How to Prepare for your Lifestyle Newborn Photo Shoot

How to Prepare for your Lifestyle Newborn Photo Shoot

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Hi there.  Whenever I book a newborn session, I send a fairly long e-mail explaining how my clients should prepare for their newborn photo session.  Instead of having to write the same e-mail over and over, I’ve decided to write a blog post in which I can refer my clients to read.  Thus, I decided to write about how to prepare for your lifestyle newborn photo shoot.

Babies are usually better in the morning.  And the light is usually brighter too.  And, since I shoot while my daughter is in school or daycare, shooting in the morning gives me enough time to get back home in time for when she comes home.

Natural Light

I’ll need a room with lots of natural light as I’ll be shooting using available light.  I prefer to shoot in the master bedroom, if possible.  No worries if either your master bedroom doesn’t have enough available light, or if you prefer to shoot in the living room.

I also like to shoot some of the photos in the nursery, if it’s set up.  That way you’ll have some mementos of your baby in their room.  If the nursery is set up, I will also take detail shots of the nursery.  I want you to be able to remember all of those cute little details you thought about when decorating the baby’s bedroom.

This is a lifestyle portrait session, so the posing will be very casual.  However, I will shoot some portraits of the baby by themselves.  For the photos of the baby by themselves, I need a bed to shoot on.  It can either be your bed or a guest bed.  No worries if you haven’t had a chance to tidy up.  I totally understand what it’s like to just have a baby.  I just need a large, flat surface to shoot the baby’s portraits.


Photography Props

If you have a couple of small items or blankets you want the baby to be photographed with, please make sure to have them ready on the morning of the shoot.  That way you don’t have to go searching for them.  Some of the items could be a small handmade blanket or hat.  Or maybe a little toy that has sentimental value.

What to Wear

For both parents, more neutral tones look better with baby.  Avoid clothing with logos or writing as it’s too distracting.  Dressy casual looks good for home portraits.
If you’re pregnant or just had a baby, contact me to book a lifestyle newborn session.  I shoot newborn photos in the comfort of your own home.  I understand how difficult it can be to leave the house once you’ve had a baby.  This take the difficulty out of getting newborn photos taken with your new arrival.  And since it’s a lifestyle session, I will showcase your unique family, your home and your baby’s nursery.

The Nursery

If you have already set up the nursery, I will want to shoot some of the photos in there.  Not only will I shoot photos of baby in the nursery, but I’ll capture the details you’ve taken thought to add as decorations, like pictures or wall art.  I’ll even take photos of that cute little mobile or homemade blanket a family member or friend gave as a present.  I want to documents these little things to help you and your child remember what everything looked like when your little one arrived.  🙂

Contact me to book either your maternity photo shoot and/or your baby’s newborn photo shoot.  I include baby, the new parents as well as any siblings.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Check out a few of my lifestyle newborn photo sessions to get a feel how your own baby’s newborn session will look:

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