Wedding Photos Featured on Equal and Forever Wedding Blog

Wedding Photos Featured on Equal and Forever Wedding Blog

Gatineau Wedding Photographer | Black Lamb Photography

I’m happy to say that Mariah and Natacha’s Lake Meech wedding photos were featured on Equal and Forever wedding blog.  I loved the beautiful rustic touches of this beautiful wedding, which took place on the shores of Lake Meech in Gatineau Park in Gatineau, QC.  A lot of DIY touches were put into this wedding, including that *GORGEOUS* birch ceremony arch made by Mariah’s brother.

I like what Mariah wrote about some aspects of their wedding, “We had unbelievable support from our family and friends who helped us with many DIY projects that added a very warm and personal touch to our setting. My brothers hiked into the woods to find birch logs and together, built our archway that we were married under. It was a labour of love.

The best advice we were given, was to make sure you and your partner take at least 10 minutes to step away in private and just be alone with one another. The day goes by in a flash, but those 10 minutes can last forever.

We were very lucky to hit our exact budget of $15,000. We saved a lot by doing DIY projects, but looking back now, we would not have taken on as much as we did. The last week leading up to the wedding was very busy and very stressful. It is a good idea to have a buffer of at least $1000 for last minute emergencies and unforeseen costs that usually arise the week before and day of the wedding.”

Take a few moments to check out the feature on Equal and Forever.  🙂

featured-on-equal-and-forever-blog-long lac-meech-wedding-photos-black-lamb-photography

Thanks to my second shooter, Heather, for taking these gorgeous photos of Mariah.

claude's-wedding-cakes-gatineau-qc-black-lamb-photographyclaude's-wedding-cakes-gatineau-qc-black-lamb-photography3lake-meech-wedding-photographer-black-lamb-photographyHere’s the list of their wedding vendors:

equal and forever badge 1

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Cake Smash Photos Published on Your Theme Party blog

Cake Smash Photos Published on Your Theme Party blog

Gatineau Cake Smash Photographer | Little Lamb Photography

I’m happy to say that some more of my cake smash photos were published on Your Theme Party blog.  This time it’s of this cute little girl.  Her mother made this beautiful smash cake for the session.  She put a lot of effort into making it.  I think it turned out beautifully.

As for this little girl, I loved how she really got into eating the cake and getting all gooey with the icing.  A lot of babies don’t like getting dirty and are pretty shy during their cake smash session, so it was fun to see her really get into her cake smash session.  She was still shy as that’s her nature, but it didn’t stop her from pretty much diving into the icing.

I absolutely love shooting cake smash photo sessions.  They’re one of my favourite things to photograph.  I love making different backdrops for the session in the colours that the parents want.  I love seeing the pretty cakes that the clients bring to the session.  Please note that I don’t provide the cake for the cake smash session due to allergy issues.

Contact me today to book your baby’s one year or two year cake smash photo session.  In the meantime, please check out this cake smash photo feature on Your Theme Party blog.  🙂

cake-smash-photos-published-on-your-theme-party-blog gatineau-spanish-baby-photography-large-pink-cupcake-cake-smash-photography-l'ange-gardienottawa-family-photography-baby-cake-smash-photographer-gatineaugatineau-baby-photographer-cake-smash-photographygatineau-baby-photographers-cake-smash-photography-l'ange-gardiengatineau-baby-photography-cake-smash-photo-sessions-buckingham-qcpink-smash-the-cake-photo-session-gatineau-baby-photographycake-smash-photography-gatineau-baby-photographersbest-cake-smash-photography-gatineau-baby-photographercake-smash-photographers-in-gatineau-qc-baby-photography-masson-anges

You can view this girl’s little brother’s cake smash photo session.

featured on your theme party 200x200

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Summer Maternity Photos Gatineau QC Photographer Copy

Summer Maternity Photos, Gatineau QC Photographer

Gatineau Maternity Photographers

I was just looking at Google maps and found the field that I shot this photo session in a couple of summers ago.  It was such a gorgeous field that was right near my home.  Normally, this location is a field used for farming, but one year it was left dormant and it grew all of these *GORGEOUS* Queen Ann’s lace.  I’m a HUGE fan of Queen Ann’s lace, so if I can find any place that has a lot of it, it puts a smile on my face because it looks so beautiful in photos.  🙂


I shot these summer maternity photos in L’Ange Gardien, QC.  I do shoot in and around Ottawa and Gatineau too.  This is probably one of my most favourite maternity photo sessions that I’ve shot so far.  I am so happy with how it turned out.  I mean, can you really go wrong when you drop a good-looking and stylishly dressed couple into this gorgeous field of Queen Ann’s lace?  I mean, I ‘gots the skills’, but the other items helped tremendously to make this particular session one of my best sessions that I’ve ever done and one that I am particularly proud of.

