Unicorn Party Shoot Featured on Little Wish Parties

Unicorn Party Shoot Featured on Little Wish Parties

Little Lamb Photography

I have some awesome news to share with you.  I have a unicorn Party shoot featured on Little Wish Parties.  Yay!  Last week I submitted some party photos to Little Wish Parties.  I came home tonight and was pleasantly surprised to see that they had tagged my business page on Facebook.  When I clicked on the link, I saw the pretty feature.  I’m flattered that they liked the photos enough to feature them.  On a side note, I love how cute their logo is as well as their feature badge.  You can check out the unicorn party shoot featured on Little Wish Parties.  Enjoy!


If you’re planning a party for your child and you’re looking for a photographer to document it, I’d love to photograph it for you.  Contact me to book the date for me to document your party.  I have two different party package options.  No matter which package you choose, I’ll document the party as it unfolds.  However, I can also shoot portraits of the guest of honour as well as the friends and family at the party.  Check out my pricing on my portrait website, Little Lamb Photography.

For those not planning a party, I also shoot family portraits, maternity photos, baby photos and smash the cake photography.  I also shoot wedding photography.  No matter what your portrait needs are, I’ve got you covered.  🙂little wish parties feature

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  1. Jeff

    These are such great photos. Love your work!

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What to Wear for Engagement Photos Ottawa Photographer Copy

What to Wear for Engagement Photos

Ottawa and Gatineau Engagement Photographer | Black Lamb Photography

Spring is finally here and summer is just around the corner.  This means that people will start having outdoor portraits taken, including engagement photos.  I wanted to help couples look their best for their engagement photo shoot, so I’ve written this blog post to help you know what to wear for engagement photos.

Dress to Impress:

I prefer for couples to wear dressed up casual clothes or dressy clothes.  For men, a nice polo or button up shirt with dressy jeans or khakis looks awesome.  For ladies, a beautiful dress or skirt with nice shoes looks beautiful.  If you prefer to wear pants, slacks or dressy jeans look nice. Jackets, nice sweaters or dress coats look good for colder weather.  Of course, it will depend on the weather.


Women, please take care to choose nice outfits that will flatter you.   You don’t need to be a size 4 or smaller to look fabulous.  You just need to dress for your shape.  I’ve seen some awesome plus-sized ladies who rock their look because they know how to dress for their body.  Most women (me included) don’t have perfect model bodies.  We have things that we’re self conscious about.  We all want to look our best, so to help you look your best, avoid clothes that are too baggy, too tight or just too revealing in any way.

I may be a wizard at Photoshop and I will definitely pose you to your best advantage.  However, don’t expect me to photoshop anyone to look slimmer, unless you plan on compensating me for the extra time it takes me to create those Photoshop miracles, which is presently $40/photo.  ‘Nuff said about that.

You can also wear traditional clothing if you prefer.  You could wear a sari or cheongsam.  If you want to wear that, by all means wear it as it will give a unique touch to your photos.


I will say one more thing.  When all is said and done, if you have an outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks and you’ve already had tonnes of compliments about how you look in it, that’s probably the outfit that you should wear.

Dress Appropriately:

If you’re having your photos taken in a rustic location, you might want to choose a more casual look.  However, I would still advise to wear nice shoes and pants, but maybe not a dress.  If you’re having your photos taken in an urban setting, more dressy clothes would be more appropriate.  If you do decide to have your photos taken in an open field or in front of a barn, by all means wear dressy clothes if you choose.  It’s up to you, of course.


If you’re having your photos taken at a funkier sort of location, you can get away with wearing more casual wear.  Better yet, bring an extra outfit to change into to add variety to your engagement photos.graffiti-wall-engagement-photos-ottawa-ontario-black-lamb-photography

Colours and Patterns:

Don’t match your outfits entirely so that you look like twins, but do collaborate with your fiancé with the colour scheme.  You could have a small element, like a scarf, necklace or shoes that match the colour or pattern of what your fiancé is wearing.

Gone are the days of couples wearing matching outfits.  Remember when everyone wore jeans or khakis with white shirts so that they matched in their portraits?  Those outfits belong in the past, so please, please, please don’t dress like those people stuck in the 90s.  I cringe when I even think that some uninformed people still dress that way for photos.



For women, a beautiful necklace, scarf, bracelet, earrings and rings are beautiful touches for an ensemble.  Choose a couple of tasteful and stylish pieces to accentuate your outfit.  You don’t need to wear all types of accessories.  Remember less is ALWAYS more.  For men, a stylish watch adds to an outfit.

sunset rustic engagement photos experimental farm ottawa engagement photographer black lamb photography1


In keeping with the theme of dressing to impress, steer clear of wearing shoes that are scuffed up or dirty looking.  Men:  For men, loafers, dress shoes or nice boots look awesome in helping you to achieve a GQ look, or even just a stylish look.  In order to maintain a dapper look, stay away from running shoes, unless they happen to be metro-sexual styled sneakers and you’re going for a metro-sexual look.  Women:  boots, heels or pretty flats will keep you looking feminine and stylish.  If you want to wear open toed shoes, please get a pedicure.


