8 Maternity Photography Session FAQS

8 Maternity Photography Session FAQS

Ottawa and Gatineau Maternity Photographer | Little Lamb Photography

I absolutely LOVE shooting maternity photo sessions. If I could, I would probably just shoot maternity and engagement photography because I love shooting couples portraits so much. In order to help you get the best out of your maternity photo session, I’ve written about 8 maternity photography session FAQS. These five tips will help you to help your photographer create the most beautiful portraits for your maternity photo session.


1)  When should I have my maternity photos taken?

I highly recommend for women to schedule their maternity photo session when they will be between 28-32 weeks. The reason why I prefer to shoot during that time of your pregnancy are for a number of reasons. First, your belly is big enough so that your baby bump is showing, but it’s not fully grown so much to make you feel like you don’t want to move around much or even do much for that matter.

Secondly, a lot of women end up having their babies early, so to ensure you the opportunity to have maternity photos taken before your baby arrives, the chances are a lot more likely that you’ll actually have your session done before your baby arrives. Believe it or not, I’ve had women give birth within hours of having their maternity photo session (her baby came 4 weeks early), while another women had her baby the same week of her maternity session (her baby came two months before the due date).


Don’t worry if you’re at week 34 and you’re now just deciding to have maternity photos taken. I will still be able to shoot your maternity session. I just suggest that we shoot it asap. The photo below was taken when she was 40 weeks pregnant. She had the baby two days later. (I don’t recommend to wait until you’re that far along to have your maternity session as you may not get the chance to actually have your session as the baby may arrive.)


2)  What should I wear for my maternity photo session?

I’ve actually written a blog post about what to wear for your maternity photo session. Check it out.


3)  What should I do with my hair and makeup?

Your maternity photo session is a professional portrait session and should be treated as such. I highly recommend that you have your hair and makeup done so that you look and feel your absolute best. If that’s not possible, please make sure that your hair is styled well and that you’re wearing makeup.


4)  Where should I have my maternity photo session?

I will work with my clients to use a suitable location for your maternity photo session. However, let it be known that I am NOT a studio photographer. I have no interest in shooting an indoor portrait session (except for newborn and cake smash photography). All maternity photo sessions are shot outdoors, all year round. If you’re pregnant during the winter, I have no problems doing an outdoor winter maternity photo session. I actually like shooting outdoor portraits in the winter.

In Ottawa, I shoot a lot at the Arboretum and the Experimental Farm. However, I prefer to shoot rustic style maternity photos, so I use open fields in and around Gatineau and Masson-Angers, QC.


5)  What time of day is best for my maternity photo shoot?

I’m a natural light photographer and I love, love, love shooting during golden hour. Golden hour is the last few hours before the sun sets. It’s that beautiful low light that gives the beautiful golden hues. I will always try to shoot during this time if possible–especially during the summer and fall. Winter is a little tricky for golden hour. During winter I will shoot either in the morning or the late afternoon as the light is usually diffused.


6)  What props should I bring to my maternity photo shoot?

If you have an ultrasound photo, bring that (preferably in a small frame). I also tell my clients to bring small booties or shoes as well as a small toy that will be for the baby.  If you know the sex of the baby, you could bring some helium balloons that are colour coded (pink or blue). Or if you have something that will be included in the baby’s nursery, like some children’s story books, bunting or baby blocks spelling their name, those would also be cute for photos.


7)  Is my partner allowed to be in the maternity photos?

Not only is your partner allowed to be in the maternity photo session with you, but I highly encourage them to be in the session. I mean, your partner played a huge role in the creation of your baby, but they will also play an important role in the care and nurturing of your little one when he/she/they finally arrive. I want to celebrate that and I want to help you create beautiful memories about this wonderful time in your lives. Your child/children will cherish these photos when they are older and so will you.  🙂


8)  Will you remove stretch marks?

Not all women get stretch marks on their belly when they’re pregnant. However, some women will end up getting stretch marks and many feel very self conscious about them. I love to take belly shots, including bare belly shots. As a courtesy, I will remove stretch marks from your belly if you don’t want them to show in your photos. No worries.

As I mentioned earlier, I absolutely love to photograph maternity portraits. If you love what you see I would love to hear from you. Contact me today to book your maternity photo shoot.

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