5 Things To Do While Pregnant

5 Things To Do While Pregnant

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My daughter is almost six years old.  However, I still remember quite vividly what it feels like to be pregnant–especially how it feels in the last trimester.  I know how tough it can be because you feel so uncomfortable.  So, I decided to let you know about 5 Things To Do While Pregnant.


In no particular order, these are:

Wear Compression Socks

I remember being quite swollen in my feet and legs.  Granted, I do have problems with my feet swelling, even when I’m not pregnant.  With that said, I know how commonplace it is for women’s feet to swell up when pregnant.  My feet ended up hurting from being swollen.  It was also quite hard to get my swollen feet into my shoes.   A friend had suggested that I try using compression socks to help with the swelling.  It really helped my feet wearing them.

Don’t ask me how it helps.  However, a quick google search says, “Compression stockings are made to help control swelling in the feet, ankles and lower legs. Benefits of compression stockings include helping to squeeze these areas to prevent the buildup of fluid in the tissue. This buildup of fluid can be very painful.”

Stay Comfortable

Use as many pillows as you need to help give support to an expanding belly.  I slept with a body pillow to support my hips and stomach while sleeping on my side (which is the best position to sleep when you’re in the last trimester.)

With that said, it will become increasingly difficult to get a good night’s rest in your last trimester.  If you’re able to, try to nap from time to time in order to catch up on your sleep.  It’s already a well known fact that most people don’t sleep that much in the first few weeks or months after the baby is born.  So try to sneak in as many naps as you can before baby comes.

Get a massage

In the last few months of my pregnancy I felt quite large.  It was hard to sleep because I was so uncomfortable.  During my last trimester I went for a massage once.  In hindsight, I should have done it more often because it really helped me to feel better.  I got a deep tissue massage.  The massage therapist worked on my feet and legs to help my circulation.  She also worked on my back and shoulders.  It was awesome.  I love deep tissue massages when I’m not pregnant, but getting one when you’re pregnant is all-the-more helpful to your body.

Have Regular Chiropractic Adjustments

I’ve been an advocate for chiropractic since I first started going to a chiropractor while in university.  I’m not going to go into why I started chiropractic care, but I will say that I’ve seen my health improve exponentially since going regularly.  Think of it as like going to the dentist.  You don’t just go once and then your teeth are set for life.  We also know that teeth can decay when not taken care of properly.  The same thing can happen with the spine.

While pregnant, your body goes through so many changes.  Especially in the last trimester, you can get a lot of discomfort and pain.  I found that visiting the chiropractor while pregnant helped me tremendously.  Not to mention that if your baby is breech a few weeks leading up to the birth, you can get a chiropractor to perform the Webster technique, which helps the baby to turn around to the proper birthing position.

Get Pregnancy Photos Taken

Even though I’m a photographer, I wasn’t actually sure if I would get any formal maternity portraits taken.  I didn’t feel my best and, frankly, I couldn’t be bothered posing for photos.  However, a few weeks before I gave birth, I decided to have some pregnancy photos taken.  Since I’m an actual photographer, I just set up the shot on my tripod, using a self timer.  My husband was in all of the outdoor shots with me, so I just focused on him and then set the timer.

Also, I took some self portraits indoors.  I set up my strobe as well as my camera on a tripod.  The photos turned out quite nicely, if I do say so myself.  In the end, I was actually quite happy that I had gotten some formal portraits taken of me while pregnant.  Now, some of those photos are hanging on the wall of our home as well as in photo albums.  My daughter likes to look at the photos of mommy with her in mommy’s belly.  I like to look at them too, because they’re happy memories.  I was so looking forward to meeting my baby girl soon.


If you’re pregnant, contact me to book your pregnancy photo shoot.  Maternity portraits are one of my favourite things to photograph.  It’s recommend that your partner be included in the maternity shoot.  I also shoot lifestyle newborn photo sessions in the comfort of your own home.  Contact me to book your maternity photo session and/or your newborn baby photo shoot.

You can check out my maternity portrait work.

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