5 Things to ask a wedding photographer before booking

5 Things to ask a wedding photographer before booking

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Asking questions is never a stupid thing.  It’s a great way to be as informed as possible in making important decisions.  Wedding photography is a pricey investment  for most people.  So, before you commit to a big chunk of change, ask questions.  I’ve written about 5 things to ask a wedding photographer before booking:

5 Things to ask a wedding photographer before booking


1. Equipment:

Do they actually use a professional grade digital SLR?  Or, do they use an amateur camera with lens kit?  You don’t need to know the model of each camera body or lens they have, but just make sure that it’s good quality equipment.  They should also know how to use their equipment properly.  No point and shoot cameras and no using auto settings.  And definitely they shouldn’t be using that dinky pop up flash on their camera!

2. Computer Software:

Does the wedding photographer use professional computer software such as Photoshop, Lightroom or Portrait Professional?  Even if they have the software, does their portfolio show that they actually know how to use it?  Will they take the time to do proper post production on your cherished wedding photos?  Or, are they *shoot and burn photographers? (*they shoot photos, download them onto their computer and then burn onto a DVD/USB.  The photos will either not be colour corrected, no photoshop work as been done or neither thing has been done.  Imagine if you broke out with a huge pimple and it was in every single shot because your shoot and burn photographer didn’t take the time to remove it).

3. Photography Contract:

Does the wedding photographer have a contract?  If they don’t have a contract, head for the hills!  You should sign an agreement stating what you will pay and what you will be getting (including number of photography hours, what other products you will receive, etc.).  Before signing the contract, go over it in full.  Once the contract is signed and the retainer is paid, whatever is on the signed contract is the full agreement between you and your photographer.

4. Will the photographer you  are interviewing be the actual photographer at your wedding? 

Sometimes photography studios will book more than one wedding on the same day.  So, they end up hiring other photographers to shoot those weddings.  If the photographer you are interviewing will not be your photographer for your actual wedding, ask to interview the photographer who will be shooting your wedding.  You want to get a feel to see if you will connect with that person.  Why?  Because there could be a personality clash or their vision isn’t what you had envisioned.  You also want to see the actual portfolio of the associate photographer to see if their style matches what you want.  Years ago my cousin hired a wedding studio based on their portfolio.  However, it was the portfolio of the owner, but he didn’t shoot the wedding.  He hired another photographer to shoot the wedding, but the other photographer didn’t have the same style as the studio owner.  So, my cousin and his wife hated their wedding photos.

5. References: 

If you are still not 100% about a photographer, you can ask to communicate with several of their past wedding clients so that you can ask them about their own experience with the photographer.  If they are unwilling to give you references to check, ask yourself why they don’t want to offer that important insight.  You might want to reconsider if that is the case.

Are you newly engaged?  Perhaps you’re looking for a wedding photographer.  Contact me for a wedding photography consultation.  Or contact me to book an engagement photo session.

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