4 Things to do if it’s raining on your wedding day

4 Things to do if it’s raining on your wedding day

It’s raining!  What to expect if rain ruins your wedding day photography plans.  As a photographer, I always hope for the best weather conditions (ie. no rain) for wedding photos, since you cannot reschedule a wedding.  However, the show must go on no matter what the weather is like, so you will still be posing for wedding photos in the sunshine or rain.  I know that most couples hope and pray that it won’t rain on their wedding day and it may be disappointing if it does actually rain on your wedding day.  However, here are 4 things you can do to make lemonade out of your rainy wedding day:

1)  Plan B:

I tell my couples when planning for their wedding photos to ALWAYS have a plan B.  This especially goes for couples who plan on getting married outside.  If you decide that you want to involve nature in your ceremony plans, you should have a tent set up just in case it starts pouring cats and dogs.  Or, you could have a canopy set up in which the bride and groom and officiant will be standing under in case it’s raining lightly.  Just be sure to tell your guests to bring umbrellas if you don’t end up having a tent set up.

You can also book a local museum for your backup plan in case you need to take your formal photos indoors.  Depending on the setup, you can use your ceremony or reception venue as the backdrop of your family and wedding party portraits.

2)  Prepare Your Guests:

This brings me to my next tip.  Send ‘rain cards’ with your wedding invitations to let guests know what your rain plans are.  Perhaps the ceremony location will be different.  Ask them to give you their cell phone numbers so that you can do a mass text message to all of your guests to let them know if you’re moving to plan B on the wedding day.  Or you could text them to bring their own umbrella if you decide to still have an outdoor wedding.

3)  Embrace the rain:

Unless it’s raining cats and dogs, I highly suggest for couples to embrace the rain–especially if it’s just light rain.  Just be sure to have umbrellas and the bride should have rubber boots to wear under her dress so as not to ruin her wedding shoes.  The bridesmaids can also have rubber boots to wear and then change into their shoes at the reception.

I do bring clean umbrellas with me, just in case it rains so that the bride and groom as well as the wedding party will be able to stay dry during their outdoor photo shoot.

4 Things to do if it's raining on your wedding day

4)  Don’t Stress:

So what if it rains on your wedding day.  Rain is considered good luck.  Plus, grass and foliage look more vibrant in colour when they’re wet.  Don’t sweat it and just enjoy your day and focus on the real reason why you’re getting married.  🙂


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