5 Reasons You should have Engagement Photos

5 Reasons You should have Engagement Photos


I have 5 reasons you should have engagement photos taken. Let me explain. For the past couple of years, I’ve included a complimentary engagement photo session in all of my wedding photography packages. What does this mean? It’s complimentary, as in free, which means that I haven’t charged you any extra money to do this shoot. Why do I offer this free photo session? I have a great reason: it’s because it benefits both you and I in order for us to achieve great wedding photos on your wedding day. How is this done? Let me give you the five reasons that I’ve come up with to convince you to do an engagement photo shoot:

1 ) No Stranger Danger:

I use the engagement photo session as an opportunity of getting to know you, the couple, better before the big day. By getting to know you better, it will be less awkward for the both of you to smile for me on your wedding day.  It’s also an opportunity for you to get to know me better too. I’m sure you find it much easier to be yourself with people you know, rather than total strangers. This makes things less awkward, don’t you think?


I work with a second photographer on the wedding day. Since my second shooter has never met the couple before the day of the wedding, I always send her a link to each couple’s engagement photo session so she’ll be able to recognize them when she arrives to shoot their wedding with me. It also helps me to remember what you look like.

No joke

Before I started offering these complimentary engagement photo sessions, a lot of my wedding couples chose not to do an engagement photo session because they were trying to save money. This meant that we’d go months without seeing each other. It was easy enough to know who the bride was, since she was wearing her wedding dress, but can you imagine my panic when I would sometimes arrive to shoot a wedding and I couldn’t tell who was the groom because he and all of the groomsmen were dressed the exact same? By including an engagement session in my wedding photography packages, it solved this problem.

2 ) Say No To Last Minute Scrambling:

Shooting the engagement photos gives me an opportunity to see how I need to photograph the both of you on your wedding day as everyone is different & may have some quirks. For example, I’ll find out if one or both of you blink a lot (which is more common than you think), or if you find it hard to smile naturally in front of the camera. I prefer to know this ahead of time, so that I can let my second shooter know that we need to shoot a lot of candids in order to either capture photos without you blinking or to get those great candid moments of you with natural smiles.


3 )  Announce it with a Smile:

Many couples choose to include one of their engagement portraits in their wedding invitations or save-the-date cards. My husband and I included two of our engagement photos on our double-sided wedding invitation (one side was in English, while the other was in French).


4 ) Sentimental Value:

This is the perfect opportunity to have professional portraits taken of the two of you in which you can incorporate either special props or a location that is sentimental to you. You may not have a chance to have your wedding photos taken at the special location due to time restraints.


5 )  Vogue at your Reception:

Many couples also showcase their engagement photos at their wedding reception, either as framed prints or in a guest signing book. They can also be incorporated into a slide show that is shown during the reception. It gets the guests excited looking at such beautiful photos of the bride and groom.

This couple used some of their engagement photos as decor at their reception.

I’d love to hear your experience with having engagement photos taken and how you used them afterwards. Feel free to write in the comments section in order to help others get inspired to have their own engagement photos taken. If you’re newly engaged and are looking for a wedding photographer, contact me today to book your engagement photo session.


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