5 Great Wedding Ideas Ottawa Wedding Photographer Copy

5 Great Wedding Ideas

Ottawa wedding photographer

I wanted to share 5 great wedding ideas for all wedding couples.  I’m an Ottawa wedding photographer.  I’ve been a wedding photographer for 10+ years and I’ve seen my fair share of weddings and all of their various details.  By no means am I a wedding planner, but I am a photographer who has an eye for detail, so I hope that my ideas can help future brides and grooms make the best decisions to have a wonderful wedding day with fantastic details.    Over the years I’ve seen things that really worked well and other ideas that were total flops.  I’ve also seen ideas that are kind of in between good and bad, which doesn’t make them great.  As a wedding photographer, I really want to give my clients beautiful wedding photos.  My second shooter and I really put 110% effort into getting those great shots so that my clients will have really nice photos to look back on over the years to help them reminisce of one of the happiest days of their lives.

After seeing so many weddings, I’ve made my own mental notes on what I liked best at weddings as well as what didn’t work.  I truly want brides and grooms to not only have a fantastic wedding day, but to also be able to be happy when they see how their wedding day unfolds in the photos afterwards.

1)  Add a POP of colour

Really think hard about what your wedding colour scheme is going to be.  Obviously this is going to vary greatly between all couples.  However, I would suggest that you have several different colours, including at least one bright hue.  If you shy away from bright shades and want more pastels, at least make the one bright shade an accent colour just to give your wedding photos the pop they need and deserve.  The accent colour could simply be in the wedding cake, flowers, the men’s ties, socks or handkerchiefs or the bride’s shoes.

wedding-photographers-in-ottawa-ontario-canada-and-gatineau-qc-black-lamb-photography-two-photographers sweet-song-cake-ottawa-wedding-cakes-black-lamb-photography

2)  Include your own personality

As wonderful as Pinterest really is to give amazing ideas, many couples are falling into the trap of having a wedding with every little detail being a Pinterest detail.  What I mean is that on all of the popular wedding blogs I am seeing are showing far too many mason jars, those “Please pick a seat not a side.” signs.  You don’t want your entire wedding to be a complete Pinterest cookie cutter theme.  While it’s fine to choose some cute ideas from Pinterest, please also be sure to infuse your own personalities into the biggest party that you’ll ever host.

For example, ever since I was a child I have always wanted to visit Asia and I LOVE the Asian culture.  I taught ESL in South Korea for 6 months as well as in Japan for one year.  Between these two jobs I traveled around east Asia and Southeast Asia.  For my own wedding, I had a Chinese theme with all of my bridesmaids wearing black cheongsam dresses as well as my own going away outfit was a traditional red cheongsam tailor made while I was in Beijing.  My cousin was in charge of decorations and she decorated the reception with red and white paper lanterns from Chinatown in Toronto.  I loved it.  A lot of my friends and family felt that those details really showed me and what I like.  This is the kind of reaction you want from your guests.


3)  Schedule plenty of time for photography

You can’t imagine how many weddings I have shot when I am only given 45 minutes to one hour to do all of the extended and close family photos, wedding party photos and photos of the bride and groom.  Most brides and grooms don’t realize how much time is really needed to get all of those photos taken.  They also don’t think about travel time taking away from the photography time.

Your best bet to allow for enough time for your formal photography is to schedule 2-3 hours, which should not include travel time.  This includes from when the photographer starts shooting the formal photos to when everyone packs up and the formal photos are done.    The more time you allot for your formal photos, the happier you will be because you will end up with more photos to choose from as well as not be stressed trying to get the photos taken before you have to rush off to the reception.

rustic-wedding-photos-pakenham-ontario-black-lamb-photography wedding-photos-in-the-woods-black-lamb-photography-gatineau-qc

4)  Personalize your mailed wedding invitations

A fantastic way to really personalize your mailed wedding invitations is to have stamps made with your photo on them.  That’s right folks; you heard me right.  For couples in Canada who want to do this, Canada post actually offers this service right off their website.  You can upload a photo of the two of you (I highly suggest using a nice engagement photo) onto their website, pay for it and they will ship the stamps to you.  You can also do it for your thank you cards.  For those who live in other countries, contact your country’s post office website to see if they offer the same service.

canada post wedding stamp-sample


5)  Have a photo of the bride & groom holding a “Thank you” Sign

You can use this photo to put in your thank you cards OR you can get personalized thank you cards made and add this photo in it and leave some blank space to write a heartfelt thank you note.  My husband and I did this when we got married.  I think it really adds a personal touch AND people will be less inclined to throw it away.   We got married over four years ago and I still have family members who either have this thank you card photo on their fridge or somewhere where they can still view it every day.

If you’re getting married in Ottawa or Gatineau, e-mail me today to book your free wedding photography consultation. I would  love to hear all about your wedding plans.


My wedding photography has been featured on: Brown Sparrow, SnapKnot, Champagne Sweets, Ottawa Wedding Magazine, The Westchester Wedding Planner,  Melissa Hearts Weddings, RSVP Events, Plans and Presents, Equal & Forever, Daydreaming Bride, Bridebox, Hchzeitsportal24 and Weddabroad.

