out of school early, that leaves the weekend.  As I mentioned earlier, fall just lasts about two weeks once the leaves are all turned and when they fall off.  That leaves just two weekends to shoot fall portraits.  I don’t want anyone to be disappointed that they can’t book a fall session.  So, seize the day and contact me today.autumn

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When was the last time you took family photos?  Yeah.  I thought so.  How about we make some up-to-date ones?  Contact me to book your family portrait session.  Do it now, before the leaves change.  Fall doesn’t last that long and it books up pretty quickly.  So, book before it’s too late.

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