If you’re looking for a Gatineau maternity photographer or an Ottawa maternity photographer, I would LOVE to shoot your maternity photo session.  Contact me today to book your portrait session.  I hope to hear from you soon.  I find that it’s best to shoot your maternity photo session when you’re between 28-32 weeks as you will still feel fine to move around and have more energy than closer to the end of your pregnancy.  It also makeLittle Peanut MagazineI’m happy to say that this photo session was featured on Little Peanut Magazine.  Check it out.  😀

ottawa-wedding-photography rustic-maternity-photography-in-ottawa-ontariogatineau-maternity-photography-in-lange-gardien-qc ottawa-maternity-photos-gatineau-photographymaternity-photos-in-gatineau-qc sunset-portraits-in-ottawa-ontario-couples-photographers Summer Maternity Photos, Gatineau QC Photographer Gatineau Maternity Photographersrustic-portrait-photography-in-ottawa-maternity-photographersmaternity-photos-in-gatineau-qc1gorgeous-maternity-portraits-in-ottawa-ontario-gatineau-maternity-photographysunset-maternity-photos-gatineau-portrait-photographersromantic-portrait-photography-in-ottawa-maternity-photosstylish-maternity-photography-ottawa-ontariorustic-portraits-ottawa-wedding-photographersengagement-photography-ottawa-ontario-maternity-photosbest-couples-photography-ottawa-ontario-canada best-maternity-photographers-in-gatineau-qc-canada-ottawa-ontario-little-lamb-photography little peanut magazine grey


You can view some other summer photo sessions that I shot in this field.  I doubt that this field will be fulled with Queen Ann’s lace again this year, but no worries.  There are other spots around Gatineau that have Queen Ann’s lace growing around too.  Check out this Wakefield maternity photo shoot I shot.

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Ottawa Arboretum Spring Family Photos

Blended Family Photos in Ottawa, ON

Ottawa Family Photographer | Little Lamb Photography

This past weekend I had the pleasure to shoot some Ottawa Arboretum spring family photos.  As an Ottawa family photographer, I’ve shot lots of different portrait sessions.  In fact, I’ve photographed these two adorable kids a couple of times before, so it was nice to see them again.  They’re getting so big!  It was really great to shoot these spring family photos with this cute blended family.  They had a blast having their photos taken.  And soon they’ll have a new addition to the family.  🙂

It was such a warm, beautiful spring day and the blossoms were finally in full bloom (after all of the cool weather we’ve been having for weeks.)  I was happy that the sun was out too and that it was warm.  It was so gorgeous to wander around the arboretum and to see all of the beautiful white, light and dark pink blossoms on the trees.  If you’ve never visited the Ottawa Arboretum, you’ve got to check it out–especially in the spring.  You can kill two birds with one stone by also attending the annual Ottawa tulip festival.  Actually, you can also visit the Experimental farm, (which has lots of trees that bloom in the spring too) as it’s just across the road from the arboretum. Anyways, I digress.

Without further ado, please take the time to view these photos.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

ottawa-arboretum-spring-family-photosottawa-arboretum-spring-family-photos-3ottawa-arboretum-spring-family-photos-4ottawa-arboretum-spring-family-photos-6ottawa-arboretum-spring-family-photos-5ottawa-arboretum-spring-family-photos-7ottawa-arboretum-spring-family-photos-8 ottawa-arboretum-spring-family-photos-10ottawa-arboretum-spring-family-photos-9ottawa-arboretum-spring-family-photos-11ottawa-arboretum-spring-family-photos-12 ottawa-arboretum-spring-family-photos-1ottawa-arboretum-spring-family-photos-13
ottawa arboretum spring family photosottawa-arboretum-spring-family-photos-15

If you’re looking for a family photographer, I would love to hear from you.  Contact me today to book your outdoor family photo session.  I shoot family photo sessions in and around Ottawa and Gatineau.  I also shoot maternity photos, newborn baby photos, children’s photography and smash the cake photography.  You can check out more of my portrait work on Little Lamb Photography.

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Strathmere Wedding Photos featured on Melissa Hearts Weddings

Strathmere Wedding Photos featured on Melissa Hearts Weddings

Ottawa Wedding Photographer | Black Lamb Photography

I’m over-the-moon thrilled to announce that some of my Strathmere wedding photos were featured on Melissa Hearts Weddings.  I have wanted to have my photography featured on Melissa Hearts Weddings for a while, so you can imagine my excitement that it’s actually happened.  In celebration of the feature, I have re-posted James and Shawna’s Strathmere wedding post again.  Please also be sure to check out their Strathmere wedding photo feature on Melissa Hearts Weddings.

If you’re newly engaged and looking for a wedding photographer, please know that I would love to be your wedding photographer.  Contact me today to book a consultation.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Strathmere is such a beautiful wedding venue in the Ottawa area.  I love rustic weddings and this spot makes for a beautiful rustic wedding.  They have barns, fields, trees, farming equipment, pretty gardens and an old farm house.  If you’re interested in having a wedding in the country, check out Strathmere.  🙂

Here’s the list of wedding vendors involved:

mellisa hearts weddings feature 200x200


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Featured on I Heart Faces Photography Blog

Featured on I Heart Faces Photography Blog

Little Lamb Photography | Gatineau Cake Smash Photographer

I’m *thrilled* to announce that an article that I wrote, as well as some of my cake smash photos, were featured on I Heart Faces photography blog.

I Heart Faces is an online photography community, which has a wide range of photographers (seasoned professional photographers, mommy togs, photography enthusiasts, etc.) who post tutorials as well as the blog hosts weekly photo challenges.  It’s a great online community for photographers of all types.  I’ve been a fan of I Heart Faces for a number of years, so I was happy when they accepted an article that I had written and submitted to be featured on their blog.  The article was on how to make an easy DIY backdrop for cake smash photography.

You can check out the article on I Heart Faces.featured-heart-faces-photography-blog

I love shooting cake smash photo sessions.  Contact me today to book your baby’s cake smash photo session.  You can also check out more of my photos on my portrait website, Little Lamb Photography.

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