After Wedding Day Shoot with Vintage Fire Fighter Truck

After Wedding Day Shoot with Vintage Fire Fighter Truck

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A few weeks ago I shot my first after wedding day shoot with a vintage fire fighter truck.  For those who don’t know what an after wedding day shoot is, it’s a bridal portrait session that is shot after your actual wedding day.  Some people get married abroad, elope or didn’t have a professional photographer shoot their wedding, so they choose to get dressed up again and have some wedding portraits taken.  This awesome couple got married in Jamaica in February and had a Jamaican wedding photographer shoot their wedding.  However, Peter is a fire fighter in Richmond and he really wanted to have some wedding photos taken of him dressed up in his fire uniform as well as fire gear and also to have some photos taken at his fire station with the fire truck.

When Nancy first contacted me and told me about their plans to have their photos taken with a couple of fire trucks (one of them being a vintage fire truck) I was excited to do this sort of shoot.  And then on the day of the shoot when I saw the vintage fire truck, I was a little giddy to start shooting.  But the best part was that I got to ride in it when we drove from the fire hall to the farm where we did part of the photo shoot.  It was so awesome to sit in the old truck, with the wind blowing and people watching as we drove by.  I mean, not everyone in this day and age can say that they rode in a 1948 vintage fire truck.  It was SO awesome!

I must thank Keith and Betty for being so kind to let us use their beautiful farm and to bring the old fire truck over for the photo shoot.  They were so nice and friendly.  I wish that I could have talked more with them, but I was busy shooting the portraits.  Their farm was a perfect setting for the photo session.  Oh my, those gorgeous barns were so beautiful!  I’m a fan of anything rustic, so if you include an old barn and fences made of old barn wood, I’m all over that like a bee on honey.  The vintage truck was just the cherry on top.  I also want to thank Dennis, who drove the vintage truck around for us.

Lastly, I would like to thank Nancy and Peter for being such outstanding clients.  They were friendly, nice and so easy to work with.  It was a pleasure to be their photographer for this photo session.  It’s so nice to have easy to work with people as clients.  Ok, enough writing.  Please view the photos.  I hope you enjoy these after wedding day photos.  🙂

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Do you like these photos?  Do you see yourself having your own after wedding day photo shoot?  Perhaps you eloped, got married abroad or didn’t have the budget to hire a professional photographer to shoot your wedding.  Maybe the weather was terrible on your wedding day.  So, you weren’t able to shoot at the locations that you really wanted to due to time constraints.  If so, and you’d like to do an after day wedding shoot, I would love to hear from you and hear all about what you’re looking for.  Contact me today to book your after wedding day photo shoot.

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