4 Tips for Quick Family Portraits at Your Wedding

4 Tips for Quick Family Portraits at Your Wedding

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No matter if you like them or not, you’re going to need to have family portraits taken at your wedding.  Your parents, grand parents and other family members will want to have portraits taken with you and your new spouse.  Remember, those photos will become family heirlooms.  The only way you’ll get away without having any family photos taken is if you decide to elope.  I know how taking a bunch of family photos at a wedding can feel like that noise that nails on a chalkboard make.  So, to help out couples who are getting married, I’ve written a post with 4 tips for quick family portraits at your wedding.  It’s mainly to help you get through the family portraits as quickly as possible.


1. Make a List

First of all, I tell all of my couples to make a list of ALL family shots.  I also tell them to be very specific with not only each shot they need, but also to include the names of each person in each shot.  Don’t just write, bride, groom, aunts and cousins.  You need to assign someone to read the actual names off the list.  If they read aunts and cousins, it may not cue in to the people that it’s their turn to be in the shot.  But, if they hear, Aunt Sally or Uncle Paul, their ears will most likely prick up as their name will catch their attention.

4 Tips for Quick Family Portraits at Your Wedding

2. Don’t Hold the Guests Hostage

This brings me to my next tip.  Secondly, don’t hold your guests hostage.  Your little old grandmother doesn’t want to wait around for a half hour waiting for her turn to have her portraits taken with the newly married couple.  When you create your family group shot list, you make sure to put all elderly people (or anyone with health problems) at the beginning of the list.  We bang those shots off first.  Then they can get on with either having a seat in the shade or go inside where there’s air conditioning.  We don’t want them to suffer unnecessarily.


3.  Do the Group Shot First

Thirdly, do you want a group shot of everyone at the wedding?  If so, get your officiant to announce during the ceremony that everyone will need to either stay put or go to X spot for a group shot.  If you don’t do that, you’ll have much better luck herding cats than a large group of people.


4. The Portraits Need to Be Taken Before the Booze Flows

Finally, you want to make sure that you get all of those family group shots taken before people start drinking.  Frankly, some guests get liquored up at wedding receptions and then act like idiots.  Before they get to that stage, snag them for a quick portrait with you and then they can be on their way to tipsy land.


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