Socks for men:

To maintain a classic look wear black, brown or navy socks.  To be playful men can wear argyle or bright coloured socks.  However, please for the love of all that’s good and holy, DO NOT WEAR WHITE SOCKS!!!  That is a HUGE fashion faux pas!  My eyes bleed whenever I see men wearing white socks!


Women, if possible, have your hair styled for your engagement photo session.  A genius way to do this so as not to be out extra money is to schedule your wedding hair trial appointment on the same day as your engagement photo shoot.  And/or you can also schedule your wedding makeup trial on the same day as your e-session.  By doing this you kill two beauty birds with one stone.  How smart is that?  Like Homer Simpson, “I am so smart.  S-M-R-T”.

engagement-photography-ottawa-ontario-maternity-photosOne of my former brides scheduled her trial hair appointment on the same day as her engagement photo shoot, while another one of my brides scheduled her trial makeup appointment on the same day as her engagement photo shoot.  By doing this, these ladies looked GORGEOUS for their engagement photos.

Savvy Women Wear Makeup:

Unless you have perfectly matt skin (ie. no shine) with zero blemishes, I highly advise all women to wear makeup for their engagement photo session.  I know not all women like to wear makeup, but pretty please make an exception this one time.   These are your engagement photos that you will be showing to everyone (and possibly adding in your wedding invitations).  You don’t need to wear much to get the job done.  A little concealer under the eyes and on the face hides dark circles and blemishes while a touch of powder keeps the shine factor down.

Some lipstick helps to accentuate the lips.  If you’re like me and your lips are close to the same colour as the rest of your face, be sure to wear a coloured lip gloss or lipstick so that your lips actually stand out from the rest of your face, instead of blending right in.  When in doubt, hire a makeup artist.  Better yet, you can schedule your trial wedding makeup appointment on the same day that you’re having your engagement photo session.


Your hands will be showing in your engagement shoot to show the engagement ring, so make sure you get a manicure–even if you get a friend to do it.  Those digits need to look awesome for the ring shots.

Book your Engagement Photo Session!


I would love to photograph your wedding and engagement photos as I LOVE shooting portraits of couples in love.  Please note that I include complimentary engagement photo shoots in all of my wedding photography packages.  Contact me today to book your wedding date and engagement photos.

Here’s some other engagement related articles:


I would love for you to follow me.  Check out my wedding photography social media links:

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter

From Little Lamb Photography

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter, since Easter weekend is coming up.  I hope you’ll have a wonderful time with family and friends.  If you have to work, I hope you’re still able to enjoy the spring weather.  Again, have a Happy Easter from Little Lamb Photography.


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Birthday Party Session featured on The Sweet Party Shop

Birthday Party Session featured on The Sweet Party Shop

Party Event Photographer | Little Lamb Photography

I’m pleased to say that a styled shoot that I photographed was featured today.  Another party shoot feature.  Yay! This time, my spring themed birthday party session featured on The Sweet Party Shop.  They’re an online company based in the UK, which sell really pretty party supplies.  I’m thrilled that they accepted my photo submission to be featured on their blog.

It’s always a nice feeling when a photographer gets their work featured on other websites.  As a result, I feel that what I’m producing is good enough when my work gets featured.  Like my art is worthy to show to others.  This is the reason why I choose to submit my work for features.  Also, this is why I choose to shoot styled party shoots.  Anyway, I’d love for you to check out the feature on The Sweet Party Shop‘s blog.  🙂


Finally, if you’re planning a party for your child and you’re thinking about hiring a photographer, I’d love to hear from you.  Contact me today to book photography coverage of your child’s birthday party.  I have two different party photo packages.  One includes coverage of the party as it unfolds.  I’ll take photos of the beautiful decorations, presents and your child.  I’ll also shoot photos of the guests and your family having fun.

My other package includes decoration detail shots and photos of the everyone having fun.  However, it also includes a formal mini portrait session.  That way, you’ll have professional portraits of all of your guests from the party.

the sweet party shop

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Maternity and Newborn Client Testimonial

Maternity and Newborn Client Testimonial

Little Lamb Photography

A few months ago I photographed this awesome couple’s maternity and newborn photos.  They were very happy with their photos and their client experience.  As a result, Brandi wrote a maternity and newborn client testimonial.  She wrote her client testimonial on google review.  I’m beyond happy with the kind words she wrote about my photography services.