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How Far I’ve Come | The Snap Society

How Far I’ve Come | The Snap Society

I really put myself out there on the ‘How Far I’ve Come’ feature on The Snap Society.  Take a look at the feature to see how far I’ve come since opening up shop when I moved to Ottawa in 2008. Although myself and my clients were happy with my portrait work back in 2008, thankfully, my craft has improved dramatically since then. You can click on The Snap Society‘s link to check out my work then and now.

If you’re looking for an engagement photographer, I would love to hear from you.  Engagement photography is one of my favourite portrait sessions to shoot.  I love photographing couples in love.  Contact me today to book your engagement photo session.  🙂



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Maternity Photo Session Outfit Advice

Maternity Photo Session Outfit Advice

Ottawa & Gatineau Maternity Photographer

I love shooting maternity photos and I want your photos to turn out beautifully.  This is why I’m going to help you with some maternity photo session outfit advice.  Most people don’t know what to wear for a photos shoot.  I’m here to help you look your best.

I’m a natural light photographer, so I shoot all maternity sessions outdoors.   It doesn’t matter if you’re pregnant in the spring, summer, fall or winter.  Each season has its own beauty.  Imagine a winter wonderland portrait session with snowflakes and icicles.  Picture a fall session filled with reds, oranges, yellows, greens and browns painted beautifully in the background.  Envision a summer session with a field of wild flowers and old farms in the background.  Imagine a spring session with cotton candy coloured spring buds on the trees and a rainbow of colourful spring flowers.  It doesn’t matter what season you’re pregnant as all seasons are magical.  I’m here to work with you to create beautiful seasonal maternity photos.


Maternity Outfit Advice

Let’s work from the bottom to the top.  First, we’ll start with footwear.


  • Just say no to old shoes.  Your shoes should be free of scuff marks and dirt.
  • Women look best wearing dress shoes, boots or nice sandals.  If you’re wearing open toe shoes, get a pedicure.
  • In winter, riding boots are the best option for women.
  • Men look best wearing either loafers or dress shoes.
  • Unless you’re going for a completely casual look, avoid running shoes and flip flops.


  • Men, you can wear black, navy socks or socks with fun designs on them.  However, for the love of all that’s good and holy, DO NOT WEAR WHITE SOCKS!!!!!
  • Women, you can either wear dark coloured socks, nylons or go without anything on your feet.


  • Women can wear leggings or dressy jeans, if they’re not wearing a dress.
  • Men will look their best wearing khakis or nice jeans.
  • Don’t wear shorts, unless your photo session is at the beach.  And even then, khakis are still a better option.


  • Simple patterns or solid colours are your best bet.
  • If wearing a sweater, make sure there are no lint balls on it.  They show up A LOT in the photos
  • Avoid shirts with large logos or writing.  It’s too distracting.
  • Men look dapper with a button up shirt or a polo shirt.  Blazers are a nice touch.
  • Women can wear a blouse.


  • I think women look best in a beautiful dress for their maternity session.
  • Long, flowing dresses are so beautiful and feminine.
what to wear for maternity photos little lamb photography ottawa and gatineau maternity photographer1


  • For winter or fall sessions, you can wear a dressy coat as part of your outfit.
  • If wearing a coat, keep it classy.  Think: classic tailored wool coat, peacoat, tweed coat or leather jacket
  • Avoid:  ski jackets, sports jackets, bomber jacket, parka, and old coats in general.

Hats, mittens & scarves:

  • For winter portraits, feel free to include hats, mittens/gloves and scarves.  These just happen to be awesome accessories that help to keep you warm.

Women’s Accessories:

  • Your hands will be showing in the belly shots, so get a manicure (even if a friend does it).
  • Earrings, necklaces and/or bracelets are a welcome touch
  • Costume jewellery style rings give pizzazz to belly shots
  • Feel free to wear a flower wreath on your head.

Make sure your nails look good for the belly shots.

Experimental farm winter maternity photos ottawa maternity photographers4

Hair & Makeup:

  • Women, have your hair done so that you look your best.
  • Wear makeup, including lipstick or lip gloss to look your best.
  • Having a makeup artist do your makeup is an excellent option.
what to wear for maternity photos little lamb photography ottawa and gatineau maternity photographer


  • Co-ordinate your outfit with your partner’s outfit, but don’t match exactly.  You don’t want to look like twins.
  • You can just use an accent colour to tie both of your outfits together.
  • One partner could wear patterns on their clothes, while the other either wears solid colours, or just shows a little bit of the same pattern on their outfit.  You don’t want to show up wearing all plaid, or something as frightful as that.  Instead, maybe one person can have a plaid shirt, while the other one as a plaid scarf.  Be creative.
what to wear for maternity photos little lamb photography ottawa and gatineau maternity photographer3

Make sure to coordinate your outfit with your partner’s, but DO NOT match exactly.

