5 Ideas of How to use your Engagement Digital Files

5 Ideas of How to use your Engagement Digital Files

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As a photographer, I love having taking photos and having my photos taken.  I also have quite a few (ok, a lot) of photo albums.  And, of course, I love to display said photos around my home.  As much as I love viewing digital image online, I prefer tangible images that I can actually hold in my hand.  It’s the same with books for me.  I’m not a kindle kinda gal.  I love to hold a book and smell it’s pages.  I don’t want to have to stop reading a book I love because the battery on my kindle is about to die.  With that said, having prints on display around your home aren’t the only way you can use your engagement photos.  So, I’ve written about 5 ideas of how to use your engagement digital files.

5 Ideas of How to use your Engagement Digital Files

1. Save the Date or Wedding Invitations

You can choose one or a couple of photos from your engagement session and use them in your save the date or wedding invitations.  When my husband and I got married, we used two photos from our engagement session on our wedding invitations.  In my church, that has been kinda of a thing for the past 20 years.  I liked the tradition because you can keep the wedding invitation as a momento of loved ones who invited you to their wedding.  The wedding invitations of my close friends are stored in my journals and some are in a scrapbook.  I love looking at them every so often because it brings back memories of that moment in time and makes me happy.  So, I decided to also do that for our own wedding invitations.  Some of my family members still have our wedding invitation on display in their homes.

2. Create a Guest Signing Book

You know how most couples display a book with lined pages for their guests to sign?  You can choose the road most travelled, or you can take the more colourful and exciting route.  Create a guest signing book, which will display your engagement photos on the pages that your guests will sign.  How cool is that?  There’s lot of online companies that can print a coffee table style book for you.  They also have the online software that you can use to create your pages.

3. Hang Prints in Your Home

As I mentioned before, I’m a lover of tangible prints.  You’ve had professional portraits taken of the two of you, so put them on display!  It will be so nice for you to see the prints in your home, whether you’ve got a large printed canvas hanging on your wall or a framed 8×10 print on your coffee table.  I just had our most recent family portrait printed on a 24×36 canvas and it’s hanging in our living room.  I see it whenever I’m sitting in the living room watching tv or when I just walk into the living room.  It makes me happy to see it because it’s of the people I love the most in this world.

4. Use your engagement portraits on your holiday cards

There are still many people who don’t live together until they’re married.  There’s others who live together before marriage, but then move into a larger home after marriage.  Either way, moving takes up a lot of spare time outside of work.  If you’re free time is being sucked up packing and unpacking an entire household, chances are you don’t have time to get another portrait taken for your holiday cards.  No worries.  Just use one or two of your engagement photos on your holiday card.  Easy peasy.

5. Create a beautifully printed album

Get an album printed with your engagement photos.  They could also be included in your printed wedding album.  No matter what sort of album you choose, it will be an family heirloom.  Not only will the two of you cherish the printed album, but your children will cherish it as well.

Are you newly engaged and needling some engagement portraits taken?  I’d love to hear from you!  Send me a quick e-mail and we can arrange a day that I can photograph your engagement photos.

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