This is what Brandi wrote:

“We hired Linda for our maternity and our newborn photos and were really happy with both. Linda was prompt in responding to our requests and flexible when it came to choosing a location. For both shoots, Linda spent a lot of time with us and was accommodating when we wanted to have certain props or styles incorporated. We were seeking a photographer who was able to capture a more laid-back, casual perspective, and Linda nailed this. Our maternity shoot was outside, in the snow, and felt relaxed and authentic.

Our newborn shoot was in our home and satisfied that more natural look we were going for. It should be noted that Linda is fully capable of slick studio photos as well (just check out her site for examples). She set up a mini studio in our home for a few shots of our baby in a more controlled setting. These turned out beautifully. Our photos were sent to us electronically and we have since printed a number of them out, both large and small. The image quality is high and the prints are excellent. Personally, we really got along well with Linda. She is a parent herself and was easy to relate to. We highly recommend Linda if you are looking for high quality photos with a flexible, friendly photographer, especially if you are looking for something a little more natural.”

You can view their pregnancy photo session and their lifestyle newborn photo session.


Are you’re looking for a portrait photographer?  If so, I’d love to take photos of you, your family and/or your children.  I love portraiture.  I think my love for portraiture shows through in my photography.  Contact me today to book your photo session.

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Winter Maternity Photo Session Featured on Totsvilla

Winter Maternity Photo Session Featured on Totsvilla

Little Lamb Photography | Ottawa Pregnancy Photographer

I’m happy to let everyone know that one of my maternity photo sessions was featured.  This time a winter maternity photo session featured on Totsvilla.  It was a beautiful winter afternoon.  These guys were real troopers when it began to snow a lot.  I’m happy with how the pregnancy photos turned out.  I’m happy that Totsvilla liked the winter maternity photo session as much as I did.  Check out the feature on Totsvilla.

winter-maternity-photo-session-featured-on-totsvillaIf you’re in the market for a pregnancy photographer, I would LOVE to hear from you!  Maternity photo sessions are my favourite sort of session to photograph.  I love photographing couples in love.

Contact me today to book your maternity photo session.  I have a discounted price if you book your maternity and newborn photo session with me.  I also have separate pricing for maternity sessions and newborn photography.  You can check out my portrait pricing page.


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Make sure to get prints made of your digital photos Copy

Make sure to get prints made of your digital photos

Make sure to get prints made of your digital photos.   You’re probably wondering why I would say that.  Technology is always changing.  You may have all of your digital photos safely stored on your computer, an external hard drive or on CD/DVD.  However, there’s always a possibility that you can A) lose that information in a computer crash or hardware malfunction or B) not be able to access it when technology changes or C) lose data due to ‘bit rot’.  A tangible print will outlast any digital copies you have of your cherished photos.  We just need to look at old black and white photos that are over 100 years old.

Bit Rot

Most people haven’t heard of the term ‘bit rot’.  Heck, I hadn’t heard of it until I started to research this topic.  To understand what bit rot is, take a look at an article written in The Gardien.  They interviewed Vint Cerf.  He is considered one of the fathers of the internet.  Here’s what he had to say about storing all of our historical information in digital form:

“We are nonchalantly throwing all of our data into what could become an information black hole without realising it. We digitise things because we think we will preserve them, but what we don’t understand is that unless we take other steps, those digital versions may not be any better, and may even be worse, than the artefacts that we digitised,” Cerf told the Guardian. “If there are photos you really care about, print them out.

I shoot wedding photography and portraits.  Most noteworthy is that my clients end up with digital files.  Sadly, many of them rarely make prints.  If they do make prints, they get only a few prints made.  Remember that 25 years after your wedding, you may not have anything to look at.  Besides, wouldn’t you prefer to look at your cherished wedding photos in a beautiful wedding album, instead of sitting in front of a computer screen?  (That’s ONLY if the digital files actually last that long, or if modern technology is able to read the files.)  Surprisingly, 25 years down the road, you may just be sitting together, without any photos.  Instead, you’ll just be able to reminisce about your wedding memories because your photos are rendered unreadable.  How sad would that be?

Zombie Apocalypse

Or what about a zombie apocalypse?  Ok, yes, I’m joking, but you never know.

Photos Last A Long Time

Here’s a photo of my my maternal grandparents.  This photo was taken 80+ years ago.  80 years.  Think about that.  This little sepia photograph has lasted 80+ long years.  Will we be able to say that about our digital files?  I doubt it.  So, let’s all be smart and start printing our cherished memories.  Get prints made.  Make an album.  Heck, make a coffee table book.  Just make hard copies.  You and your posterity will be glad you did.

Make sure to get prints made of your digital photos

My grampa (far right) and my nana holding my auntie Sandra. Circa 1935-36.

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