Colours, Patterns & Textures:

  • Floral patterns look feminine for the expectant mother.
  • Choose colours according to the season.
  • Spring Colours: Rich colours or pastels look beautiful with the green grass and spring blossoms.
  • Summer Colours: You can pretty much wear any colour you choose.  Have fun!
  • Fall Colours: Stick with colours that will complement the colours of the leaves.  Think browns, navy blue, greens, black, burgundy or ochre.  Avoid pinks and purples as they will clash with the red, orange and yellow colours of the leaves.
  • Winter Colours: Bright colours, like reds, blues and purples stand out nicely against the snow and dark green pine trees.  Avoid wearing too much white or cream as you will blend in with the snow.
  • Fabric with lots of texture photographs beautifully.  Linen, tweed, wool and sweaters with different knit patterns catch the light beautifully.

Linda’s Final Thoughts:

  • Classic styles are always the best option and stand the test of time.  Avoid the latest out-there fashion as you’ll probably regret that outfit choice a few years down the road.
  • Either purchase new outfits for your session OR wear new clothing that hasn’t been worn much.  Worn clothing looks terrible in photos.
  • If you have pets at home, bring a lint brush in order to get rid of dog or cat hair.

REMEMBER:  If you’re paying for a professional portrait session, invest in how you look.  The payoff will be priceless.  I hope that these words of advice will help you to look your absolute best for your maternity portrait session.

If you have any questions about your maternity photo session, I also have a 8 Maternity Session FAQs blog post


I love shooting portraits.  I have  15+ years of photography experience.  My portrait photography has been featured on 30+ photography blogs.  If you’re currently pregnant, contact me today to book your maternity photo session.  I would love to create beautiful natural light portraits of you and your partner.  Check out my Little Lamb Photography website to see more of my maternity and portrait photography.

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2 Responses to “Maternity Photo Session Outfit Advice”

  1. Kristen Harvey

    Great advice! I love that you mentioned things I wouldn’t have even thought of, like getting a manicure.

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Ottawa Wedding Locations I want to Photograph Copy

Ottawa Wedding Locations I want to Photograph

Get one extra hour of free wedding photography coverage


I have some Ottawa wedding locations I want to photograph at.  If you want to get one extra hour of free wedding photographer coverage, read on.  Check if your venue is listed below.  Any couples getting married and/or having their reception at one of the Ottawa area wedding locations I’ve listed, will receive one extra hour*–at no charge–onto any of my wedding photography packages that you choose when you hire me to be your wedding photographer.

In order to get the complimentary extra hour of wedding coverage I have a few stipulations:

  1.  Your ceremony and/or reception needs to take place at one of these locations AND your formal portraits must be shot there.
  2. You’re willing to allow me to use the photos for my online portfolio and to possibly have the photos featured on a wedding blog.

I’m using this as a chance to broaden my wedding photography portfolio.  These are specific locations that I would love to have in my wedding photo portfolio.  It’s a win-win situation for you as well as myself.  🙂

*NOTE:  The complimentary hour can’t be used as a discount for any of my wedding photography packages.  For example, if you choose my eight hour wedding package, you will get nine hours of coverage.  You can’t choose the eight hour photo package, ask for only eight hours of coverage so that I can charge you for seven hours of coverage.  It doesn’t work that way.


If you’re getting married at one of these coveted locations, I would love to hear from you.  Contact me today for my pricing guide and to book a meeting so that I can hear all about your fantastic wedding plans.

I have 15+ years of wedding photography experience.  My photography has been featured on 30+ photography blogs, including wedding and portrait.


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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Ottawa Photographer

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  May 2017 be a great year bringing many blessings and happiness to everyone.  🙂

Happy New Year

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Fall Family Photos Gatineau QC

Fall Family Photos Gatineau QC

Family Photographer | Little Lamb Photography

A few months ago I had the pleasure of shooting some fall family photos Gatineau QC of this cute little family.  I originally shot their maternity session before their little sweetie was born.  I was happy to hear from them again a year later when they asked me to shoot their family portraits.  It turned out to be such a gorgeous autumn day.  The sun was shining, the leaves were at their peak with so many beautiful fall colours and the temperature was fairly warm for fall weather.  All of these things helped with making this fall portrait session rock.

I love when my clients make a conscious effort to dress their best for their portrait session.  For this session, these guys did not disappoint.  Mamma looked gorgeous in her burgundy dress with necklace, papa looked dapper in his casual chic and their little angel was all cuteness in her red and white dress and those little moccasin booties.  If you don’t know what to wear for family photos, don’t worry.  I send my clients helpful suggestions of what to wear to rock their portrait session.  I want my clients to look and feel their best so that they rock their portrait session.  And no worries if you think you’re not photogenic.  I can help you to look your best for your portrait session.  I will help you to feel relaxed, laugh and get those real smiles.


This sweetie is the apple of her daddy’s eye.



If you’re looking for a family photographer, I would be thrilled to photograph your and your family.  Contact me today to book your portrait session.   No worries if you’re not looking for family portraits.  I also shoot maternity photos, cake smash and baby portraits.  I look forward to hearing from you!  🙂

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from my family to you and yours!  I hope that the holidays are filled with love and laughter and that you can spend time with loved ones.  🙂

merry christmas

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